The Classroom and the Computer Screen

We were happy to welcome Dr. Schlect into our virtual classroom at the end of January as part of our Live Webinar series (you can watch that recording here if you missed it). We wanted to share with you an excellent statement he wrote for New Saint Andrews College on the principles behind all successful classroom teaching and particular applications of these for distance learning. His conclusion is the more interaction students and teachers have, the better their experience will be.

While we agree with Dr. Schlect that nothing can replace the quality of education that can be achieved when a skilled teacher is physically present with a group of engaged students, we also recognize that those circumstances are not available to everyone in all places. Logos Online School classes meet live 4 days a week, using virtual classroom tools that allow instant communication by video, voice, chat, and interactive whiteboard activities (see our sample classes here). We are happy to be the next-best (often most-affordable) option to an excellent Classical Christian brick-and-mortar school. Many schools have actually included our classes alongside their own to strengthen their program overall, or were able to expand from K-8 only to offering a high school option using our classes.

Thanks to NSA for making this research available! 

New Saint Andrews College goal is to graduate leaders who shape culture living faithfully under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. You are welcome to visit the college this March 2nd and 3rd or April 13th and 14th. Please visit our website at Enjoy the article! 

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