From the Registrar: How to Order Textbooks

Hint: Moses won't be charging down the Mount with them.

It's one of my favorite times of the year: time to start ordering your books for fall classes! We are doing things a little differently this year. In previous years, we have shipped textbook orders from our headquarters here in Idaho. Now - due to the increase in our enrollment and the decrease in available warehouse space - we are partnering with Rainbow Resource to provide you with your textbooks for classes. I have had nothing but great experiences ordering various books from them, so I couldn't be happier about having them take care of you all. They offer great discounts and quick shipping on many of the books we require, and (unlike us) you can order from them year-round! Here are some instructions and tips:


Go to Classes in the top menu and click on each class in your student's schedule. On each class page, scroll down to "Required Materials" where you will see book titles. Click on the title and you'll be directed to the Rainbow Resource product page for that title. You can then purchase it or keep shopping around!


  • For books published by our parent company, Logos and Canon Press, I linked to their web page so you can buy it direct from them (it's often quicker that way).
  • Most of our required books are available from Rainbow, but a few of them are not. In those cases, I linked to either the publisher's listing or to Amazon.
  • For Humanities readers, remember that the books we are linking to are our suggestions and you are not required to buy them new, or buy that particular edition. For example, if you (like me) have a set of well-loved Narnia books published circa 1970 but our link takes you to a 2017 edition, by all means use the set you already have. If you have questions about any editions you'd like to use, feel free to ask me or your teacher. 
  • All curriculum providers get inundated with orders as the new school year approaches, so for your peace of mind, I recommend ordering in the month of July so you can avoid delays due to back orders, etc.

Happy ordering!


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