Music Theory I

Music Theory I

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Class Description:  This course provides the foundation for the study of music theory regardless of music background. Students will be able to start with basics in order to progress in music literacy. This study emphasizes how understanding music theory opens doors to learning any instrument, composing pieces, and appreciating music as a whole. 

Credits: 1 (Elective--Please note that this class is NOT an honors-level course; the unweighted grade will affect the overall GPA)

Prerequisite: Students must be in high school

Mtg. Days: Monday & Wednesday (two days/week) 


Required Materials: 

  • Access to the free Musescore App
  • Just the Facts, Book 3, by Ann Lawry Gary
  • Just the Facts, Book 5, by Ann Lawry Gary
  • Notebook
  • Staff paper & pencils