Classical Greek

Classical Greek

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Intro to Classical Greek

Course Description:  Students will be introduced to the ancient Greek language using the Greek to GCSE: Part 1 and 2 textbooks. The students will begin to gain a mastery of the first stage of the Greek language through a combination of translation into English, translation into Greek, written composition, listening practice, and reading. Students will be guided through important grammar and will learn vocabulary throughout the year. In the first semester, they will translate stories such as Aesop's fables, adapted passages from the Odyssey, and Alexander the Great. In the second semester, they will progress to translating more philosophy and history, such as Socrates and the Sophists, the world of myth, and in the final weeks of the course, some lightly adapted Herodotus, who had some of the best stories in Greek literature.

PLEASE NOTE: This class meets ONE day a week. Learning a language takes time, and in order to succeed in this class, the students will need to work on Greek daily (or at least every other day)--on memorization and translation exercises. The instructor will provide a homework schedule each week, with each day's work expected to take 30 minutes per day. There will also be optional meetings throughout the year with the option of meeting one-on-one if needed.

Credits: 1 (Language)Honors

Prerequisite: none

Mtg. Day:  Friday (only)

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