Music Theory II

Music Theory II

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  • = $556 balance of tuition (invoiced as 12 monthly payments, June thru May*)

Class Description:  This course involves a more in-depth study of music theory. Students will learn to analyze the repertoire of composers by applying music theory concepts. Students will also apply their study of music theory and learn to compose their own pieces. 

Credits: 1 (Elective--Please note that this class is NOT an honors-level course; the unweighted grade will affect the overall GPA)

Prerequisite: Students must be in high school and have acquired/understand the info presented in the Basic Theory course.

Mtg. Days: Monday & Wednesday (2 days/week) 

Time: 10:00 - 10:50 AM (Pacific Time) - Zaida Tidwell

Required Materials: 

  • Access to the free Musescore App
  • Just the Facts, Book 7, by Ann Lawry Gary
  • Just the Facts, Book 8, by Ann Lawry Gary
  • Notebook
  • Staff paper & pencils

*Registration & Payment Plans: Upon registration, Logos Online will create a monthly payment plan for the balance of tuition, paid in monthly installments with the first payment due June 1 and the final payment in May. Families who register after June 1 will be invoiced immediately for the months that have transpired at the time of registration. For example, if a student registers on August 25, the family will pay the 20% deposit as well as the monthly payments for June, July, and August. They will then continue forward with the monthly payment plan for the balance of tuition.