Military History

Military History

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Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays 

Times  (Pacific Time): 

2:30pm - 3:30pm - Gunn Wilson

Class Description: The course of this class will cover from the most ancient of times to our modern day. It will use generally secondary resources for textbooks and a smattering of selections from primary sources. The objective of the class is to give students a working knowledge both of world history in a linear fashion and a detailed knowledge of military development in a cyclical fashion. The sections of Ancient and Medieval will occur in the Fall Semester while Modern will occur in Spring Semester.

Course Work: 1) There will be 4 tests total; one at the end of each quarter. 2) Two papers, one for each semester, both 9 pages long on a research topic. 3) Attendance does affect the students grade, though participation will not, as it will be mostly lectures with some class discussion mixed in.

Three Sections: 1) Ancient, 2) Medieval and 3) Modern

Ancient: Megiddo – Vandals Sacking Rome (1469 bc – 499 ad)

Medieval: Viking Invasion – Siege of Byzantium/Hundred Years Wars (500 ad – 1400 ad)

Modern: Hundred Years War - Arab-Israeli Wars (1400 ad – present day)

Credits: 1 (Elective)

Prerequisite: 11th or 12th grade (10th graders with instructor or admin permission)

Required Materials: 

Sun Tzu, “Art of War” (ISBN: 978-1599869773)

Paul K. Davis, “100 Decisive Battles” (ISBN: 978-0195143669)

Jim Wilson, “Principles of War” (ISBN: 1591280656)


Miyamoto Musashi, “Book of the Five Rings” (ISBN: 1590309847)

Carl Von Clausewitz, “On War” (ISBN: 0691018545)

Antoine-Henri Jomini, “The Art of War” (ISBN: 160459358X)

Sir Edward Creasy’s “Fifteen Decisive Battles” (ISBN: 0306805596)