Probability and Statistics

Probability and Statistics

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Day: Monday - Thursday

Times (Pacific Time): 

12:00pm - 12:50pm - Dale Courtney 

Class Description:

The Probability and Statistics course covers topics in Probability, Regression Analysis, and Sampling Distributions. Calculator- and computer-based interactives and homework assignments help to reinforce concepts taught in the course. 
Topics include:
• Exploring data
• Modelling distributions of data
• Describing relationships
• Designing studies
• Probability
• Random variables
• Sampling distributions
• Estimating with confidence
• Testing a claim
• Comparing two populations or groups
• Inference for distributions of categorical data
• More about regression


Credits: 1 (Math)

Prerequisite: Completion of Algebra II with an A or a B+

Required Materials: 

Understanding Basic Statistics by Charles Brase, 6th Edition, ISBN: 978-1111827021


Graphing Calculator

Microsoft Excel on a computer would be helpful since a lot of the big datasets run on Excel.