Intro to Calculus

Intro to Calculus

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Dates:  July 4- Aug. 24 (8 weeks)  J. Van Gelder

Mtg. Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays

Mtg. Time (Pacific Time):  7:00-7:50 AM

Credits: .25

Class Description:  Calculus is for everyone! Or at least Dr. Mitch Stokes seems to think so, and as it happens, so do I. This summer class will be going through the brand new book "Calculus for Everyone" by Dr. Mitch Stokes. We will start off exploring history and philosophy leading up to the discovery and formulation of Calculus. And then we will go into what calculus is, and how it explains the world around us. And finally, we will touch on the math that makes it all work. We will have 2 hours of class, and 2 hours of homework (mostly reading) per week.

For students taking Calculus in the fall, this class will give context and meaning to the math you are about to learn. For the students not interested in math, this class will show the connection between math and the real world in a way you haven't seen before. I myself did not enjoy math until I was introduced to Calculus. And for all students, this class offers a way to keep math on the mind throughout summer so there will be less need for review at the start of the new school year.

Course Texts

Calculus for Everyone, by Dr. Mitch Stokes