Marine Biology (full credit)

Marine Biology (full credit)

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Instructor: Wesley Santos

Dates:  July 5 - Aug. 25 (8 weeks)

Mtg. Days:  M, T, W, TH

Mtg. Time (Pacific Time):  9-11 AM (2 hrs/day)

Class Description:  This course intends to have an overview of the main topics in Marine Biology. We will learn about the main living beings that dwell in the oceans, the factors that influence life, and challenges they impose over marine creatures and the different types of marine environments created by God. We will also discuss how we as humans interact with these environments, trying to look at it through the glasses of scripture that place us as wardens of creation.

Credits: 1 (Science)

Required Materials: 

Exploring the Creation with Marine Biology. 2nd Edition. (Apologia)