Full-Time Tracks

Our recommendations for a full-time course of study in middle school and high school have been assembled into "tracks" on this page.

Our Middle School Track ensures that your student is prepared for the rigors of high school. Please note that middle-school coursework does not generally count towards graduation requirements (in any high school setting). 

Our High School Tracks include a well-rounded course of study in all core subjects. Full-time students MAY choose to pursue a LOS diploma, but they must meet our graduation requirements. Go to this page for an overview of the LOS Graduation Requirements and an overview of our program by grade-level.

Use this MASTER SPREADSHEET to help you chart your classes. It is updated daily so you can see what classes are available and when. Note: the spreadsheet is not available after the school year has begun.

Full-Time Track enrollments receive a 10% discount off the total tuition fee (see details here)

If the grade-level options in our Full-Time Tracks do not include your desired courses, we encourage you to individually add the four (or more) courses you want to your cart on this website--we will still give you the 10% Full-time Discount when we process your enrollment. 

Of course, we welcome part-time students, too. This à la carte approach is for students who are not seeking a diploma but need specific courses to supplement their education. These families can simply register for the desired courses here.

For more details, see our "Terms & Conditions" here.  

Middle-School Track 

High School Track