High School Diploma Tracks & Middle School Bundles

We have assembled our recommendations for a full-time course of study in middle school (7th and 8th grade) and high school (9th through 12th).  

Our Middle School Bundles ensure that your student is prepared for the rigors of high school, though middle-school coursework generally is not included on an official transcript. Our high school Diploma Tracks assist diploma-seeking high school students, ensuring they are on-target to meet the Logos Online School graduation requirements. 

If the grade-level options in our Bundles and Diploma Tracks do not include your desired classes, we will be glad to create a custom course of study with the 10% Diploma Track discount.

[Go to THIS page for an overview of the Suggested Course of Study]

Of course, we welcome part-time students, too, and are happy to provide course recommendations. This à la carte approach is for students who are not seeking a diploma but need specific courses to supplement their education. These families can by-pass the Diploma Track suggestions and simply register for the desired courses HERE.

For more details see "Our Distinctives" HERE 


Middle-School Bundles (non-transcript)

Diploma Tracks (grades 9-12)

 Graduation Requirements = 24 Credits

Spreadsheet for Class Selection  

Want to see all of our classes with their times and teachers in one place? Use this handy-dandy spreadsheet. It is updated daily so you can see what classes are available and when.