Staff & Teacher Bios

"Logos Online School instructors are highly qualified… they go above and beyond to make themselves available to my sons when they have had questions or problems with their assignments, even after classroom hours."

- Karen Stafford


Dr. Larry Stephenson




Dr. Stephenson has spent over thirty years in educational administration. After being drafted into the NFL after college, he pursued teaching and coaching, then moved into administration where he witnessed firsthand the failure of public schools to equip teachers and students. In 1995 he caught the ACCS vision, and is the current superintendent of Logos School in Moscow, Idaho and former superintendent of Cary Christian School in Cary, North Carolina. His mission to cultivate excellent classical Christian education began with his own children and grandchildren, and now is fulfilled in  providing that same opportunity to students around the world.



Sandy Belschner


I'm an Okie. If you know your history, that used to be a derogatory term. But "I'm proud to be an Okie..." (as the song goes). My great-great-grandfather staked his claim to our land during the Oklahoma Land Rush, and most of my family did NOT leave during the Dust Bowl. I grew up going to church and singing Southern Gospel music alongside three generations of Okies. Much to my daddy's dismay, I went to school in (gasp) Missouri, though I will forever be a Boomer Sooner fan. After earning a B.S. in Business Communications at Missouri State University(1988), I married a handsome, baseball-playing Texan (gasp again!) who boldly stated that we would live in the Lone Star State for the rest of our lives. But after the Lord changed his heart of stone into a heart of flesh (for real), baseball was no longer the guiding force in our lives, and a career-change into the U.S. Air Force started our growing family on an amazing adventure...outside of Texas! We started homeschooling that same year. As Brent was pinning on his first gold bar as Second Lieutenant, I was trying to figure out how to teach my oldest how to read. We homeschooled for the entire time we were in the military, topping out our family with seven fantastic kids--four boys and three girls. We did okay (y'all know how it is--you're never really satisfied that you did everything you could've/should've), and eventually we sent our firstborn off to college in Moscow, Idaho (while we were living in Germany). In 2008, we said goodbye to military life, hoping to plant the rest of our family in Moscow, Idaho, too. All the folks back in Oklahoma and Texas really had a hard time understanding this one...until they came to visit and saw this amazing Christian community in person. Over the next decade, Belschner kids would attend and graduate from Logos School (the original brick and mortar one), while others would continue their studies at home and go to college from there. I would teach at Logos, develop curriculum for Logos Press, and help launch the online school. Today, the last two lovely Belschner ladies are finishing up their high school education at home, mostly with Logos Online. We also own and operate a Christian dance studio where our girls get to kick up their heels with some of their best friends. And did I mention the grandkids? Eight and counting! Of course, I also get to serve the many Logos Online families who are on this same, crazy homeschool adventure. When you call, be sure and settle in with your list of questions and a cup of coffee--I can’t wait to hear your story!

Grace Jankovic

Transcript Advisor

Grace Jankovic grew up in the small town of Goodland, KS, homeschooling for most of her education and graduating from Goodland Public High. She earned her BA in Studio Art, emphasizing in Art History (with a minor in Religion & Philosophy) from Friends University in Wichita. For three years after graduation, she contributed monthly Art History lectures at Northfield School of the Liberal Arts as part of an interdisciplinary lecture series on Western Civilization. During that time, she continued to make art on commission and participate in gallery shows, while getting a crash course in web design from the School o' Hard Knocks.

Currently, she lives in the beautiful Idaho countryside with her husband Mike and their bouncing baby boy. Back when she had spare time, she enjoyed epic road trips with her man and singing with various local groups, anything from Bach to Jefferson Airplane. Now her interests include critiquing the Alphabet board-book genre, and looking for creative ways of keeping her little family fat and happy.


Anita Harkness

Customer Service

I grew up in southwest Michigan where I attended a small Christian school and where I met my husband Nick. The Lord has blessed us with four outstanding boys. Because of the too few schooling options and none of those being all that appealing, we decided to start homeschooling our oldest who was four at the time. We had no idea how foundational this would be for our family or what we were doing for that matter.  But we believed that the Lord was ordering our steps. He eventually led us to classical Christian education and then to Logos Online School. In the summer of 2019 we are able to make the trip to Moscow to attend the Logos Online End of the Year Party. At that point our family knew that this was where we wanted to live. When we got back Michigan we began praying. God open doors and we made the cross country moved to Idaho that fall. He continues to order our steps for His glory. 

I am looking forward to encouraging and serving other homeschooling families through Logos Online School.

Darcey Doyle

Administrative Assistant

Darcey Doyle grew up in the classical education world, from Cary Christian School in Cary, N.C., to Logos School in Moscow, ID. She continued her classical studies at New Saint Andrews College, where she will graduate this May with her Bachelor's degree. She is excited to work with LOS full-time after graduation, and to continue sharing the gift of Christ-centered education with families across the world. Darcey loves the Oregon coast, painting, organizing, volleyball, and spending time with her husband Alex and her many family members and friends in Moscow. 






Brent Belschner


My lovely wife Sandy and I have seven kids, ranging in age from 32 down to 14. We also have eight grandkids and counting! Our youngest daughters, Hope and Bekah, are both LOS students and thoroughly enjoy their teachers and classes. As for my own educational and career journey, it's been very different then I planned. My obsessive drive to play baseball took me to a couple of colleges, eventually landing at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, TX. I managed to get a degree in math (and, of course, P.E.) while playing and coaching at the college level. As we started our family in the late 80s, I was teaching math and coaching in Texas, but after seven years of this, God changed my heart and our path. From my experience teaching in the government schools, it was clear to me that “school was no place for kids” and that we needed to do something different with our family. And so we began homeschooling our oldest when he started kindergarten, not knowing anyone else crazy enough to do it, too. At about the same time, I realized I needed a new career. The Air Force liked my math and athletic abilities which got me in the door of their Officer Training Program as an "old man" of 32 years. Our family continued to grow, and our homeschool became a worldwide adventure. I was honored to serve in the Air Force for 14 years, rising to the rank of Major and picking up a masters degree along the way. We moved to Moscow, Idaho when I separated from the military, and I currently work for Economic Modeling Specialist International (EMSI), based in Moscow, Idaho. I assist community colleges in the southeastern states with our career exploration and labor market research tools. I’ve carved out some time this upcoming school year to teach a section of logic and look forward to working with your students. God has been gracious to us throughout our 26-year homeschool journey to educate our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. “Back in the day,” homeschool resources were nowhere near what they are now. We would have been very grateful for an option like Logos Online School.

Luke Deacon

Physical Science

Luke was born and raised on the island of Jersey, just off the coast of France. His friends argue over whether he is British or French, but the argument never gets very far since he neither speaks French nor drinks much tea. He was homeschooled for 18 years before moving to Moscow, ID to study at New Saint Andrews College. There he fell in love with a Montana girl, and married Anita just before starting his senior year. Having just graduated with the renowned Class of Covid-19, Luke is excited to bring his passion for Christ-centred, excitement-filled learning to his students at LOS. He is also thrilled to be teaching through his all-time favorite textbook from his own education: Exploring Creation with Physical Science. When not teaching or working at a local tech company, Luke enjoys reading, eating, cooking, eating, playing soccer, eating, cliff-jumping, eating, and spending lots of time laughing (and eating) with friends and family.



Christina Gartrell

Science and Spanish

My name is Christina Gartrell, and I fell in love with a classical education as a little girl under the tutelage of dear teachers in a private Christian school setting located on the Texas-Mexican border decades ago when classical education was just an emerging movement. It was in that setting that the Lord saved me. He continued to use this faithful school and its teachers to educate me and instill in me a love for Him and learning. I found my identity in Christ and my identity as a perpetual student at this school. Eventually, I would go on to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Chemistry, and English from the University of Texas and earned my Masters of Teaching from Spalding University in Kentucky.

I am now a professional educator, wife, and homeschool mother to a large family. The Lord has continued to mature and grow me, and I still remain a perpetual student. I still love to learn and I think that is what makes me a great teacher. I want to share my love of Christ and my love of all things academic with my students to the glory of God. My career as an educator began in the brick and mortar classrooms in Texas, and became additionally credited to teach in Kentucky and Wyoming. Recently I have added experience as an online ESL/DLI teacher. However, I remain a classical educator at heart to the extent that I Ieft the traditional classroom to homeschool my own children all those years ago. I continue to find opportunities to teach and maintain my credentials, and fine tune my teaching methodologies. I have been told by students and parents who have known me as teacher that my best teaching qualities are content, patience, and encouragement. I look forward to meeting your student and striving to pursue what is true, good, and beautiful in all our classroom endeavors. Soli Deo Gloria!


James Goode


Integrated Humanities, Consumer Math, and Logic

Howdy! I'm a Texas boy who's wound up far away from the promised land. While I was born in Houston, my father was an Army chaplain, and we moved eleven places over the next twenty-two years of my life--everywhere from Germany to Washington D.C.! It kept the homeschooling career of me and my nine siblings exciting. There's nothing quite like studying westward expansion by accidentally getting lost on vacation in the Big Bend in a fifteen passenger van with the A/C out! I finally left home to attend Texas A&M (and ROTC) for three semesters, but was forced to leave as the Iraq drawdown cut requirements for officers. After several years selling milkshakes at Chick-fil-A, I decided to venture into the strange new world of classical learning at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow. But this strange new world turned out to be far more like finding home. Here were other bookworms, folks who could argue about the finer points of Plato, Herodotus, or Augustine and then go play a rousing game of frisbee afterward. So I married a wonderful woman as an excuse to stick around and have been in Idaho's panhandle longer than any other place in my life.
As for flavors of interest, I'm a history nut--anything old will do, although the American wars probably take precedence. I'm firmly committed to chasing the dream that someday I will read every book on my (currently) six bookshelves. I love walking, equally content with roaming the wilderness or sauntering through a picturesque downtown with my walking stick. When there's a theater production near me, I will find it and worm my way into it. If you really get to know me, you'll find out that I'm a bit of a superhero/Star Wars nerd. I worked a night job in a 24-hour grocery store for three years to get through college, so I always have a good anecdote at parties. And I love teaching. 

Molly (Sumpter) Goode

Integrated Humanities 

Molly grew up in the beautiful countryside of Maryland. She was home schooled with five brothers who made sure she perfected the art of swinging a baseball bat left handed. Molly’s mother taught her to love books by reading aloud to her and enjoying the stories with her. Her father taught her to love Pastoral ministry by involving his family in his calling of Pastoral work. When Molly was 11 years old her family moved to southern Oregon where they found a wonderful community of christian homeschoolers. After completing her high school education, Molly moved to Moscow, Idaho where she attended New Saint Andrews College. Molly graduated from NSA with a BA in Liberal Arts and Culture in 2017. She continues to live in Moscow with most of her family. In her free time Molly enjoys reading, singing in Church choir, taking walks on sunny days, and spending time with her siblings and the growing myriad of nieces and nephews.


Mandy Hedderly


Hi! I'm so excited to be on the Logos Online team! Here's a little about me: I have a Bachelors of Science in Architecture from the University of Texas at Arlington. I live in Belton, Texas, which is smack-dab in the middle of this big ol’ state. I've been teaching math since 2010 and am inching my way up to my next upgrade: “Master of Mathematics,” because I am that passionate about math, and, you have to admit, it sounds super cool. I am overflowing with math-y goodness and I can't wait to share my enthusiasm for teaching and learning about this wonderful subject with you! 

Non-math related facts about me: I married my ruggedly handsome husband in 2002. We have four kids, which is something I never thought I'd say, but God’s plans are always better than my own. I homeschool my older kiddos, and try to keep my younger ones from destroying the house (and my sanity). I'm a CrossFit Trainer and up until my last pregnancy, I competed in Olympic Lifting and ranked third in Texas. 

I’m looking forward to seeing you in class! Together, we can put the fun in functions! 



Zachary Kwong 

Lead Science Teacher

Hello and welcome to Logos Online School! I grew up in California, and was homeschooled for the majority of my pre-undergraduate years before graduating in 2012 from Wheaton College in Illinois with a B.S. in physics. I first entered teaching because I loved helping students “get it”. I joined Logos Online School in the 2014-15 academic year, and enjoy creating applicable and authentic connections between the sciences and students’ lives, a challenge as some concepts can seem abstract and not significant to every day life. Earning my M.A. in Integrative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education (I-STEM) from Virginia Tech in 2017 gave me a much deeper understanding and approach for my craft. I continually strive to design assignments and lessons which present students with authentic contexts for science content. I am very interested in learning the best way to teach students how to learn and seek to hone my craft with research based best teaching practices, and classroom management procedures.  

I enjoy every discipline, and learning in general and I look forward to sharing my wonder and excitement over God's creation with my students. Currently, I live with my wife Hannah and my 1 year old son Matthew in Roanoke Virginia.



Jacob Litwin

Integrated Humanities 

Jacob Litwin was born and raised in Southern California. By the grace of God, he heard the gospel when he was 16 years and came to know the Lord Jesus Christ. Since then, Jacob has a great passion for teaching biblical truth, giving all the glory to God. Jacob went on to receive his Bachelors Degree in Biblical Studies (emphasis: Christian Education) from The Master’s University in Santa Clarita, California. It was in college where he met his beautiful wife, Elrica Litwin, and got married on December 29th, 2018. Before moving to Moscow, Idaho, Jacob taught High School English Literature in San Jose, California.

Currently, Jacob is attending Greyfriars Hall, a pastoral ministry training program through Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho as well as pursuing his Masters Degree in Theology & Letters from New Saint Andrews College.

Outside of teaching, Jacob enjoys reading, watching and discussing movies, playing guitar, hiking, and traveling. 


Sarah Miller


Sarah Miller was born and raised in the corn fields of Carbondale, Illinois until her family packed their belongings and moved to Moscow, Idaho in 2011. She attended Logos School 8th-12th grade and graduated with an honors diploma in 2016. Since then, she has been working on getting her B.A. in Liberal Arts and Culture from New Saint Andrews College where she surprised herself by developing a special love for Latin. About to enter her senior year, Sarah is excited to see how the Lord will use her to serve others and further his kingdom through teaching. 

When she’s not working or studying, Sarah loves playing volleyball, baking, reading biographies, driving through the Palouse, and going for a swim in the beautiful Snake River. She also enjoys teasing and exploring the outdoors with an extremely vast and entertaining collection of nieces and nephews.






Karen Mondoy


Karen is a native Texan who was born and raised in Abilene, Texas. After graduating  from Hardin-Simmons University with a degree in Elementary Education and Spanish,  she moved to Fort Worth, Texas. She met her husband, Patrick Mondoy who had moved  to Fort Worth after growing up in Hawaii and they celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary in May of 2017. God blessed them with three wonderful, Christ following  daughters and three of the most amazing and beautiful grandchildren around.

Karen taught high school Spanish for 17 years at Trinity Christian Academy in Willow Park, Texas. God has given her a great love for the Spanish language and for the students  that she has had the opportunity to teach. Being able to see a teenager understand the importance of learning and using another language for God’s Kingdom has been a great blessing in her life.

Karen has a great love for the family and friends that the Lord has placed in her life. She  is a Bible Study leader at Birchman Baptist Church in Fort Worth and enjoys studying  God’s Word with other ladies. She often spends time with her grandchildren and  considers being a Gramsy one of the greatest blessings that God has allowed in her life.  She also enjoys travelling, spending time with her friends and reading a good Christian novel when time allows. Her rescue dog Remington is also a special part of her life.




Lisa Mutart

Math, Economics, and Government

Lisa Mutart, the first in her large family to be born in the United States, as her family immigrated from Ireland. She was raised in Ketchikan, Alaska where she met her husband Jeremy. They have three kids ages 14 to 17, who also attend LOS and enjoy the online learning environment. Eager to see the world and serve his country, Jeremy joined the military and they spent the last 20 years serving as a military family. Throughout the years, they have been involved in many ministries, leading Bible studies, and when the kids became school-age, homeschooling became the next adventure!

At this point, Lisa began to learn and implement a classical method at home, while redeeming her own education. She began teaching at many homeschool co-ops and loved every minute of encouraging young people to see God in all aspects of their education. Through her love for math and teaching, she has privately tutored high-school students and coached debate teams. Her favorite part of classical teaching is discussing and debating with students, spurring them on to love God with all their heart, soul and mind. Eventually, God lead them to Classical Conversations, where Lisa tutored various levels for 6 years. Through this program, she received training through the CiRCE Institute and various tutor-training programs, which was a great blessing. 

Last year, they retired from military life and moved to Moscow, ID to be near family and attend Christ Church. As far as education goes, she received an ABA from Regent University in Business Administration. In her spare time, you would find her sipping coffee and immersed in a great book, playing a board game, or walking her dachshund Max. She is passionate about being a life-long learner, doing everything to the glory of God, and is looking forward to spurring-on more students to pursue a love of life-time learning!


Kimberly Parker


It is my passion to teach, train and educate; it is a gift from God. Born and raised in St. Louis, I have been teaching something, somewhere from the age of 11 - whether that was teaching Sunday School, VBS, or holding Backyard Bible clubs. After graduating 2nd in command of my regiment in NJROTC, I moved ‘next door’ to Kansas for my undergraduate study in Education at Mid-America Nazarene University. There I was able to formally teach a practicum every semester and serve local pastors on a traveling ministry team on weekends. I graduated with a BS in Elementary Education and began a teaching career in Kansas City, KS, before returning to Missouri to teach Middle School Math. As my love for math grew, I added a Math Certification to my credentials through Harris-Stowe State University.

I have traveled all over the United States and Canada and enjoy many hobbies. Last year I moved to Southwest Florida where I am learning how to enjoy its 2 seasons; summer and football. Although I come from a large family, I have only one child. Relationship to family has been a work in progress and I am grateful for every life lesson learned.

As my student, you can expect truth, love, acceptance and high expectations. As a teacher I expect your very best efforts, acceptance and academic honesty. Even while cultivating a culture of excellence, our learning will be fun.


Mark Rauch

Lead Math Teacher

My primary education came from Fairfield Christian Academy in Lancaster, Ohio.  I then studied Electrical Engineering at Ohio University (Athens, Ohio).  I aced nearly all of my college-level math classes; (I had a great teacher).  My attention to detail naturally compels me to scrutinize the technical aspects of written material.

Upon obtaining my degree, I worked in the engineering field for 8 years before pursuing a career change, which has included some measure of teaching.  As a husband of one and father of six (one who’s with the Lord), I enjoy fulfillment during the teaching moments around the dining table and in front of the couch for evening devotions.

I hope you will enjoy observing me as much as I will enjoy sharing with you, and by God’s grace, we will both learn about Him together.


Zoe Roberts

English and Integrated Humanities

Zoe Roberts is from Oxford, England, where she spent most of her growing up years until she moved to Moscow, Idaho, to continue her studies at New Saint Andrews College. From the age of 8, when she was introduced to Latin, she has loved studying languages, especially Latin, Classical Greek, and Biblical Hebrew. She continued pursuing all three languages in her college thesis in which she analyzed in depth the Bible in its original languages, focusing, in particular, on comparing and analyzing the Latin and Greek translations of the Psalms of Ascent.

Zoe completed her B.A. in Liberal Arts and Culture in 2017, and a week later she married her best friend Josiah. Since graduating she has greatly enjoyed teaching children grades 4-12 at Logos Online School and at a local homeschool co-op in Moscow, Idaho. Throughout her education, she has been privileged to have excellent teachers who instilled a love of learning in her. As she teaches, her desire is to instill a love of learning in each one of her students and to teach all her classes with Jesus Christ as the foundation and beginning of all wisdom and knowledge.

When she isn’t teaching, she loves reading, painting, hiking and exploring the surrounding Palouse, camping, laughing, cooking for a bunch of friends, or playing badminton with her husband. She gets excited about a good cup of tea with scones and jam, Mediterranean food, and Mexican cuisine.


Micaiah Shaw


Micaiah was born in Kansas City, Missouri where she lived until her dad joined the military and her family began traveling the world. Throughout middle school and high school, she enjoyed a classical Christian education made up of a mixture of online classes and homeschool classes. Her mom (a math whiz) shared her love of numbers and logic with Micaiah throughout her homeschool years.

In 2018, Micaiah married Eric Shaw, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from New Saint Andrews college, and had their baby boy, Graham, prematurely. Her job as a graphic designer and secretary was then swapped for homemaking and mothering. Now she is excited to add teaching math to her repertoire!

In her spare time Micaiah loves to sew, read, cook new things, eat new things, and explore the outdoors with her family.



Kevin Smith

Integrated Humanities

Kevin Smith grew up in Oregon, spending most of his time either playing outside or with his nose in a book (all depending on the weather!). After sensing a call into ministry in high school, Kevin pursued his BA at Multnomah University and then traveled to Kansas City to attend Seminary. Along the way he served as a pastor at several churches, taught at two Christian universities and in classical Christian K-12 settings.

After returning to Oregon, he met a beautiful teacher, Ashley, who is now Mrs. Smith. In the final year of his PhD in Historical Theology through the University of Nottingham, he stays busy with their charming little girl and his piles of books (some things don’t change!). Their shared passion is to equip parents to raise their children in the knowledge of the Lord. Serving as a teacher is the ministry the Lord has set before them.



Natalia Sosa


Ana Natalia Ramirez Sosa, or as most people know her, Natalia, was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico. She attended a Christian, bicultural, local school until she graduated with honors from high school. After this, she spent 6 months being an educational assistant and Spanish teacher in a small Christian School in Sevenhampton, United Kingdom; where she discovered her love for education and of course, tea. When she returned to Mexico, she decided to be an English high school teacher for a year before starting her degree. She studied International Relations and spent one semester studying abroad at Sciences Po in Strasbourg, France. She graduated as class valedictorian and worked for the French Embassy in Mexico City, Mexico.

Natalia has a genuine love for teaching, learning, history, cultures and languages. She is in charge of the missions’ team in her local church and is convinced that languages are an important tool to share God’s glory to the world. She speaks Spanish, English, French and a little bit of German. She enjoys Bible reading, reading (in general), painting, singing, drinking tea and coffee, spending time with her friends and family, taking long walks and having long conversations. Her favorite cuisine is of course Mexican food and she loves living like a tourist in her own home town. This is because she believes God has called His children to be in constant discovery, and knowing another language allows them to do just that, to discover. 


Carson Spratt

Integrated Humanities, Logic, Economics, and Government

Carson Spratt was born in Vancouver, Canada, and although he moved to the Pacific Northwest over a decade ago, you can still hear his accent when he’s out and about. He learned to read at age 3, and can’t quite seem to break the habit. He graduated from New Saint Andrews College in 2014 with a B.A. in Liberal Arts and Culture, and since he couldn’t leave well enough alone, went back for an M.A., which he received in 2017. 

He enjoys getting to know nature up close and personal, and making people laugh. He loves singing almost anything, from Bach to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” He happens to know that The Princess Bride is the best movie of all time, and he appreciates nothing more than a well-crafted pun. He can be curious about anything, and when he’s not teaching, he’s usually learning something. And he would be completely lost without his true love, Ellie, without whom life would be inconceivable. 


Hannah Struble

Integrated Humanities

Hannah Struble grew up in Moscow, Idaho. She considers herself fortunate to live in a town diverse in education opportunities, church communities, and abundant in outdoor activities. She attended Logos School in Moscow from Kindergarten through graduation, and from there attended the University of Idaho. Through the U of I, Hannah earned a B.A. in Theatre and English-Teaching, as well as a B.S. in Secondary Education-English Language Arts. She chose to pursue education, English, in particular, because of the adventure she finds through reading, and because she wants to inspire others to love literature the way her high school literature teacher inspired her. Some of her favorite re-reads include the Anne of Green Gables series by L.M. Montgomery.

While earning her college degrees, she married her husband, Caleb, whom she met during her years in Logos. They are currently parents to one little boy, and are soon to welcome their second son in October 2017.

When Hannah is not teaching, she enjoys hiking, fishing, reading, and the Moscow Farmer’s Market. Hannah’s favorite outdoor love is her garden. She loves encouraging little seedlings to become beautiful flowers, veggies, and fruits, and frequently finds herself planning more elaborate garden beds than she has either space or time to manage.  


Lauren Trotter

Lead Latin Teacher

Lauren was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She was homeschooled from 6th grade through high school and took online classes her Sophomore and Senior years. Being a student in online classes gave Lauren a love for the classical Christian model of education and for the unique community online classes offer. She has had the opportunity to travel to various countries which demonstrated the importance of learning languages. During her Junior year of high school, she took a year of community colleges classes and after high school moved to Moscow, ID where she graduated in May 2015 with a BA in Liberal Arts and Culture (cum laude). Since then, she has moved back to the Land of Lakes and married Kanaan Trotter in June of 2018. 

In her free time, Lauren loves floral design, hockey, carrots, waterskiing, and spending time with her husband, family, and friends. She looks forward to sharing her love of language--Latin especially--with her students, learning with her students, and developing relationships with families around the world through Logos Online. Above all, she is excited to serve Christ and glorify Him through her teaching.


Lily Wilmoth

Science and Math

Lily Wilmoth is Canadian by birth. She was raised in Canada and Germany for a time before her family settled in Cary, North Carolina when she was in grade school. It was here that her family first learned about classical Christian education and placed their children in a classical school. Lily attended Cary Christian School and graduated in 2010 at 17. She then attended Regent University on a scholarship and completed her degree in Biblical and Theological Studies with a minor in Theater in 2013. Upon graduating, she married her husband, Josiah, and they both moved to Concord, North Carolina where they began teaching and further developing the integrated humanities courses at Covenant Classical School. After having their first child, Lily retired from the conventional classroom and began teaching at local homeschool co-ops while continuing her teaching education through participating in workshops, conferences, and seminars with the CiRCE Institute. Along with these academic pursuits, Mrs. Wilmoth has studied classical ballet throughout her life and continues to teach this art form. She dabbles in many hobbies like sourdough bread baking, study of herbal medicine, animal husbandry, and watercolor painting. The Wilmoths currently have two little children and another due in August 2020, all of whom they plan to homeschool. They own a homestead in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia where they collect a large and ever-growing collection of books, raise several dozen fowl and goats, and run a traditional soapmaking business using ingredients from their farm: Hearth and Homestead. 


Caroline Young


Caroline was born the middle child in a large Christian family in small-town Wisconsin. After high school, she attended the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point, earning a degree in elementary education and TESL (teaching English as a second language). Her love for language was fostered by ESL and Spanish language classes, a desire to see other parts of the world, and especially, trips to Europe with her native-German mother. After graduation, Caroline moved to Ciudad Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas, Mexico, to teach English at a small Christian school. She spent three years teaching in Mexico, gaining a loving familia mexicana, a passion for tacos, and a love for the Spanish language. She is grateful for how Spanish has revealed to her more of the amazing diversity of God’s kingdom and loves seeing her students rewarded with the same joy she has in learning a new language, like stepping through a door into another world. Caroline currently lives in Moscow, ID with her husband, Bryce, and baby Lena. Any spare time is enjoyed outdoors, reading a good book, dabbling in various art projects, camping, riding on her husband’s motorcycle (as a passenger!), or doing homework for her own in-progress Master’s degree in TESOL through Biola University.