7th Grade Bundle

Middle School Classes

Since 7th and 8th grade classes do not count towards the LOS diploma, they are best considered a preparation for 9th grade and beyond. You have a lot of flexibility in the classes you choose for these grades so we have made improvements to the sign-up process that we hope will make class selection easier for both these grades.

As you click through the options below you will see our middle school suggestions. Here are a few specific things to keep in mind: 

--Following the example of Logos School (in Moscow, Idaho), we suggest Logic be taken in the 8th grade year in place of a regular science class.  

--If a student needs additional work on the mechanics and usage of English, consider taking English 1 in place of Integrated Humanities. However, our teachers understand that the typical 7th and 8th grader still has a long way to go in perfecting their writing skills. If a student is a strong reader, they will enjoy and benefit from jumping right into an Integrated Humanities class--and they'll have plenty of opportunities to work on their writing. For more information on our Integrated Humanities classes please refer to this article.