7th Gr. Bundle

7th Grade Bundle

Please Note: $135 is the tuition deposit for one class; but with the 10% discount, the deposit for the Bundle will be $486

Since 7th and 8th grade classes do not count towards the LOS diploma, they are best considered a preparation for 9th grade and beyond. You have some flexibility in the classes you choose for these grades. As you click through the options below you will see our middle school suggestions. Here are a few specific things to keep in mind: 

--Following the example of Logos School (in Moscow, Idaho), we suggest Logic be taken in the 8th grade year in place of a regular science class.  

-- If a student is a solid reader, they will enjoy and benefit from jumping right into an Integrated Humanities class--and they'll have plenty of opportunities to work on their writing. For more information on our Integrated Humanities classes please refer to this article. Our teachers understand that the typical 7th and 8th grader still has a long way to go in perfecting their writing skills, and they will continue to improve in this area as they write papers. However, if a student needs a focused work on composition, it would be wise to consider taking an English class at the same time.

--Students may begin their study of Latin during their middle school years. Please realize, however, that students who are desiring a LOS diploma must have two years of the same foreign language while in high school. Therefore, Latin 3 and 4 would continue the study of Latin for the high school transript. 

--Students may choose to solidify their English grammar and usage skills during middle school as an alternative to studying Latin: English 1 & 2.