Algebra I Prep

Algebra I Prep

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Dates: August 1-18  Kimberly Parker

Mtg. Days: M, T, W & Th 

Mtg. Time (Pacific Time): 8:00 - 8:50am

Class Description:  This 12-day course will review some basic fundamental concepts of algebra: order of operations (PEMDAS), fraction review, rational expressions (basically fractions with letters), variables, rules for solving equations, simplifying vs. solving, rules for exponents, and square roots. As time allows, there may also be a review of linear equations, factoring, quadratic equations, absolute value, and various number sets. Students who know that they are weak in understanding a particular concept of algebra are encouraged to ask the instructor to review that troubling concept as well. Students can learn to appreciate math as a model, as analogous to other interesting areas of life, and to look for the Creator's fingerprints in mathematical truths.

Credits: No Credit

Prerequisite: Pre-Algebra

Required Materials: none