Biblical Hebrew: Foundations

Biblical Hebrew: Foundations

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Dates: July 3-28

Mtg. Day: M, W & F (three days/week)

Time: 8:00-8:50 AM

Instructor: Scott McQuinn

Course Description:  An introduction to the foundations of the Hebrew language using an engaging, interactive, immersive approach called Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), where Hebrew will be taught as a living language. Students will build skills in communicating, reading, and thinking in Biblical Hebrew. This course covers the first portion of Biblical Hebrew I (see course description of Biblical Hebrew I) and thus serves as a preview for those who might be interested in taking the full course during the school year, or for those who have had Hebrew and want a refresher. Students who take this course and go on to take the full course will have a firmer foundation in the language.

Credits: No credit

    Required Materials:  Living Biblical Hebrew: Foundations (Biblical Language Center) (this instead of a hard copy of a textbook)