Drawing and Sketching

Drawing and Sketching

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SUMMER TERMS A & B: July 9 - August 29




11:00am - 12:30pm (Pacific Time) - Ken Spirduso

Class Description: 

See the world this summer...as an artist!

Learning to draw is actually learning to see-and it’s something that anyone can do. If you like to draw, or would love to learn how, then this summer course is for you. In this class we will start with some basic seeing principles that will help you draw accurately. These principles will equip you to draw any subject that interests you. Here are some of the areas we will cover:

  • How seeing shapes is the secret to drawing
  • How to observe light and shadow
  • How to capture movement and gesture in a drawing
  • How to use underlying, geometric shapes to communicate form
  • How comparative measurements keep a drawing in proportion
  • How plumb lines can help with accurate drawing
  • How to draw a portrait
  • How to draw an animal
  • How to sketch on location

So grab a pencil and a sketchbook and join us for a drawing-and seeing-adventure.

    Credits: 1/2 Elective

    Prerequisite: none

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