Intro to the Latin of the Vulgate

Intro to the Latin of the Vulgate

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Dates: August 8 through September 2

Mtg. Days:  M, T, W, Th (four days/week)

Mtg. Time (Pacific Time):  7:00-7:50 AM

Instructor: Knox Merkle

Class Description:  Students will be introduced to the Latin of the Vulgate Bible. The Vulgate is written in very simple Latin and is an excellent way for students to transition from the textbook Latin of the classroom to the world of original Latin literature. We will read, translate, and discuss selections from all of the genres contained within the Bible: narrative, poetry, wisdom, prophecy, and epistles. We will look at some of the passages whose Latin translation has influenced Christian theology throughout the ages, and discuss the impact they have had. This will be a very low-homework course. There will be unfamiliar grammar concepts for all students, which I will explain as we encounter them, and they will not be tested on them. Students will be called on to use their preexisting knowledge of the Bible and their common sense to translate passages. This course will stretch students to use their Latin skills in new ways and is an excellent introduction to original Latin prose, and a text which has influenced the Christian Church for nearly 2000 years.

Credits. .25

Prerequisite: Students must have completed Latin 2 with 80% or higher.

Required Materials: None