Introductory Latin

Introductory Latin

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Day: Monday - Thursday

Times (Pacific Time): 

9:00am - 9:50am - Deirdre Salmon

Class Description:  Introduction to Latin is a niche class which either introduces students to an inflected language (one not dependent upon word order) or firms up their Latin language skill base prior to leaping into Latin I. It grounds the students in the basics of Latin vocabulary and grammar and relates it to the English they already know. It solidifies students in the grammar basics they need to succeed in Latin I and eases the path into Latin I. If your middle school student has had a smattering of Latin in the grammar years or is new to classical Christian education this is likely the class for him. If your student has a firm grasp of grammar school Latin, please consider enrolling him in Latin I. The course will also prepare students for the Introductory Level of the National Latin Exam and the National Mythology Exam. 

Credits:  This class is a junior-high level introduction and does not count towards high school language credits.

Prerequisite: Minimum age of 11

Required Materials: