Latin III Prep

Latin III Prep

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Dates: August 7-10

Instructor:  Parker Moore 

Mtg. Days:  M, T, W, Th

Mtg. Time (Pacific Time):  11:00am - 1:00pm (2hrs)

Class Description:

Latin III students are expected to have a thorough knowledge of Latin II in order to succeed in Latin III, including several hundred vocabulary words, an advanced knowledge of perfect passive tenses, and a facility with all Latin noun declensions and verb conjugations. This four-day, two hours per day class is an excellent means of refreshing your student on the essentials of Latin II to prepare them for the next level. The major elements of Latin II will be reviewed and the more difficult aspects of Latin III will be previewed, allowing the student greater ease of introduction to those concepts. 

Students will review third declension i-stems, the third, fourth, and third-io verb conjugations, the perfect passive tenses, demonstrative pronouns, and more. Your student will be briefed on the elements he or she needs to succeed just prior to the new school year and will be able to begin Latin III running! No materials are required other than the Kraken Latin I textbook.

Credits: No Credit

Required Materials: Kraken Latin Book 1