Studio Art 1

Studio Art 1

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1:00pm - 2:30pm (Pacific Time) - Ken Spirduso

Class Description: 

Master artists of the past captured the light, form, beauty, complexity, and movement of God’s creation. Using materials such as charcoal and paint, they created images that continue to inspire and edify us today. How were they able to achieve such enduring works of art?

Join us this fall as we learn to observe the world as the master artists have for centuries. We will cover the two main approaches to drawing that have equipped artists of the past-the Renaissance Approach and the Academic Approach. Artists from Rembrandt to modern day animators have learned these two ways of drawing-and you can, too!

Course subjects will include:

  • Cast Drawing
  • Figure Drawing
  • Animal Drawing
  • Still Life Painting
  • Portrait Drawing and Painting
  • Creating Believable Depth Using Linear Perspective
  • Color and its Use in Painting, Illustration, Movies
  • Creating Eye Paths
  • Visual Storytelling

Each class will offer an art history segment called Painter Profiles, which will introduce students to great works of the past and present.

All skill levels are welcome.

    Credits: 1 Elective)

    Prerequisite: none

    Appropriate for ages 12-18

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