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We are now in our second year of participation in Logos Online classes for our boys.  We certainly appreciate the four days per week class schedule as it takes some pressure off of us in our busy homeschooling schedule.  However, what is most important to us is the quality of the teachers.  They love the subject material, relate well to the students, and they are skilled at teaching.  It all culminates in our boys enjoying learning and seeing Christ's lordship over every field of study.

John P., LOS Parent

I love the honesty and unapologetic love for Christ this school has. Its principles are rich and the education it provides is outstanding. The teachers have a genuine love for their students, and the class atmosphere is relaxed and professional. I have made so many wonderful friends through this school, to whom I will be forever grateful.

Shelby C., LOS Graduate

We're one month into our second year at Logos Online School. We are thrilled (again!) with the content, conversation, and critical thinking present in our 12th and 8th graders' classes. Bonus: It all spills over into good discussions at our dinner table. It is Christ-honoring education that's leading our children in tenacious thankfulness. 'For the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof.'

Lisa R., LOS Parent

This partnership with LOS is better than we even imagined. My boys are loving all of their classes and are challenged, but not overwhelmed. The staff and teachers are so loving and Christlike. It is apparent that they truly care about their students. I was especially touched by the very thoughtful message Mr. Harlow sent my son after he broke his arm. We are looking forward to enrolling our third child next year!

Danielle H., LOS Parent

Logos is the best educational experience I’ve ever had! I’ve been challenged in ways I didn’t expect. The courses are both rigorous and exciting. Having a variety of teachers adds a traditional school feeling beyond my homeschool experience. The student interaction and discussions far exceed my experience in public school. The Christ-centered, classical education of Logos has changed the way I approach problem-solving, giving me a completely different way of thinking that will support me throughout every aspect of my life. 

Peter V., LOS Graduate

LOS has provided opportunities for rich discourse with other students directed by teachers who seek to ground all learning in the truth of Scripture. We have been very happy with prompt and responsive help from both teachers and administration when needed. LOS provides a solid classical Christian education in a well-organized four day week. We have especially appreciated this as one of our goals was to have the freedom to travel while  maintaining a program of vigorous study.

Angel W., LOS Parent

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