Graduation Requirements

Logos Online School uses a weighted grade point scale (5.0), reflecting the rigorous nature of the coursework. All of our core classes and some of our electives are considered honors-level classes (this is not to be confused with AP classes).

Required Coursework

  • 24 Total Credits
  • Students must be enrolled full-time with LOS during their senior year to earn a LOS diploma (a fulltime enrollment is defined as four classes, with one of them being Int. Humanities). 






1 course=3 credits

Literature (1)

History (1)

Theology (1)

1 course=1 credit

1 course=1 credit

1 course=1 credit

1 course=1 credit

Must include four Int. Humanities courses (or the equivalent in transfer credits)

Must include, at a minimum: Algebra 1, Geometry & Algebra 2

Must include Biology & Chemistry

Two years of the same foreign language


Additional core classes may also count as electives


12 credits required

4 credits required

3 credits required

2 credits required

3 credits required