Our Story

When you consider how long classical education has been around (thousands of years), Logos Online School is new to the game. However, we have been at the forefront of the resurgence of the classical and Christian education movement for almost forty years—before the internet was even a thing.

It all began in 1981. The setting was a little town called Moscow in northern Idaho. A handful of educational pioneers, armed only with faith and an essay written by Dorothy Sayers, opened the doors of Logos School in the hopes of providing a Christian and classical education for their children. Ten years after those first students entered Logos School, one of the school’s founding fathers, Douglas Wilson, was asked by Crossway Publisher to write a book on Christian education. Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning was published in 1991. The book explained the need for Christian and classical education and introduced Logos School to the world.

Classical Christian schools sprang up around the nation, and homeschoolers also began to apply the same principles in their endeavors. Organizations such as Veritas Press, Classical Conversations, and Memoria Press, used Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning as a sort of handbook and got to work figuring out how to apply the ancient educational philosophy in today's culture. Soon parents, schools, and homeschoolers began contacting Logos School, asking for their unique materials. Logos Press was created to meet the growing demand. As technology changed and the internet became a part of the fabric of our culture, the demand for online Christian and classical education was felt, and Logos Online School was founded by Dr. Larry Stephenson in 2012.

Our Mission

Logos Online School exists to support parents in their biblical responsibility to train up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. To this end, we provide a Christ-centered classical education for grades 7 through 12 that is convenient, affordable, and accredited.

Our school motto is "Acta Non Verba," which means "Actions Not Words." Dr. Stephenson's inspiration for our motto comes from James 1:22-25, which tells us not just to be hearers of the word, but to be doers. This is our vision for our students: that they take the knowledge of God, His Word, and His world from their years with us and internalize it, working it out in every area of their lives. Watch Dr. Stephenson talk more about it.

Our Parents

We aim to cultivate in our parents a sense of responsibility for the school; to see them well informed about the goals of our classical and Christ-centered approach. We desire them to grow with the school, involved in and excited about the journey. We aim to help them to follow biblical principles in addressing concerns, to be inclined to hearing both sides of a story before rendering a verdict, and to embrace the Scripture’s injunctions to encourage and stir up one another to love and good works. 

Our Students

We aim to graduate young men and women who think clearly and listen carefully with discernment and understanding; who reason persuasively and articulate precisely; who are capable of evaluating their entire range of experience in the light of the Scriptures; and who do so with eagerness in joyful submission to God. We desire they have a heart for the lost and the courage to seek to dissuade those who are stumbling towards destruction; that they distinguish real religion from religion in form only; and that they possess the former, knowing and loving the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Our Teachers

We desire our instructors to be professional and diligent in their work, gifted in teaching, loving their students and their subjects. We desire they clearly understand classical education, how it works in their online classroom and how their work fits into the whole; that they possess a lifelong hunger to learn and grow; and that they have opportunity to be refreshed and renewed. We look to see them mature in Christ, growing in the knowledge of God, their own children walking with the Lord.










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"Logos Online School instructors are highly qualified… they go above and beyond to make themselves available to my sons when they have had questions or problems with their assignments, even after classroom hours." - Karen Stafford, LOS Parent