Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to many questions about our school may be found in the Terms and Conditions 

The Basic Questions

How do I contact the school?

Prospective families may send an email to, OR you may call the school office at 833.775.4667 (office hours are 7am-4pm Pacific time, Monday through Friday).

Families with students already enrolled in LOS should communicate with the administration via ClassReach (log in to your parent account here).  After logging in to your parent account, go to the Messages tab in your ClassReach account and type a name in the "To" field: 

  • Dr. Larry Stephenson, Superintendent of LOS – Dr. Stephenson plans and evaluates all aspects of LOS. He is solely responsible for hiring teachers and administrators (
  • Mrs. Sandy Belschner, Assistant Superintendent – Sandy is your primary point of contact for most issues–class registration, finances, teachers, etc. LOS families may contact Sandy via ClassReach messages. Prospective families should email
  • Mr. Brent Belschner, Academic Dean – Brent oversees the academic activities of the school. He also manages the LOS transcripts, which includes serving as Senior Class Counselor. Contact Brent via ClassReach messages.
  • Mrs. Anita Harkness, Customer Service and Clubs Manager– Anita is the person who will pick up the phone if you call the school’s office. As such, she can help with many things (or direct you to the person you need to talk to). She is also in charge of the school clubs program.
Is Logos Online School accredited?

Yes. Our curriculum and staff have been evaluated and accredited by the National Association of Private Schools as well as the NCAA Clearinghouse.

Are the online classes interactive?

Yes. We use Zoom as the video-conferencing platform for our classes.

This technology allows students and teachers to interact using webcams and microphones in real time. 

How often do LOS classes meet? 

With the exception of just a few electives, all of our classes meet four days a week, Monday through Thursday. Each class is 50 minutes long.

What time do classes meet? 

Our earliest classes begin at 6:00 AM (Pacific time) and our latest classes begin at 12:00 PM (Pacific time). 

Our offices are located in Moscow, Idaho so all of our classes are listed in the PACIFIC time zone.  Idaho does observe daylight savings time so there will be a time adjustment in early November and again in March.


Enrollment Questions

When do you accept students?

Open enrollment for the 2024-25 term began on January 22, 2024. It will close on the Thursday before classes begin (Aug. 29). We accept late enrollments on a case-by-case basis.

How do I register for classes with Logos?

THIS page explains the simple process.

How does Logos build the class schedule? And how does Logos decide when to open or close a section? 
  • Our schedule is set up to ensure that all the required classes are available for students who are pursuing a LOS diploma.
  • The classes/times are established by the school and then the teachers are given the opportunity to select the times that work for their personal schedule. 
  • The teachers are listed next to the times as a service to our families. We anticipate—but do not guarantee—that a particular teacher will fill that time slot.
  • A class must have a certain number of students enrolled in a specific time (section) in order for that section to “make.” In the event that a section is closed, we will work with the students to adjust their schedules so that they are able to take all the needed/desired subjects.
  • If a section fills and there are still a significant number of students desiring to enroll, we will open a second class at the same time.


Selecting Classes

How do parents decide which classes to take?

THIS  page of the website has our recommendations for what classes to take at each grade level. These are not set in stone, though. Parents should carefully read the course descriptions and consider if a class is a good fit for their student. 

If you need help deciding placement for Humanities, Math, English, Latin, and Spanish...keep reading on this page. 

And if you are still not sure what to take, you may call or email our advisors for help (those numbers and addresses are at the top of this page).

How do parents decide in which INTEGRATED HUMANITIES to enroll their student?

As you're considering where to place your student, we encourage you to keep a few things in mind:

  • Do not think of these courses simply in terms of "grade levels." It's true that we do attach certain Integrated Humanities courses to each grade in our "Recommended Course of Study," but that's assuming a student is going through our whole program from start to finish. If a student joins us in 9th grade, Integrated Humanities A, B, or I would be good. It's not unusual, however, for an older high school student to take Integrated Humanities I if they have not yet completed an American History course in high school. It's a great place to start! Juniors and seniors who are new to LOS should generally enroll in either Integrated Humanities II, III, or IV.

  • What has your student recently studied? If he/she has just completed a year of American History (which is covered in Integrated Humanities I), they will probably want to study a different historical time period in the coming school year, in which case you would be fine considering Integrated Humanities A or B (for younger students), OR Integrated Humanities II or III (for upperclassmen).

  • There is often a three-year range of students in the Integrated Humanities classes (e.g.: IHA will mostly have 7th graders in class, but it would not be unusual for 8th and 9th graders to take IHA. Similarly, IHII will mostly have 10th graders in class, but it would not be unusual for 9th and 11th graders to take IHII).

  • For more information on our Integrated Humanities classes, read this article.

How do parents decide in which MATH class to enroll their student? 

If you are not sure what math class would be a good fit for your student we suggest taking a Saxon Math placement test: 
Saxon Placement Test for Middle Grades (Math 54 through Algebra 1/2)
Saxon Placement Test for Upper Grades (Algebra 1 through Calculus)

How do parents decide in which LATIN class to enroll their student? 

Latin is the "foreign language" most often studied in a classical education. Our Latin department head, Lauren Trotter, explains why we encourage LOS students to learn Latin in this article

Here is an overview of the concepts studied in Latin 1 (Units 1 and 2 of the Kraken Latin textbook). 

And here is a Latin 1 Second Semester Final Study Guide: The concepts are what students going into Latin 2 are expected to know, excluding specific vocabulary knowledge since curricula vary in that area. If your student knows all of the concepts on the study guide, they can jump into Latin 2. If, however, they do not recognize these concepts, Latin 1 is probably the better fit.

Here is an overview of the concepts studied in Latin 2 (Units 3 and 4 of the Kraken Latin textbook). 

And here is a Latin 2 Second Semester Final Study Guide: The concepts are what students going into Latin 3 are expected to know, excluding specific vocabulary knowledge since curricula vary in that area. If your student knows all of the concepts on the study guide, they can jump into Latin 3. If, however, they do not recognize these concepts, Latin 2 is probably the better fit.

How do parents decide in which ENGLISH class to enroll their student? 

English 1 and 2 are geared toward middle-school students and are an excellent way to solidify grammar and composition skills prior to high school. If parents are confident their student has mastered these skills, they may choose to study Latin in middle school.

English 1 is generally appropriate for 7th grade students, and English 2 is the place for incoming 8th graders to start (all concepts are thoroughly reviewed).

National Latin Exam

Logos Online School Latin students may participate in the National Latin Exam, though our teachers do not administer the test. A LOS student wanting to take the test may simply register as a homeschool student, completing the online form and making payment directly to the NLE organization.

How do parents decide in which SPANISH class to enroll their student? 

These study guides should help parents decide which level of Spanish (1, 2, or 3) their student is ready to take: 
Spanish 1, Review for 2nd Semester Exam
Spanish 2, Review for 2nd Semester Exam

Are four courses required every year to earn a LOS diploma? 

Students must be enrolled full-time with LOS during their senior year to earn a LOS diploma (four classes with one of them being an Int. Humanities course). Prior to that, student's may be enrolled part-time with LOS as long as they are making progress toward their graduation requirements

Are there any sample classes I can watch? 

 Sample classes are available for viewing on the LOS YouTube channel (HERE)


Classroom Practices (common questions)

That's a lot of reading!

We try to cultivate an atmosphere of "joyful rigor" in our classes. Yes, we do a lot of hard work, but we also try to have fun doing it! We don't expect students to understand everything in the books, but we do hope they grow in their skills of reading, interpretation, and analysis throughout their time at LOS. 

How does a student make up an absence?  

LOS teachers record and archive all classes. Each teacher will explain the process for accessing class recordings as needed. Students are responsible for making up any missed work. 

It's not uncommon for LOS students to need to miss class for planned reasons--short-term mission trips, traveling for sporting events, etc. We are happy to support families in these endeavors! Parents and students should make arrangements with the teacher if they anticipate an extended absence, communicating "early and often."

Can students take a class even if they will have to miss one day a week on a regular basis?

Missing class one day a week is definitely not ideal...that translates into missing a quarter of the entire school year. But, we do allow flexibility as long as the parents bear the responsibility for communicating and making up for the lost class time – any special class arrangements should not impact the teacher. This arrangement must be approved by the administration.


Questions That Come Up During the Year

What is the schedule for Finals Week? Do my regular classes also meet? 

There are two days at the end of each semester designated for “Logic, Math, and Science finals” and “Humanities, Language, and Other finals.” 

  • If a class has finals during the second half of the week, classes are expected to meet at the normal class time for review during the first half of the week.
  • If a class has finals during the first half of the week, your semester ends early–there are no classes in the second half of the week. 

The two departments alternate first and second semesters as to who will get to finish earlier. This is noted on the school calendars.