Classical & Christian.  Affordable & Accredited.

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No application fees.
No technology fees.
No diploma fees.
No additional fees for honors classes.

Diploma Track Tuition -- $607.50 per class

Any student enrolling in four or more classes is considered a full-time (or Diploma Track) student and receives a savings of 10% on tuition.

$607.50 x 4 classes = $2430 per year

Part-time Tuition - $675.00 per class 

  • A part-time student is one who enrolls in fewer then four Logos Online School courses.
  • The part-time option is provided for students who are homeschooled or enrolled in another school but need specific courses to supplement their education.

Note: Tuition does not include books or other required materials. 

Fee Schedule

Logos Online School offers the options of paying tuition in full at the time of registration, or paying a 20% non-refundable deposit to secure the student's seat in the class. 

Once the tuition deposit is paid and the registration process is complete, you will select your payment plan for the remaining 80% of the tuition by logging into your Class Reach account (our school's online communication platform). There is no additional fee for payment plans. 

  • full payment by August 15
  • quarterly installments paid throughout the school year 
  • monthly installments paid throughout the school year 

ClassReach does collect a 1% usage fee if you select autopayment. You may send in a check if you prefer to avoid this small fee.


Students withdrawing prior to August 1 may be refunded any tuition paid beyond the deposit. Deposits are non-refundable. 

There will be no refunds or tuition payment plan reductions after August 1.