Tuition & Discounts

Classical & Christian. AFFORDABLE & Accredited.

  • No application fees.
  • No technology fees.

  • No diploma fees.

  • No additional fees for honors classes.

"Diploma Track" Tuition - $607.50 per Class*

Any student enrolling in four or more classes is considered a full-time (or Diploma Track) student and receives a savings of 10% on tuition. 

$607.50 x 4 classes = $2430 per year. 

Regular Tuition - $675.00 per Class*

A student taking less then four classes is considered a part-time enrollment. This à la carte approach is for students who are not seeking a diploma but need specific courses to supplement their education.


*Books and other required materials are in addition to the above course costs. Logos Online School does not sell these materials, but we can recommend various places where they can be purchased.

See our Terms & Conditions for more details.