Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions are for the purpose of running an efficient and effective online school.

Parental Responsibility

  • Parents are expected to take primary responsibility for their student’s education. This includes supervising their academic activity and assuring that assignments and tests are completed as required.
  • Parents must procure and maintain all required equipment and materials for each registered course. 
    • The student must have immediate access to all books and other required materials used for the course in the version stipulated by Logos Online School.
    • If a family has more than one student enrolled in the same class, each student must have his/her own computer, headset, microphone, and internet connection. Logos assumes no responsibility for the technology used by students.
  • Parents are expected to log in regularly to ClassReach, the online student management system, and to ensure they receive electronic messages from ClassReach. An email will be deemed to have been received and read 24 hours after it is sent to the email address provided by parents in ClassReach.
  • Parents are expected to oversee their student’s activities on the internet. Students attending online classes and engaging in extracurricular online activities with classmates will certainly face temptations that are unique to this media. Parents should be diligent in guarding online communications, particularly any that occur outside our closed communication system (ClassReach).  Note: This article, “Smart Kids and Dumb Phones”  by Pastor Douglas Wilson, may help parents navigate these waters.
  • Parents are expected to secure any answer keys in the home and ensure that they are accessed only when permitted by the instructor. Parents also need to be aware of the ways in which Artificial Intelligence can be used by students to cheat on homework and/or tests. LOS expects the parents to be the primary guard for this type of academic dishonesty.


How to Register/Enroll: 

  • New families should register their students during open enrollment via logosonlineschool.com by selecting courses and paying the 20% deposit to reserve each class/time.
  • LOS expects parents to understand the course descriptions and prerequisites as detailed on the course description. 
  • Parents may enroll in any classes that are available on the website by paying the 20% tuition deposit. If there is a question about a student’s placement, a LOS administrator will contact the parent to discuss the course options.
  • If the parent intends for their student to earn a LOS diploma, the parent will provide previous transcripts/grade reports for all high school coursework–but this is not required prior to enrollment. 
  • Returning families are given early enrollment privileges and discounts for two weeks until we open enrollment to the public.

Late Enrollment: Logos Online School may accept students after school has begun, but this is determined individually. Details of payments, credit for the class, etc., will vary based on particular circumstances. 

Tuition & Discounts:

  • Regular tuition for the 2024-25 school year is $710 per course. 
  • When registering for classes, you will pay a non-refundable and non-transferable 20% deposit for each course to secure a seat in a particular class. The 20% deposit applies to the total tuition fee.
  • Full-Time Student discount: Any aggregate of four or more courses for one student qualifies for a 10% discount on the tuition balance, after the 20% deposit.
  • There are no additional fees (consulting, diploma, etc.). 
  • Books and other required materials are not included in the tuition fee. Logos Online School does not sell these materials (with the exception of the English 1 and English 2 textbook which is out-of-print).

Registration & Payment Plans: Upon registration, Logos Online will create a financial agreement in ClassReach which itemizes the tuition balance after deposits. Families will electronically sign their financial agreements within ClassReach and be able to set up their own monthly payment plans. The first payment will be due in June and the final payment in May.  

  • Families who register after June 1 will be invoiced immediately for the months that have transpired at the time of registration. For example, if a student registers on August 25, the family will pay the 20% deposit and the monthly payments for June, July, and August. They will then continue with the monthly payment plan for the tuition balance. 
  • Families desiring to pay in full may do so at any time after their ClassReach account is set up. 

Withdrawals: Logos Online School retains and hires the best available teachers for your students. We contract our teachers for the entire school year based on registrations and deposits, so our withdrawal policy reflects this commitment. As previously noted, the 20% tuition deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable in all situations.

  •         Students withdrawing before June 15:
      • If tuition has been paid in full, a refund for the tuition paid (excluding the 20% deposit) will be issued.
      • If the family is on a monthly payment plan, any tuition paid before June 15 (excluding the 20% deposit) will be refunded. The obligation to pay the tuition balance for the year will be forgiven.
  •         Students withdrawing after June 15 through the first two weeks of classes:
      • If tuition has been paid in full: After June 15 - Receive a 90% refund of tuition paid (less the 20% deposit); After July 15 - Receive an 80% refund of tuition paid (less the 20% deposit); After August 15 - Receive a 70% refund of tuition paid (less the 20% deposit)
      • If the family is on a monthly or quarterly payment plan and withdraws between June 15th and the first two weeks of school, no refunds of tuition will be given, but the obligation to pay the tuition balance for the year will be forgiven.
  •         Students withdrawing after the first two weeks of classes:
      • If tuition has been paid in full, no refunds will be given for tuition paid, but we will provide a prorated tuition credit for the next school year, which may be applied to any member of a student's immediate family. 
      • If the family is on a payment plan, no refunds will be given for tuition already paid, and the obligation to pay the tuition balance for the year will continue. However, the tuition balance paid after withdrawal (not the 20% deposit) may be used as a tuition credit for the next school year for any member of a student's immediate family. 

    Academic Standards & Expectations

    Attendance and Make-Ups: Students enrolled with LOS are expected to be able to attend classes on all the weekdays noted in the course description. Teachers post recordings of classes, which absent students should view in a timely manner. The student is responsible for obtaining notes or assignments from the missed class.

    Writing Quality: It is assumed that the students will have sufficient mastery of writing skills, including grammar, vocabulary, and expression commensurate with their grade level.

    Computer Skills: The student must be reasonably able to type on a computer keyboard.

    Due Dates: All assignments are due in the manner prescribed by the teacher, Pacific Standard Time.

    Grade Reports: Students and parents should access grades and graded assignments via ClassReach, the Logos Online School student management system. Final grade reports are also accessible via ClassReach one week  following the end of each semester. 

    Cheating or Plagiarism: For issues involving cheating or plagiarism, the primary goals of the parents, teachers and administrators should be confession, repentance, reconciliation, and restoration, as they guide the students to take responsibility for their actions. 

    Honor Roll: Logos Online School recognizes outstanding student scholarships for full-time, Diploma Track students each school year:

    • All A’s = A Honor Roll -- Graduates who achieve the A Honor Roll each year of their high school career with Logos Online School (grades 9-12) may wear the gold honor cord at the LOS graduation ceremony. 
    • All A’s & B’s = A/B Honor Roll -- Graduates who achieve the A/B Honor Roll (or a combination of A and A/B Honor roll) during grades 9-12 with Logos Online School may wear a silver honor cord.
    • Transcripts for students transferring into LOS during high school will be evaluated case-by-case to determine if they qualify for either honor roll.

    Students With Learning Challenges: While we do not create or follow Individual Education Plans (IEPs) at Logos Online School, many students with special learning needs join us and experience success. We approach these situations by ensuring the parent knows it is THEIR responsibility to manage their student’s special needs (this is different from the government schools' approach). We do expect all LOS students to do the required work. Teachers are allowed to be flexible with their deadlines for homework and projects. Teachers are NOT expected to provide different tests/quizzes or apply a different grading scale for special needs students. The key to success for students with learning challenges is that parent/teacher communication happens “early and often.”

    Classroom Policies

    • Biblical behavior standards will be followed at all times.
    • Students are required to have their video cameras on during the scheduled class. Students are participating in a community activity and must engage both visually and audibly.
    • The student’s “presentation” should not distract the student or his neighbor but promote a scholarly atmosphere. This includes the student’s demeanor, posture, personal attire, hair and makeup, and the background of their video feed. 
    • Classroom links should not be shared without explicit, documented permission.
    • Talking (including instant messaging & chatbox) will not be permitted during class except for the following: When the teacher asks for a response; When it can be inferred that the teacher permits it; When it is germane to the topic being discussed in class.
    • Background music is not permitted and external noise should be minimized.

        System Requirements

        Logos Online School uses Zoom as our video-conferencing platform. Please reference THIS Zoom support site for system and internet requirements. 

        You will also need:

        • Webcam
        • Microphone -- Most computers have built-in microphones and speakers, but some students find the audio quality is better with a headset.

        Please note that smartphones should only be used to attend class meetings in exceptional situations. Laptops and desktops are expected to be the norm.