Core Classes, Grades 9-12

Parents who want their students to take LOS classes a la carte may simply select from the options below. Students taking four or more classes (what we consider full-time or "diploma-track") automatically receive a 10% discount on tuition even if the classes are purchased outside of the "bundle" (calculated when invoiced for the balance of tuition).

Use the MASTER SPREADSHEET to help you chart your classes. It is updated daily so you can see what classes are available and when. (NB: the spreadsheet is not available after the school year has begun). Go to this page for the High School Diploma Tracks.

Orientation Day: Aug. 29, 2024 (the Thursday before classes begin)
First Day of Class:  Sept. 3, 2024 (the Tuesday after Labor Day)

All classes meet four days each week (Monday thru Thursday) for 50 minutes each day (unless stated otherwise).
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