Common questions about online education:

  • "Will my student get to interact with other students?"
  • "Will my diploma be recognized by anyone once I graduate?"

These are great questions. In answer to the first question, our class format is very interactive, as you can see in our sample classes. Students often form fast friendships through their discussions and interactions in class. We also invite and encourage students to interact outside of class time using ClassReach, our school messaging and gradebook system. Parents are copied on all messages to and from students, so this is a great format for students to connect in a digital format with parental supervision. Each year, we also have the opportunity for all of our families to gather here in Moscow, Idaho for our Graduation ceremony and Year End Celebration, which is always a wonderful time of fellowship. 

Within ClassReach, we also are building a Regional Directory so that families who live nearby can organize gatherings independently throughout the year. The map below shows all the locations of families included in the Directory so far!

Regional Directory Map

In answer to the second question, our program is nationally accredited and recognized by the NCAA, so our transcripts and diploma can be (and has been) accepted by any kind of institution you might want to attend after high school. We are also actively creating relationships with like-minded institutions who know that classically educated, Christian students will be an asset to their programs. Check out our College Resource page for a list of colleges offering scholarship and dual credit opportunities especially for Logos Online School students.