What is Integrated Humanities? by Jake Litwin

As a teacher, I am often asked "What is Integrated Humanities?" It is not a common subject in schools today. Integrated Humanities incorporates history, literature, and theology together, studying a historical period, its influential writings, and the application of God's Word. Education today normally separates these three courses. However, the nature of Integrated Humanities is an all-encompassing course that unifies the study of these three subjects. We do not break them up into segments because we recognize Christ being in them all. Discussing topics in the classroom, writing thought-provoking essays, and reading primary texts pushes students to grow to understand historical events in the light of Scripture.

Christian communities, unfortunately, have bought into the idea that the Bible is in a separate category that doesn't have an answer to cultural issues happening today. On the contrary, Scripture does have something to say about all of history and all of literature. Jesus is Lord over it all. He is the sovereign King over everything created (Col. 1:16-17). His Word is sufficient and should never be compartmentalized into its own kingdom. There is no separation. The Word made flesh does have something to say. Therefore, the hope of integrating history, literature, and theology is to equip students to comprehend what has happened and is happening in our world biblically and become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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