2017 Graduation

We welcomed about 120 people: students, their parents and siblings, and teachers to Moscow to celebrate a good year gone by:


Logos Online School Class of 2017 

Colleges these students will be attending:
University of Idaho, Hillsdale College, New Saint Andrews College, Regent University, Grand Canyon University, U.S. Air Force

Others will be continuing careers they have already begun with internships. We are proud of you all and pray God will bless your future endeavors.
Selah Bartlett
Santa Cruz, CA

Olivia Berry
Stevensville, MD

Noah Davis
Phoenix, AZ

Elijah Debenedetto
Phoenix, AZ

Isaiah Debenedetto
Phoenix, AZ

Chase Drennan
Hayden, CO

Carson Fenimore
Ft. Mead, MD

Bethany Hakimian
Viola, ID

Sharon Hurley
Enterprise, OR

Leahi Johsens
Santa Cruz, CA

Jacob Stephens
Deary, ID

Joel Tollefson
Wallowa, OR

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