2020-21 Enrollment Dates

January 6-20: Re-enrollment for Current Families

  • Open to current students and any siblings enrolling for the first time
  • Additional 5% discount for Diploma Tracks, 5% discount for a la carte classes
    • $2,223 for Diploma Tracks
    • $617.50 per a la carte class

January 13-20: Pre-enrollment Referral Week

  • Current families can refer new families before open enrollment at pre-enrollment prices.
  • Current families receive an additional 5% tuition credit per Diploma Track family referred and $30 tuition credit per a la carte class the referred signs up for.
  • Instructions: current families may send new interested families our application link. Once approved, they will be able to access enrollment forms in ClassReach. We can also sign them up by phone: 1-833-775-4667


Registration opens for the general public on January 21.

Ongoing Referral Incentive for LOS Families:

LOS Families (new or previously enrolled) referring others will receive $30 tuition credit per class the referred signs up for. Just tell us who sent you and we'll add the credit to their account.

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