2020 Graduation

Congratulations to the Logos Online School Class of 2020! Due to COVID-19 we were sadly prevented from celebrating our graduates in person, but we're still able to celebrate our seniors' achievements from a distance. Now more than ever we are thankful for the technology that enables us to connect with so many over such great distances from our own homes.


We are cheering you on, Class of 2020. May you face the future with hope, determination, and courage, ready to put into practice all you have learned here with us at Logos Online School. Go Lions!



LOS Class of 2020

Seth Brown

Hannibal, MO

"Seth was born in Pennsylvania where his family started homeschooling, but moved to Georgia when he was 10. He joined Boy Scouts and earned up until the rank of First Class. He also started classes with Logos Online School here. It was here where he started to teach himself flintknapping, metal and woodcarving. When he was 16 his family moved to Hannibal, Missouri where he joined another Boy Scout Troop and earned the rank of Eagle Scout. He plans to attend Quincy University and study Environmental Biology."

Favorite book studied at LOS: The Red Badge of Courage


Shelby Chicoine

Corona, CA

"Shelby Chicoine was born and raised in Corona, California. She has been playing soccer since she was five years old, and plans to play in college. She also has a love for art and music of all types, including guitar and singing in her church choir. She joined Logos Online School her freshman year, and is proud to be a Logos graduate. Shelby plans to go to a local college where she will pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing."

Favorite in-class experience: "Definitely a debate I participated in this past school year! It was beneficial and fun!"

Favorite book studied at LOS: "The Divine Comedy was such an excellent text, and opened my eyes to a new world of literature."


Alycia Cole

Grain Valley, MO

"Through her school years Alycia has enjoyed being part of three theater productions, Color Guard, French Horn, sewing, art, and running TTRPGs. Alycia served her community as a helper in her church's children's ministry, for which she was the puppet team captain. Logos has nurtured in Alycia a love for teaching others. She will be attending Northwest Missouri State University as a High School Education major."

Favorite in-class experience: "My favorite experiences were Mondays in Latin class playing pictionary to learn vocab."

Favorite book studied at LOS: The Space Trilogy by C.S. Lewis


Jazmine Froesse

Seminole, TX

"Jazmine Froesse was born and raised in the small town of Seminole, Texas. She first learned the magic of reading in kindergarten and no one has been able to get her nose out of a book since then. Jazmine started LOS her freshman year of high school. Not having a classical background proved to be a struggle her first year, but once she got the hang of what was expected of her, she quickly developed the disciplines necessary to achieve success. From trudging through Algebra to lively theological debates in Integrated Humanities classes, Jazmine has developed a solid foundation of skills needed for her future years of education. She has gained confidence and knowledge that will further prepare her for life. Alongside the hard subjects to learn, she also grew in her love for Latin. Her favorite part was translating Latin stories into English. During her four years at LOS Jazmine developed great friendships with people from around the world, friendships that will last well past the high school years. She thanks her parents for sending her to LOS and expresses heartfelt gratitude to each teacher that helped her make it to graduation. Most importantly, she is thankful to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for salvation and the gift of learning from the Greatest Teacher of all time."

Favorite in-class experience: "Deep theological conversations in Integrated Humanities"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott


Lilly Gorski

Pittsburgh, PA


Rachel Kim

Laurel, MD

"My father is in the army, so my family has moved quite a bit. Fortunately, in our three years of being stationed in Korea, I was able to pick up a second degree black belt in tae-kwon-do and hap-kido, and also got the chance to preform in a demo team. Being taught Korean, Spanish, Latin, and Ancient Greek, I have learned that languages are fascinating and aspire to learn more in the future as a hobby. I have volunteered at AWANA for 1st grade girls, which I found to be both nerve-wracking, but it ended up being surprisingly delightful. My favorite interests consist of painting landscapes and baking challenging desserts for friends and family. I will be pursuing a Bachelor of Science at UMBC and hopefully will be able to become a doctor one day."

Favorite in-class experience: "When Mr. Kwong sang Christmas hymns to the class days before Christmas break."

Favorite book studied at LOS: The Illiad


Sophia King

Zionsville, IN

"Sophia is 18 years old and was raised in Zionsville, Indiana. She began taking Latin at Logos Online her sophomore year of high school. Her junior year she started full-time at Logos. In the fall she will be attending Taylor University to study biology pre-med. Sophia received the Community Scholarship and the Presidential Academic Scholarship. She plans to continue on to medical school in hopes of becoming a surgeon. Sophia has a passion for serving others and for travel. She has served multiple mission trips in Haiti as well as travelled to Italy with her church to study the history of the church. She is grateful for the education she received in high school, and looks forward to using it in the future."

Favorite in-class experience: "My favorite in-class experience was playing Latin Pictionary in Mrs. Trotter's class!"

Favorite book studied at LOS: C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy and Dante's Divine Comedy"


Seth Prince

Surfside Beach, SC

"I started Logos my sophomore year and I haven't regretted it at all. The teachers are great and all classes promote debate and discussion which I love and enjoy. My hobbies include Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, competing, drawing, and lifting weights. I am also a local commercial actor and artist here on the coast. I hope to take a couple months off after school to select a major, then I plan on going to college and graduating at USC in Columbia, SC. One day I hope to own my own martial arts gym and become a black belt as well."

Favorite in-class experience: "Debating in Integrated Humanities with Mr. Smith"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Beyond Good and Evil


Charis Redfern

Corbett, OR

"Charis Redfern was raised in Corbett, Oregon. Before attending Logos she went to a private school for her elementary education, and then was homeschooled until her junior year. While at Logos Online, Charis started to excel in her academic studies. The teachers really helped her through some tough subjects and with their help she was able to succeed. In her free time Charis loves playing card games, board games, and really any game with her family and friends. One of her main passions is working with kids. For the past few years she has loved babysitting, working in Awana, and helping out with children's church. Her future plans include working towards her associates. She also plans on getting more involved with her church's children’s programs. Charis is grateful for the education she has received and is excited to see what the Lord has in store."

Favorite in-class experience: "My favorite would probably be doing the debates and playing jeopardy in Integrated Humanities IV"

Favorite book studied at LOS: John Adams by David McCullough


Phoebe Redfern

Corbett, OR

"Phoebe Redfern has lived in Oregon almost her entire life. After using several different curriculums, she joined Logos for her junior and senior year. Her favorite pastimes are hanging out with her amazing family and friends as well as practicing photography. During her two years attending Logos she has really been encouraged by all the teachers in her classes. Each teacher was always ready to help all their students grow and understand both educationally and spiritually. She is incredibly grateful that God placed them in her life. For the future Phoebe is not entirely sure what's next, but looks forward to what God has planned for the rest of her life."

Favorite in-class experience: "There were so many fun in-class experiences; I cannot pick one."

Favorite book studied at LOS: On the Incarnation by Saint Athanasius


Shelby Shuler

Zionsville, IN

"Shelby Shuler was born and raised in Indiana. She only attended Logos for her senior year. In high school, she played varsity lacrosse for three years for her school. Shelby also was in the national honors society, was a member of her 4H Club, and had a job throughout high school. Her passions include traveling, sports, and spending time with her friends. She will be attending Northern Arizona University in the fall, where she will be pursuing a major in social work."

Reid Sumner

Montgomery, TX

"Born in Austin and raised in Montgomery, Texas, my parents instilled diversity into my education early on. After a year of public schooling I began my homeschool journey. In the coming years I would obtain my black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do, compete in debate, participate in volunteer organizations, run track and cross country, and play both football and basketball. However, with my family trying out numerous co-ops and curriculums each year there was little academic stability, and my ADHD made growth difficult in a setting without clear structure. This came to an end when I found Logos. On the diploma track I found both challenging and enjoyable classes, with the structure to keep my ADHD diagnosis in check. What made the education perfect for me was the critical thinking of the classes along with the knowledge, kindness, and wisdom of the teachers. After a high school experience filled with much personal growth, I will now excitedly be taking my first steps out into the world at Texas A&M University. I will have the opportunity to study Political Science and Economics as an undergraduate, while staying near my loving family.

It amazes me where we stand today, compared to eighteen years ago at the time of my birth. The world seems more turbulent than ever, yet hopeful as always. After college I intend to pursue a career in public policy. Contradictory as it may sound, my goal in entering a messy field, and in life, is to show as many people Christ’s love as possible."

Favorite in-class experience: "I was so excited about doing a debate conclusion I accidentally said to vote for the other team."

Favorite book studied at LOS: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


Lucy Wood

Eagle, ID

"I have been homeschooled my whole life, with starting online school in 6th grade, and then joining Logos Online School my sophomore year. I have played softball for the past 9 years. My whole life I have been swimming competitively and the past two years I have swam for Centennial High School. I have made it to State Championships two years in a row and helped my team place 2nd in the whole state last year! My future plans are to attend the College of Western Idaho for two years with plans on transferring to University of Idaho to study Criminal Justice and Psychology."


Calvin Drennan

Hayden, CO

"I really enjoyed Logos for high school. It was fun getting to know other students from all around the world. I'm not sure what I want to do next, probably start some online college classes and work. I love fixing things and I think that could possibly be a good job for me. I really enjoyed Logos for high school. It was fun getting to know other students from all around the world. I'm not sure what I want to do next, probably start some online college classes and work. I love fixing things and I think that could possibly be a good job for me."

Favorite in-class experience: "My humanities classes had a lot of tricky questions and it was fun to work them out."

Favorite book studied at LOS: "Beowulf  was really good but I still love The Lord of the Rings series."



Our graduates were accepted into these colleges:

Appalachian State

Arizona State

Ball State

Boise State University

College of Western Idaho

Grand Canyon University

Indiana University

Northern Arizona University

Northwest Missouri State University

Northwest Nazarene University

Quincy University

Taylor University

Texas A&M University

Texas Tech University

University of Idaho

University of Maryland-Baltimore County

University of Kentucky

University of Tennessee

University of Texas at Austin


 Commencement Speech

Dr. Stephenson, LOS superintendent, gives a charge to the Class of 2020 from his home office.  

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