Class of 2021


LOS Class of 2021


Abigail Alexander

Fort Worth, TX

"I was born in Kentucky but, after eleven moves, I now live in Fort Worth, Texas. I was homeschooled through fourth grade and after being a part of three wonderful classical christian schools, joined Logos for my senior year. Acting is my passion and I have greatly enjoyed playing roles in different plays over the years and being an intern for the Livermore Shakespeare Festival.  A few of my favourite plays were Robin Hood, The Taming of the Shrew, and A Midsummer Nights Dream. I have run in both track and cross country and sang alto both in choir and the Ladies Sacred Ensemble group. I find my greatest pleasure, however, in spending time and going on crazy adventures with my amazing family. At present, I am indulging my love of literature as a bookseller at Barnes and Noble. This fall I will be attending New Saint Andrews College to study liberal arts. I hope to be a middle school teacher in a classical christian school after college to give to others the same incredible education I was blessed with."

Favorite in-class experience: "Reading Hamlet out loud in humanities class"

Favorite book studied at LOS: That Hideous Strength by C. S. Lewis


Hope Belschner

Moscow, ID

"I started at the Logos brick-and-mortar school when I was in first grade. During my time at Logos, I participated in track, volleyball, Varsity basketball, drama, and dance. In tenth grade, I began homeschooling as I was teaching more Irish dance classes and wanted the flexibility to continue my competitive dance career. For my final years of high school I took classes at both White Horse Hall and Logos Online School. I have learned so much from and been greatly blessed by all of my teachers over the years. Moving forward, I'll be attending New Saint Andrews College while continuing to teach and compete in Irish dance."

Favorite in-class experience: "Pictionary with the Trotters and all sorts of 'on-topic' antics in Mr. Rauch's class"


Hartwell Brann

Enterprise, OR

"I grew up in Wallowa County, Oregon, with the Wallowa mountains close by. Outside of schooling, I work in construction for my dad over the summer months.My family gave me a love for the outdoors, and when I'm not working, I'm hiking. I have enjoyed hiking since I was thirteen, and have done many overnight trips up to the high lakes with friends and family. I have also done cross country, and track. I enjoy playing a little bass, and learning about computers, and building, and during the weekends in the winter months love to snowboard."

Favorite in-class experience: "Just good conversation with classmates in Humanities and Senior Thesis. The class and teachers are so lively and have a lot of good things to say that may spark debate or may make a few laughs, which makes classes really enjoyable."

Favorite book studied at LOS: "Probably The Great Divorce. Lewis's imagery in this work is beautiful, especially when he illustrates one coming to Christ."


Ginelle Brooks

Tehachapi, CA

"Ginelle is a young girl who has been born and raised in a little town named Tehachapi and it is located in California. She has earned multiple gold and silver medals for speech meets, earned Magna and Summa Cum Laude throughout her years of high school, and even was recognized in the National Honor Society. She also placed 2nd in an Americanism Essay Contest for her district. Ginelle has a serving heart and has countless hours in community service for her past school, church, and community around her. Ginelle enjoys drawing, singing, gaming, and spending time with friends and family. She has a passion for digital art, concept art and American Sign Language. She one day hopes, through the help of God, that she can become a professional digital artist doing concept art for movies or games. For future plans, her number one priority is to expand the Kingdom of God and let Him lead her life. But when it comes to a career, she hopes to become a digital artist and a concept artist. If that fails, then she would like to aid others with American Sign Language and become a professional translator."

Favorite in-class experience: "Having discussions about worldviews and events in Mr. Litwin's class"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Lamentations and Ezekiel


Monika Camino

Moscow, ID

"I was born in the Dominican Republic, but my entire life has consisted of moving and going to different schools. I spent my early school years being a gymnast, attending spelling bees, and playing soccer until I started high school. 

I first started Logos in my senior year, which has been an enormous blessing. Before coming to Logos, I didn't enjoy reading, but I can confidently say that this has changed. The way Logos teaches and encourages its students to grow spiritually and in knowledge will forever leave me speechless. The teachers have been nothing but the very best. They continue to uplift me, and I know they are always here to give me a helping hand. I am so grateful I found this community. This year has been challenging, but I am glad I had this experience before I graduated. I enjoyed every class, even the challenging ones, but my favorite has to be Apologetics. I will be attending Warner University this fall to pursue early childhood education."

Favorite in-class experience: "Debates during Apologetics class"

Favorite book studied at LOS: The Space Trilogy and Against All Opposition


Valerie Chavez

Battle Ground, WA

"Born in Vancouver Washington, Valerie spent most of her educational career exploring different hobbies, curriculums, and co-ops. After five years of at home schooling, six years of unsuccessful violin, seven years of Classical Conversations, two years of competitive NCFCA debate, and two years of math tournaments, she switched over to Logos to finish her senior year. Through the years she has enjoyed weightlifting, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, singing, modeling, photography, tutoring in writing, and ultimate frisbee. She loves spending her time writing poetry, sitting in coffee shops with a good breve, taking pictures of her friends, going on long drives while listening to Tyler the Creator, buying plants, eating, and making good food, singing, messing around with the guitar, and finding exemplary tunes. Post-graduation Valerie plans on getting a pitbull, becoming a whiskey and red wine connoisseur, and going into the workforce to enter the trade of bookkeeping."

Favorite in-class experience: "Making connections with literature, current events, and scripture in Integrated Humanities III and Rhetoric"

Favorite book studied at LOS: City of God, Consolation Philosophy, and An Introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas


Graham Ehnis

Mason, MI

"Graham Ehnis is from Mason, Michigan. He lives with his mom and dad and has four brothers and five sisters. He likes playing volleyball with friends and working on cars. He’s worked at Chick-Fil-A for the last four years. He’s planning on taking a gap year and working full time. He’s hoping to go into engineering in the future."

Favorite in-class experience: "My Integrated Humanities classes"


Benjamin Hakimian

Moscow, ID

"Benjamin Hakimian was born in Moscow, Idaho and spent his childhood exploring the woods outside. He enjoys working with his hands and plans to learn various trades like metalworking, welding, and woodworking. There have been semi successful attempts at making a wooden mug, but they tend to leak."

Favorite in-class experience: "The debates I got to have over the semesters"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Screwtape Letters


Gus Kaiyala

Windham, CT

"I transferred to Logos Online 3 years ago and it was a good decision. I’ll be out this year but hope to take what I have learned here to the next steps. 'You know what they say.'"

Favorite in-class experience: Conversations in Economics and Government

Favorite book studied at LOS: Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Courts


Gunnar Kruse


"I was born and raised in the great Northwest state of Oregon, accomplishing 7 years of private school and 6 years of homeschool, all in the same city. However, one month before graduating, I moved to Oklahoma where I finished off my last 30 days of K-12 education.

I have been a part of Logos for 3 years and have enjoyed it immensely. It was definitely one of my favorite educational experiences and I loved having the ability to communicate with teachers and fellow classmates. The school has really helped me to ask questions and dig deeper into all areas of life.

If you were to ask me today what's next on my agenda for careers or college, there will be an awkward moment of silence while I try to formulate an answer. My future is yet to be determined. I don’t have any current plans for college, nor do I know what the Lord wants for my life in the work field. So many areas interest me.

Lately, I spend my free time playing guitar, watching good movies, and being outside and active. My hobbies vary greatly. Everything from juggling to performing some weird or cool stunt is on my to-do list."

Favorite in-class experience: “Listening to Mr. Litwin re-explain, dissect, and translate Shakespeare"

Favorite book studied at LOS: A Tale of Two Cities and Frankenstein


Austin Landry

Broussard, LA

I have played piano for 11 years now and also participated in all aspects of theater: lighting, sound, set design, and acting. I was in Key Club for two years as well as interning at "The Bayou" for lighting design and hospitality operations. While taking on senior year I also worked two jobs."

Favorite in-class experience: "When Mr. Smith's beard randomly disappeared one morning"

Favorite book studied at LOS: 1984


Michael Martello

Beaufort, SC

"I enjoyed my high school career here at Logos! The teachers really helped me engage with learning and understanding topics quite  thoroughly!! When I graduate, I will be throwing for Coastal Carolina University. I received a full ride scholarship for Coastal's Track and Field program. After college, I plan to get into Dental School and to become a Dentist like my Dad. I appreciate the friendships that I was able to form with the students and faculty. I wish everyone a happy and successful future and follow God's plan."

Favorite in-class experience: "My favorite in-class experience was debating and learning about interesting topics in Humanities."

Favorite book studied at LOS: My favorite book I studied at Logos was Charlemagne!


Anna McKenney

Atlanta, GA

"The only award I remember, was when I was in elementary school and I got the "Risk-Taker" award. My interests are in languages and writing scripts. My future plans are still undetermined, but I know to not worry, for God is in control. I hope to travel the world, become a linguist, and spread the love of Christ to everyone."

Favorite in-class experience: "Advanced Math, Spanish II, and III"

Favorite book studied at LOS: That All Quiet on the Western Front and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


Kyran Mutart

Moscow, ID

"I started Logos Online School my freshman year; and haven’t regretted it. The classes promote great Christian conversation and reasoning. I enjoy weightlifting, playing football, wrestling, and rugby. I am a 3x state qualifier for wrestling, as well as a 5th place state placer here in Idaho. I have been accepted to Presentation College in Aberdeen, South Dakota on a football scholarship where I plan to major in Physical Therapy to eventually become a high school football coach. I would like to leave Logos with a quote of inspiration to current students as well as the incoming ones. “When a teacher called on me. Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t know where it’s going. I just hope to find it along the way.”- Kyran Mutart

Favorite in-class experience: "Biology presentations"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Animal Farm


Ruth Owens

Ronks, PA

"From pre-k through fifth grade, I was homeschooled. We moved as I was going into sixth grade, and I went to a classical, Christian school for sixth through eighth grade. I stopped attending that school and have done Logos Online through all my high school years."

Favorite book studied at LOS: A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain


Grace Patz

Swartz Creek, MI

"Grace Patz was born in Minnesota and currently resides in Michigan. She has been homeschooled her entire life and has attended Logos throughout high school. Grace loves to read and write, and enjoys studying theology, literature, and foreign languages. She has participated in the NCEE and and the NLE exams with high scores on several occasions. In her pastime, she reads C. S. Lewis and P. G. Wodehouse among others, and backpacks in the beautiful backwoods of the Northern Peninsula. She also likes to run, fish, and garden. 

Grace plans to attend Bethlehem College in Minnesota this fall to possibly teach high school classical education and write novels.

Grace has always had a passion for classical education, and is grateful for her parents' provision through Logos Online!"

Favorite in-class experience: "Class discussions with Mr. Smith in Humanities and Senior Thesis"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Killer Angels


Caleb Peterson

Barron, WI

"Caleb has been a Wisconsinite for 16 of his 18 years, and began his schooling with a phonics book and his mother; both of which he became very familiar with over the next 10 years, as he was homeschooled. He started with Logos in his 8th grade year and having had online experience with Memoria Press Online Academy, Veritas Press, HSLDA, and Logos Online School, he can honestly say that Logos is his home. Throughout his years of grade school, he has been active at church and in 4-H, working many outdoor jobs, playing hockey, 3D printing, woodworking, and serving in multiple Logos clubs.

Caleb is proud to graduate from Logos. He has been awarded the Herb Kohl Student Excellence Scholarship and LeTourneau's Presidential Scholarship. However, he plans to use the skills he's learned at Logos to study Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at the United States Military Academy, eventually starting his own company and becoming a defense contractor."

Favorite in-class experience: "Art Analysis with Mr. Postma and Mr. Smith"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer or A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court


Elijah Polge

Stuart, FL

"I've been homeschooled almost my entire life and left Classical Conversations as I happened to leave the United States. My dad decided that this school would be the best way to get a classical christian education. Here in Ecuador, I find myself being able to help in the local community where I discovered my passion in medicine. I'm excited to go out and preach the gospel and see where the Lord takes me with my new knowledge."


Jacob Rages

St. Louis, MO

"I attended Providence Classical Christian Academy for 11 years before switching to Logos for my final two years of high school. I played basketball for Providence and also played baseball for the St. Louis Homeschool Patriots. I intend to begin studying for a career in finance, first attending St. Louis Community College, and then hopefully the University of Missouri St. Louis."

Favorite in-class experience: "Learning about the different economic principles that govern modern day America"

Favorite book studied at LOS: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain


Arris Robinson

Garland, TX

"My time at LOS though short, was short and sweet. Certainly filled with its ups and downs, but overall it was incredibly helpful. My senior year was probably one of the hardest school years I've ever had to go through, and part of that was self inflicted. I doubled up and did EMT school and second semester of senior year. 

I'm currently working to become a Firefighter in Fort Worth, TX. My aspirations are to become the future Fire Chief of FTW. I plan on getting a Bachelor's in Emergency Management, and then getting two masters degrees in Public Management and Homeland Security. 

Attending LOS was one of the best decisions my parents made. It's been a huge encouragement especially with regards to the high quality teachers that I had the opportunity to learn under. I look forward to what's to come, it'll be challenging but the Lord will provide as He has always done. What a time to be alive."

Favorite in-class experience: "Economics with Mr. Smith"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Phantastes


Aislynn Urban

Post Falls, ID

"I grew up in south Georgia, where I enjoyed swimming in the pool in our backyard. We were very active in our church, and I took pleasure in singing in our church choir. When I was seventh grade, my dad took a job in northern Idaho where my family was introduced to LOS. Ever since third grade, I was homeschooled. My Logos Online School journey began in 2018 when I started taking math. In the summer of 2019, I attended the Called Conference in Moscow, Idaho, where I had the opportunity to meet some other Logos Online students. This year, my parents and I decided to go full time with Logos, and it was a terrific decision.  I am so happy we made that choice. 

For the past three years, I have participated in the Movies and Music club and this year I was given the opportunity to be the President. With the advent of the start of the Debate club, I eagerly jumped at the chance to hone my rhetoric skills.

While I am excited to start this new chapter in my life, I am going to miss Mrs. Hedderly’s math thought Thursdays, the deep theological discussions with Mr. Litwin in Integrated Humanities, all the fun presentations in Advanced Biology, and Mr. Spratt dressing up as a random character and having us do a Socratic dialogue with that character. I am going to miss the Movies and Music club and having the opportunity to celebrate Mr. Rauch’s birthday in the club. 

Dance was an important part of my high school career. My favorite class was Musical Theater. I loved learning new choreography that we would perform for our recital. 

Some of my other interests include listening to a wide variety of music, watching movies with my sisters, drinking coffee, and texting my friends. 

I plan to start at New Saint Andrews College in the Fall."

Favorite in-class experience: "In Rhetoric, we were given a word and had to talk off-the-cuff about that word"

Favorite book studied at LOS: The Divine Comedy and Othello


John Whitacre II

Pewee Valley, KY

"I was born in the Washington, DC area and lived there until I was about nine, when my family relocated to Louisville, Kentucky. In seventh grade I took a variety of classes through four different local and online schools, including Logos Online. Thankfully, God led my parents to enroll me full-time in Logos the following year, and I was blessed to attend throughout all four years of high school! With rigorous but fascinating classes, Logos Online forced me to work much harder than I had anticipated, particularly in my sophomore year. More importantly, however, it taught me to work with joyfulness and thanksgiving as well as diligence. 

One my favorite Logos experiences was serving as president of the school Movies and Music Club in my junior year, with Mark Rauch as the sponsor. We had a fantastic group of around twenty students who made the club an enjoyable and instructive experience. During my high school years I have also enjoyed serving in my church, playing soccer and classical guitar, watching baseball games, and trading P.G. Wodehouse quotes with my family. Lord willing, I plan to move to Moscow, Idaho this fall in order to attend New Saint Andrews College!"

Favorite in-class experience: "Engaging in fiery debates with classmates in Humanities"

Favorite book studied at LOS: The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis


Kayla Cancel

Brooklyn, NY


Lyric Ingram

Snohomish, WA


Luke Kim

Laurel, MD


Rachel Leonard

Coolidge, AZ


Iris McKenney

Atlanta, GA


Wiley Rice

West Suffield, CT


Janine Winter

Guelph, Ontario, CA



Our graduates were accepted to these colleges: 

Bethlehem College and Seminary
Boise State University
Charleston Southern
Coastal Carolina University
College of Charleston
Collin College
Georgia Southern
LeTourneau Christian Polytechnic University
New College Franklin
New Saint Andrews
Oregon State University
Pacific University
South Carolina University
The Citadel South Dakota State
Trinity International University
United States Military Academy
University of Idaho
University of Missouri St. Louis
University of North Georgia
University of Texas
University of Washington
Warner University
Washington State University


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