Class of 2022

Ryan Andrews

Port Angeles, WA

"I am 16 and I was born and raised in Sequim, Washington. I went to a private Christian school from kindergarten to the second grade, then I started homeschooling with my mom. At 10, I was accepted into LOS' 7th grade. In addition to school, I have had a multitude of hobbies, including archery, music, knife-making, and photography. I have also earned my black belt in karate (Hakutsuru White Crane). When I was 5 my karate teachers suggested I try ballet to improve my flexibility and coordination. We found a local school that offered free ballet lessons for boys. After my first class, I was hooked. I later changed to a formal ballet school that focused on classical technique. I have been dancing for 11 years. I have performed in productions such as The Nutcracker (annually), Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Don Quixote, and several contemporary dance projects, earning multiple awards and scholarships. This January, I competed in my first Youth America Grand Prix competition and was offered a scholarship to Colorado Ballet Academy's pre-professional program, one of the top ballet schools in the United States. I will be moving to Denver in August to begin my training there.

After typically being the only boy in my schools, I am excited to attend CBA to be able to learn and compete against other male dancers."

Favorite in-class experience: "My favorite in-class experience was review Jeopardy with Mr. Litwin."

Favorite book studied at LOS: "My favorite book studied at LOS would probably be Mythology by Edith Hamilton."


Azure Booth

Kennewick, WA

"I was born and raised in Kennewick, Washington with my five younger siblings. I was homeschooled up until seventh grade and did Logos Online School for the remaining five years. I have enjoyed my five years at Logos Online School, learning so much about my faith in the connections it has to every subject studied. I have held a job at Frost Me Sweet Bakery and Bistro and worked as a middle school math tutor the last two years of high school. My free time consists of reading Edgar Allen Poe, crocheting, baking, playing video games with my family, listening to music, and taking long walks. I plan on getting my Liberal Arts degree through New Saint Andrews college and then making my way toward a degree in business administration."

Favorite in-class experience: "I enjoyed going through certain cults in my apologetics class."

Favorite book studied at LOS: Pride and Prejudice and The Pit and the Pendulum. 


Rheagan Bos

Atkinson, IL

"I spent the first two years of my high school experience in public schooling. My junior year, my parents decided it was best for me and my siblings to move over to Logos Online. I struggled with the switch and I missed my people. Now, looking back on these past two years of trial and tribulation, I wouldn’t change it. I have seen so much growth in my worldview, my mindset, and most of all, my work ethic. I’ve been set up to take on the world for what it really is. I have been accurately set up for life out of high school. After graduation, I plan on attending Capri College here around home, in Davenport, Iowa. I am going to school to become an aesthetician. Aestheticians work on skin care, and overall facial maintenance." 

Favorite in-class experience: "I enjoy the relationships built and watching my classmates grow as we endure the school year."

Favorite book studied at LOS: Weapons and Tactics written by Jim Wilson


Andrew Carver

Andrews, NC

"Andrew Carver was born in Canton, GA and spent most of his life there until he moved to Andrews, NC in April 2017. Andrew started taking Logos his freshmen year with his brother Christian and loved everything about it. He is incredibly grateful for all of his teachers and classmates and has learned a lot in those four years. Everyone was extremely uplifting and encouraging and the teachers were very clearly strong believers. Outside of school, Andrew has always had a passion for art since he was young. He started drawing when he was 5, and in his middle school years found a love for graphic design and photography. He will be attending Bob Jones University in the fall where he will, Lord willing, major in Graphic design and possibly minor in Photography."

Favorite book studied at LOS: Tom Sawyer


Christian Carver

Andrews, NC

"My name is Christian Carver, and I was born in Georgia, but five years ago moved up to the mountains of North Carolina. Throughout my four years at Logos, I have enjoyed living on a farm and taking care of the many animals we have. Some of my favorite animals that we have are my goats. I love the outdoors and all the animals that come with it. One of my favorite things to do is learn fascinating facts about the animals the Lord made. Aside from my love of animals, I love chess and was grateful to be able to start the Chess Club at Logos. I have enjoyed watching people from many age groups come to the Chess Club and learn more about the intellectual sport the Lord has given us. I also want to thank Mr. Kwong for helping me every step of the way when I was looking into starting the club. It was a joy to know that one of my favorite science teachers enjoyed the game of chess as much as I did. As I head off to Bob Jones, where I will be attending college, I can't help but look back and thank the Lord for all the friends and great teachers He has given me throughout my high school years. To all the teachers, thank you all so much for everything you have done. I can tell you firsthand that your love for Christ integrated into your specific areas impacts your students. To all my friends, thank you all so much for dealing with me these high school years; I am grateful to have met each and everyone one of you. Remember to look to the Lord in all things and lean on Him when times get rough. Thank you all so much for how you have impacted me. God Bless!"

Favorite in-class experience: "My favorite in-class experience was the debate in Molly Goode's class about whether Frog and Toad or Dr. Seuss' books are better." 


Favorite book studied at LOS: Perelandra


Sarah Cessnun

Gatesville, TX

"Though I was born in the good ole' state of Texas, I never stayed still for too long. Most of my educating career was spent working, learning, loving, and serving in Africa, and trying to scrub the red dirt out of my feet. I've been homeschooled since 1st grade, and technically I can call my family a co-op, just because I have almost a sibling for every grade. I joined Logos in 8th grade and don't regret it! I have learned so much and loved every class, from humanities to math (Saxon is all right most of the time :)).

Through the years, I've loved traveling and going on adventures with my family, making music, writing, reading, cooking, and laughing with my friends and family. 

Growing up surrounded by children (my siblings and ones that somehow ended up at my house) and working in the medical mission field gave me a heart to continue being surrounded by children and working in the medical mission field. Other post-graduation plans include attending Texas A&M University and continuing to be immersed in books, music, and the laughter of friends and family. 

To Narnia and the North!"

Favorite in-class experience: "Math Thought Thursdays and when my class answered Mr. Smith’s question about movies - he’ll never ask again"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Othello and That Hideous Strength (or any Lewis book)


Layla Cross

Granbury, TX


"Up until eighth grade, I had attended public school. But it was then that I began to notice the toxicity within the school, and how the environment I was placed in was not one I necessarily thrived inside. I approached my mom about joining a different school, and it was then that we found Grace Classical. Though small, we saw great potential in the education. It seemed like an ideal escape and it fit me well, until I realized that for my senior year, I wanted to finish things off at home. Through Logos, I've gotten to absorb rich teachings and read classic books that pushed my realms of thinking. This has all been done in the comfort of my own home, as I get to enjoy this last chapter of my life with my loved ones. Logos has given me the perfect set-up to conclude my senior year. I am forever grateful that I have gotten to attend this school! 

More about my personal interests during my high school career: I have been singing in my church's youth praise team and absolutely loving it! I also have gotten the privilege to sing in the main church service from time to time and that has also been a cool experience. I have been working at a Italian restaurant on my town square for about a year now, and that has been very rewarding. After this summer ends, I am going to attend Dallas Baptist University and am intending on pursuing a future career in psychology and maybe opening up my own practice one day! I am planning on trying out for their worship team, so I am for sure praying I'll make it!"

Favorite in-class experience: "Enhancing my writing skills in Mr. Spratt's class"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Paradise Lost


Jayden Gray

Hauula, HI

"I spent my 4th-7th grade years in Dayton, Ohio and my 8th-12th grade years in Oahu, Hawaii. I went to public school for majority of my life. I stopped attending public school after 11th grade and decided to do 2 more years of school at Logos. I enjoy surfing and spending time with my family. I have 1 little brother and 2 older sisters."

Favorite in-class experience: "When my group presented our business plans in apologetics"

Favorite book studied at LOS: The Best Things In Life by Peter Kreeft


Daniela Hyland

Bayville, NJ

"I was born in Columbus, Ohio and when I was 5 we moved back to New Jersey. I loved growing up by the ocean! Going to the beach and boardwalk is one of my favorite things to do. I have always been in a private school, but in the 6th grade I went to my first classical school. That changed my life; I wasn’t just memorizing information and spitting it back out, but learning and developing my own godly worldview. In that classical school, I achieved many awards for my academics and character. In 8th grade, I was the valedictorian and class president. There is also where I fell in love with music. I learned the clarinet in the 6th grade and started playing in a concert band. Then, in 10th grade, I started learning piano, and it wasn’t till 11th grade that I started developing and training my singing voice. Currently, I volunteer on my local youth group’s worship team, do lights and visuals at my local church, and work a part-time job at my local grocery store. I am looking forward to the fall and starting college, and, thanks to Logos, I feel more than ready for it!"

Favorite in-class experience: "My favorite in-class experience would have to be last year during my Fundamentals of Music class. For the annual All Hallow's Eve dress up day, Mr. Bohnet dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite. It was so funny, the whole class was dying laughing! Mr. Bohnet always knew how to make us laugh even though it was 6 AM for him every morning."

Favorite book studied at LOS: "My favorite book studied at LOS has to be The Divine Comedy"


Timothy Kamps

Robbinsville, NC

"Timothy Kamps grew up in Graham County, in the midst of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. He was homeschooled until his senior year, when he joined Logos, which was a capstone to his high school career. He is extremely grateful to his parents for allowing and paying for him to go to Logos and for their faithful teaching and instruction throughout his life. Timothy enjoys playing backyard football or baseball, landscaping with his dad, playing his fiddle, playing chess, or doing math. He plans to go to Bob Jones University in the fall for actuarial science, the science of managing risk."

Favorite in-class experience: "Various debates"

Favorite book studied at LOS: George Macdonald's Phantastes


Trevor King

Zionsville, IN

"When my sister Sophia and I joined Logos it was a great match, and I wouldn't change a thing. There is a definite learning curve with online school but overall, I think it fit me well. So far, I have learned to not only love learning, but reading as well. 

I am so thankful for Logos for so many reasons. First and foremost, I was able to pursue and obtain my private pilot's license while in high school. Logos, being a couple hours a day, opened up my schedule to pursue my dreams. After I obtained this, I was able to start my first business, Flight Of Faith. It is a Christian non-profit aimed at flying people with mental and physical disabilities for their joy ( This brings not only these people joy, but me as well.

As for future plans, I will be attending LIFT academy in Indianapolis, which is an accelerated flight training program, to pursue my dream of becoming a commercial pilot."

Favorite in-class experience: "The back and forth debating and discussions in both humanities and apologetics"

Favorite book studied at LOS: The Divine Comedy


Genevieve Kopach

Virginia Beach, VA

"My name is Genevieve Kopach, and I have attended Logos Online School since 9th grade. It’s been four years, and I still can’t believe that graduation day is already here. Being the oldest of four in a military family, I have moved around a lot, and finding this school has been a true blessing for me. I was born in Yokosuka, Japan, and have moved five times since then. I currently live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It’s honestly amazing to think about how far I have come since I first started my education here. I can say with absolute certainty that I have never grown more with my education and in my relationship in Christ than I have through Logos. In the last four years, I have read books that I never would have thought to pick up on my own, and discussed topics that helped me think deeper than I ever have had to in all my years of schooling. I want to thank all the wonderful and genuine teachers here, for how they have served Christ every day and how they have gone above and beyond to teach me and my fellow students. Most importantly, I want to thank my parents, for standing by me and helping me get to where I am now (and for putting up with my never-ending math homework that neither them nor I could understand). I know what I have learned here will help me in my future studies and with my walk in Christ."

Favorite in-class experience: "Mr. Rauch's fantastic and funny lessons and Mrs. Trotter's Pictionary"

Favorite book studied at LOS: "My favorite books were 1984 and Animal Farm by George Orwell."


Alyssa Lal

Tulare, CA

"Being a complete homeschool convert was not an easy task; I had to learn how to learn. Doing so required many hours of rereading, going over a particular lesson one more time, in addition to thinking critically about what the material was trying to address. Thankfully, between the combination of perseverance and the assistance of my teachers and my mom, the transition was made smooth and was well worth the temporary struggle. During my time homeschooling, I developed an appreciation for classical learning, hence why I will be attending a classical Christian college. 

Outside of the school atmosphere, I have had the privilege of being part of an equine drill team called Tulare County Cowgirls. I really enjoyed being part of that team for a season and getting to compete with other teams in and out of the state of California."

Favorite in-class experience: "Having theological or thought-provoking conversations after class"

Favorite book studied at LOS: "One of my favorite books studies at LOS would be Postmodern Times by Edward Veith."


Nathaniel Loftus

Tehachapi, CA

"I'm Nathaniel Loftus. I've been homeschooled most of my life. I was born in Yuma, Arizona, moved to Montana, back to Arizona, and now live in Tehachapi, CA. I've been in Civil Air Patrol for 4 years and was fortunate to have completed an academy that led to my being an Honor Guardsman. My passion is music and I enjoy playing guitar, drums, piano, and composing on my keyboard. I am actively working on composing a soundtrack to a video game I am developing. My future plans are unknown right now. My dream goal is to be successful in the music industry. After graduation, I plan on working full-time and continuing to follow my dream."

Favorite in-class experience: "Building a battery in 11th grade chemistry with Mr. Kwong"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Moby Dick


Alyssa Matangelo

Montgomery, TX

"Alyssa Matangelo was born in Pleasanton, California and has moved several places since, including a short time spent in Peru. She homeschooled for the first nine years of her education, doing joint history and Bible classes with her older sister, attending a weekly co-op put on by her family’s church in Spokane, Washington, and watching her three younger siblings join the homeschool process. After moving back to California, she and her siblings attended a brick-and-mortar classical Christian school for her freshman through junior years of high school. This gave her the opportunity to do cross-country, volleyball, and swim team, as well as art classes, high school choir, honor choir, and hands-on electives such as theater and improv. During junior high and high school, she entered and won the Daughters of the American Revolution essay contest and the RRC Summer Book Contest. Halfway through her junior year, she made the switch to Logos Online School, and she and her family moved to Texas shortly after in June 2021. At Logos, she has been part of the Newspaper Club and has enjoyed getting to know other students online. She has especially enjoyed learning about modern history, economics, and government during her time there. Alyssa has been accepted to New Saint Andrew’s College, where she will be attending this fall, and has received the New Saint Andrew’s Merit Scholarship. She is very thankful for her time spent at Logos, as well as each and every one of her teachers there who have taught her not just the class material, but also how to live in a Christ-like manner."

Favorite in-class experience: "Hilarious chat box comments, Mr. Smith's 'soap-box' commentaries, and IH discussions"

Favorite book studied at LOS: "Herbert for poetry, Don Quixote for humor, and John Adams by McCullough for history"


Ian McNeely

Wasilla, AK

"I was born In Jacksonville, Florida. When I was 3, I moved to southeast Idaho and spent 7 years there. Through all this, I was homeschooled. After some time in Idaho, my family moved to Alaska and found Classical Conversations. I did 3 years there and switched to full time LOS my sophomore year. In the years of high school, I competed twice in the Brain Bee, which is a neurology competition similar to Jeopardy. The second year I did this, I scored 3rd place. Recently, I've gained skill in boxing, hunted 8 miles back in the mountains for moose, learned to drive manual cars, and dropped ice cream out of an airplane for friends. As of now, I plan to attend New Saint Andrew's College and move back to Alaska afterward."

Favorite in-class experience: "Debating in general, especially when it comes to theology and current events. I'm not sure I can pick a singular favorite occurrence."

Favorite book studied at LOS: "I have a few I've enjoyed, but for the sake of simplicity, I'll choose Persuasions by Douglas Wilson."

Esther Mulder

Wellington, Western Cape, South Africa

"I’m from Western Cape, South Africa. I have been homeschooled most of my life. I have truly enjoyed my journey here at Logos Online. The teachers have all been a blessing in giving guidance and encouragement both in my education and spiritual life. After this summer, I would like to further my passion and interest in medicine and serve Christ through that pursuit."

Favorite in-class experience: "The advanced biology class with Mr. Kwong and physics with Mrs. Mutart"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Dante's Divine Comedy


Kegan Mutart

Moscow, ID

"I started at LOS my sophomore year, after doing a couple of years with Classical Conversations, and LOS has benefited my education ever since I started. It did seem weird at first, switching from an in-person type of schooling to LOS, but within the first year, I was comfortable. The teachers at LOS are so friendly and welcoming that it was easy to look past not being in-person with the other students. I enjoy rugby, weightlifting, golf, watching movies, hiking, and just hanging out with friends."

Favorite in-class experience: "Latin Pictionary with Mrs. Trotter and Wheel of Fortune in humanities with Mr. Smith"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Robinson Crusoe


Garrett Oliver

East Jordan, MI

"I've attended Logos Online School my entire high school career. Before that, I was enrolled in a private Christian school from preschool to sixth grade. I was homeschooled during seventh and eighth grade. Currently, I work as a certified lifeguard at the local pool. I also help out at my church by operating the sound board. My interests include history, computer building, and playing grand strategy games."

Favorite in-class experience: "I enjoyed the debates in my apologetics and Integrated Humanities classes. Every debate had excellent arguments and logic on both sides."

Favorite book studied at LOS: "I learned much from my Integrated Humanities classes and read a diverse collection of literary works. My favorites were the books written by George Orwell, particularly his satire Animal Farm."


Erin Page

Ashwell, Hertfordshire, UK

"I started LOS as a 10th grade student and can honestly say that it was probably the best decision made for my education. The Christ-centered and rigorous classes have blessed me in more way than I can count and I have loved every moment (yes - even slogging through the difficult books and the late night math sessions). I love to read and write and listening to podcasts and music. I plan to take a gap year and find employment (and focus on my writing) before seeking further education."

Favorite in-class experience: "The Christ-centered atmosphere from Integrated Humanities to the math courses"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Phantastes - George MacDonald

Alessandra Paradiso

Aptos, CA

"I was born and mostly raised in the beautiful state of California, spending six years of my childhood in Ohio. I was homeschooled through second grade. From third through ninth grade, I had the opportunity to attend a local ACCS school, St. Abraham's Classical Christian Academy. I have been with Logos since seventh grade when I took my first Integrated Humanities class with Mrs. Ryan. Throughout the entirety of my education, I have loved piano, being a stage manager for school plays, and above all, cross country in the redwoods. I also enjoy going on long hikes and adventures with my family along the Californian coast. A large part of my high school years was spent being co-president of a Students For Life group, here in Santa Cruz, and volunteering at the local Pregnancy Resource Center. In the fall, I will be attending New Saint Andrew’s College where I am excited to continue my education from Logos, which I have come to cherish so much. I am currently working for a local flower shop and learning a variety of skills to help me with future event and wedding-planning goals. Looking to my Lord to direct my steps!"

Favorite in-class experience: "Playing Jeopardy-(ISH) to review for finals in Integrated Humanities with Mr. Smith"

Favorite book studied at LOS: City of God or All Quiet on the Western Front

Lyann Pena

Chicago, IL

Favorite in-class experience: "Reading so many wonderful books in humanities class"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


Josiah Peters

Abingdon, VA

"Until my senior year, I had the blessing of being homeschooled. For my senior year, I was a full-time Logos student. I grew up in Long Island, NY, and moved to Virginia two years ago. 

Growing up, my interests included playing soccer and basketball. I also took lessons in piano and guitar, frequently performing in recitals. I now regularly help out with worship at church and also have written several compositions. Music is a major part of life for me, whether it be playing or listening to classics by favorites like Michael Bublé or John Mayer. Recently, my drawing passion has increased greatly and I've been making increasingly realistic drawings, often of cars. 

In my future, I'm positioning myself to enter the physical therapy field by hopefully getting a degree at Virginia Highlands."

Favorite in-class experience: "Everything related to the advanced biology class - it was non-stop fun"

Favorite book studied at LOS: "The Iliad, or maybe 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea"

Lillian Pickard

Moscow, ID

"I am in the process of flight training and love every minute of it. In the future, once I gain the experience and go through the necessary training, I will be studying to be a Certified Flight Instructor so I can teach others the same passion. While I continue my flight training in the future, I will also be studying to be an airframe and powerplant mechanic so I am able to work on aircrafts while flying them as well."

Favorite in-class experience: "Math Thought Thursday with Mrs. Hedderly"


Mason Plattner

Manhattan, KS

"I have played piano for about 10 years, which has been my main extracurricular activity. Along the way, many other things have come and gone, such as hockey, soccer, baseball, mountain biking, and always good physical outdoor work. 

We have always been involved in the local church and I have served in the kids' ministry and Sunday morning tech crew from time to time, as well as attending youth group regularly. 

In Kansas, I have done more outside work than in any other area and I enjoy mowing and cutting trails on a friend's property, building obstacle courses in our woods, cutting and splitting firewood, and gardening. My parents have had a garden from as young as I can remember, and I have tended it every year.

I have enjoyed and thrived much in my years at LOS. It has been an excellent time of my life and I have grown much from the great literature and subjects I have studied here. I plan to attend New Saint Andrews college this fall, where I will continue my classical studies, Lord willing, for the purposes of school teaching, or law later on."

Favorite in-class experience: "Debates with Mr. Smith in humanities and Latin translation with Mr. Sumpter"

Favorite book studied at LOS: "I enjoyed the war histories: Livy, Thucydides, Homer, and the American war histories."


Melanie Rickabaugh

Prineville, OR

"I am so thankful for Logos because Logos has worked with me as I completed high school online a year early. Through the many years of my schooling process, I have experienced private, public, and now have done two years of school online. If you would have told me two years ago I would be doing online school as my main source of education, and on top of that graduating early, I wouldn’t have believed it! Online school through Logos has been a blessing and a test of trust in the Lord. Doing online schooling allowed me to have a more manageable schedule and has kept me more sharpened in my thoughts as the teachers and my parents were alongside me. This experience has grown me in ways I would not have expected this year. I came into the last two school years with a bitter attitude towards online school and I did everything in my power to avoid this type of education. Through all this, I have learned it is only through the strength of Jesus Christ and reliance on Him that I have been able to learn to grow through online education and accept the different places God has had me, online or in-person. Trust and change have been areas I have had to humbly grow in and have struggled with these last two years. God has taught me and grown me so much, and I can now look back with thankfulness and understanding of why I was placed where I was, and I can be reminded of my favorite verse for this year:

Proverbs 3:5-8: 'Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and shun evil. This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones.'

During my high school years, I have had the privilege of being president of Children of the American Revolution for the Deschutes Society in Central Oregon and paged for several events with the Daughters of the American Revolution. I also have played high school volleyball and club volleyball, including making the varsity team my junior year. During the last two years of high school, I have worked several jobs, including being a nanny, housekeeper, barista, and juicerista. After graduation, I plan to attend Jackson Hole Bible College located on the outskirts of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The year at JHBC will include studying in the classroom, as-well-as road trips across the USA while studying at national parks and museums. After my gap year, I am prayerfully considering what the Lord will have me do."

Favorite in-class experience: "Spanish II with Mrs. Young"

Favorite book studied at LOS: How Should We Then Live?


Jackson Rieb

Billings, MT

"Jackson was raised in the small town of Powell, Wyoming, and subsequently picked up on all the typical hobbies of someone who is constantly surrounded by the great outdoors. The winter (and occasionally the spring and summer) is skiing season. Fall centers around the annual elk hunting trip, with fishing, camping, mountain biking, and hiking filling in the gaps. Otherwise, he can be found with his nose in a book, usually J.R.R. Tolkien, and a cup of coffee nearby. He has worked at Ace Hardware ever since he moved to Billings, MT in 2021.

After having been homeschooled all his life, he started Logos Online in 7th grade and has continued full-time all through his senior year. He received the Logos Online School merit scholarship to New Saint Andrews College, where he plans on attending after graduation, and will study Liberal Arts and Culture."

Favorite in-class experience: "When Christian Carver made cardboard armor for Don Quixote and wore it to class"

Favorite book studied at LOS: The Killer Angels


Kalli Schambach

Elgin, IL

"When not doing school, Kalli enjoys reading, debating, studying theology and philosophy, watching movies and sports (specifically hockey and football), playing instruments, singing, and collecting records. Kalli also loves spending her free time outside playing any sport. She loves rock climbing, snowboarding, ice skating, waterskiing, and hiking. In middle school, Kalli played one season of rugby. In high school, Kalli played volleyball, basketball, and soccer and was named team captain for all three sports her senior year. She also received the award 'Athlete of the Month' for basketball.

After graduation, Kalli plans to take a gap year to focus on work, travel to Montana and Arizona, participate in local mission activities, and ultimately figure out what she wants to do with her life."

Favorite in-class experience: "Any debate in economics, government, and humanities"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Against All Opposition - Greg L. Bahnsen and The Great Divorce - C.S. Lewis


Micah Sears

Trophy Club, TX

"I have been homeschooled all my life I started at home till I was about 7 then me and my family started going to classical conversations, we did that for 9 years. We moved from CC because my parents thought that CC wasn’t cutting it educationally for me and my brothers so we decided to switch to Logos which was probably the best decision we made academically because in CC I was never graded so I didn’t try very hard at all to do well but doing logos has really helped me learn to work hard and do my best because I was getting graded. I play guitar and have been for almost 8 years and I helped lead my high school youth group which was really fun. As a fun activity I play disc golf with my family and friends. As a hobby and almost a career I enjoy woodworking, I make pens and cutting boards and help my dad and uncle in their woodworking and remodel business. I don’t plan on going to college after high school because for the profession that I am looking into I really don’t need to go. So for now I’m going to just go to work full time.

Favorite in-class experience: "Probably when I got to do a debate on eschatology"

Favorite book studied at LOS: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea


Jase Smith

Hanna, WY

"I was born in Rupert, Idaho but after several moves I ended up in the middle of nowhere in a small town in Wyoming. I began homeschooling in second grade and joined Logos Online School when I was in seventh grade, where I enjoyed seven years of wonderful teaching and good literature. In highschool I played both 6-man and 11-man football. I've also played basketball and ran track as a hurdler/sprinter (I only crashed twice so I mostly survived). I enjoy exercising and hanging out with my goofy family. God has blessed me with twin sisters, a little brother, and two loving parents, and we go on all kinds of adventures together when we have the time. I've received an academic scholarship from the University of Wyoming, where I plan to earn a degree in electrical engineering."

Favorite in-class experience: "Math Thought Thursday with Mrs. Hedderly." 

Favorite book studied at LOS: John Milton's Paradise Lost


Scott Sowers

Aurora, CO

"I have been homeschooled my whole life. Then sophomore year came. The year I transitioned to online school. Still homeschooling, but with the added risk of looking like a fool in front of your peers and deadlines. I marveled at the literature given to me for various reasons. I solved satisfying math problems. I was entranced by science's many wonders. I crawled through the battlefield of Spanish. I came out challenged. I came out stronger. I came out desiring to learn more about our wonderful Lord. In between my studies, I enjoyed making comedic YouTube videos. I made music with guitar, bass, drums, and recorder. I choked people out with my Jiu jitsu training. All fun things. In the future, I plan on being an electrician with a few books under his belt. Goodbye Gamers!"

Favorite in-class experience: "Anytime I made someone laugh"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Paradise Lost

William Stearns

Albany, OR

"I was born in Illinois and my family moved to Oregon when I was three. I was homeschooled throughout all of elementary and middle school and joined the Boy Scouts when I was eleven. I started attending Logos Online for my freshman year of high school and earned my Eagle Scout last year. I plan on going to college to study chemical engineering. I like to collect knives and play airsoft with my friends."

Favorite in-class experience: "Playing Jeopardy to review in humanities class"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Common Sense by Thomas Paine

Chloe Sumner

Houston, TX

"Born in Houston, TX, Chloe Sumner spent the entirety of her education in various homeschool environments. In high school, Chloe started the Logos Art Club and participated in the Logos Newspaper, cross country and track, an internship for a local magazine, choir, part-time work at an ice cream shop, and local philanthropy. Her current interests include illustration, webcomics, indie rock music, anime, politics, and MBTI. Chloe joined Logos Online School as a sophomore after years of classical learning. She has appreciated the Christian humor and encouragement in her classes. Logos teachers instilled in her a newfound appreciation for STEM subjects and a rediscovered love for humanities and Spanish. During her junior year, Chloe received a Hispanic Recognition Award from the College Board. She looks forward to continuing her education as a Communications major at Texas A&M University."

Favorite in-class experience: "Math Thought Thursdays, 'clappening happening,' and humanities therapy"

Favorite book studied at LOS: "Emma, The Great Divorce, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, etc... too many to list!"


Tariq Taylor

Antioch, CA


Miera Wakeman

Hudsonville, MI

"I was blessed to have grown up in a Christian community with my family and teachers constantly pushing me to be the person God created me to be. I currently live in Michigan and this is my first (and last) year at Logos. It has been a great experience and has taught me many things about how to be flexible, independent, and work diligently. I am so so thankful for all the teachers at Logos who incorporate Christian truths and worldviews into all of our classes. 

Outside of school, I enjoy reading, bubble tea, photography, art, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with my family and friends. My favorite thing to do is watch the sunsets and see the amazing masterpiece that God paints for us each day.

I plan to attend Indiana Wesleyan University where I earned the President’s Scholarship. I will be majoring in finance and possibly minoring in photography. I hope to get my CFP and become a financial planner/counselor. I then want to work with local homeless shelters to help provide classes and financial counseling for those who are struggling financially so that they are able to provide for their families and learn to spend their money wisely."

Favorite in-class experience: "Math Thought Thursdays with Mrs. Hedderly and Genevieve’s TED Talk on skin lasagna"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Phantastes


Ella Weitzel

Lubbock, TX

"Born in Washington, I began my years of schooling in public school in the small town of Ellensburg, where I spent most of my life. During those years I explored different hobbies, including but not limited to numerous kinds of dance, soccer, volleyball, and a brief few years playing clarinet that thankfully did not last long. I attended public elementary, middle, and high school up until our move to Oahu, Hawaii in 2020. It was there that I began my years of homeschooling, starting first with an at-home curriculum and then switching to LOS in 2021, where I finished my high school career. My free time is occupied with reading classics, reading and writing poetry, making art (either painting or drawing), taking pictures, or listening to music. As my high school days conclude, I am unsure of future plans beyond taking a break year this coming year to work and experience life away from school for awhile, as I decide what to next do with my life."

Favorite in-class experience: "My favorite in-class experience was all the lively debates in Mr. Litwin’s Humanities III class."

Favorite book studied at LOS: "My favorite book studied at LOS is C.S Lewis’ The Great Divorce."


Gerdi Agenbag

Charlotte, NC

Jaro "Will" Baranik

Kihei, HI

Noah Beard

Gulf Breeze, FL

Elijah Brown

Hannibal, MO

David Burger

Waverly, NY

Aiden Coleman

Logan, OH

Anna Cooper

Vancouver, WA

Paul Dang

Fort Smith, AR

Anjelia Dibben

Oak Grove, MO

Eli Fest

Larwill, IN

Morgan Fleming

Boise, ID

Drake Fowler

Murphy, NC

Elle Freeman

Corbett, OR

Ashlee Harvey

Yukon, OK

Lauren Hotchkiss

Houston, TX

Gracie Klein

Tobermory, Ontario, Canada

Sebastian Lickliter

Council Bluffs, IA

Carsten McClurg

Davenport, IA

Charlotte McDonald

Enterprise, OR

Averi Morse

Battle Ground, WA

Eliana Ojeda

Meriden, CT

Paul Patz

Swartz Creek, MI

Gabriel Smith

Petaluma, CA

Tariq Taylor

Antioch, CA

Adeleine Tienhaara

Missoula, MT

Mia Trotter

Meridian, ID

Kahmylia Walls

Fremont, CA


Our graduates were accepted to these colleges:

Abilene Christian University

App State University

Ball State University

Bob Jones University

Bowling Green University

Capri College

Cedarville College

Cedarville University

Colorado Ballet Academy

Community College of Aurora

Creighton University

Dallas Baptist University

Davenport University

Georgia State University

Indiana Weslyan University

Jackson Hole Bible College

Lee University

Letourneau College

The Master's University

Montana State University

New Saint Andrew's College

Northwest Nazarene University

Providence Christian College

Reformation Bible College

Spring Arbor University

Texas A&M University

Toccoa Falls College

University of Colorado

University of Idaho

University of New Mexico

University of North Georgia

University of Utah

University of Wyoming

UT Dallas

Virginia Highlands

Western Carolina University

Western Michigan University

Young Harris College


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