Class of 2023

Addie Baird

Magnolia, AR

"I was brought up in a small town in Arkansas, homeschooled from almost the very beginning. My parents took great care to teach me and my siblings how to think for ourselves and how to love learning. I started Logos Online last year with Mr. Goode in Humanities II and loved it so much that I went full-time for senior year. This year has been amazing, with great teachers, awesome classmates, and solid, Christ-centered material.

I take piano and organ lessons outside of school, and hope to continue my musical education alongside a liberal arts degree. I will be taking at least one year of college classes at my local college and then hope to move on to a classical liberal arts college, where, Lord willing, I will complete my liberal arts degree and move on to my career of choice: motherhood."

Favorite in-class experience: "Joking around with Mr. Pineiro in Advanced Math"

Favorite book studied at LOS: "Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis in Apologetics with Dr. Olsson"


Angus Berglund

Kendrick, ID

"My journey through developing my mental skills and knowledge was both difficult and rewarding. I plan to pursue music as a lifetime hobby and possibly career. The journey through school was well worth it, and taught me perseverance. The fruitfulness of my efforts are already beginning to bloom. I'm unbelievably grateful for the past four years of my education and everybody who was involved in the process. I'm also very glad to be out of school and I am excited for what the future has in store for me."

Favorite in-class experience: "My favorite experience is the socratic break-out sessions in Humanities and in advanced biology"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Pascal's Pensees and Notes from Underground by Dostoevsky


Adah Bergman

Powell, TN

"I have been homeschooled my whole life, which afforded us a lot of flexibility, allowing me to skip 8th grade. I did jiu jitsu for several years during middle school and late elementary school, earning several upgrades to my belt. In 9th grade, my family and I spent a month in India, and I was able to write a paper on the experience for a credit. I also did co-op for one semester during my freshman year, in that time learning how to draw a world map from memory and name all the countries on it. In 10th grade I started Logos Online School, earning an honorable mention for student of the quarter in the first two months. When I was in 11th grade, my parents and I decided that I would attend New Saint Andrews College. Because I skipped 8th grade, I would have graduated high school very young, meaning that I would be moving 30+ hours away from home before I was even a legal adult to attend college unless I took a gap year. My parents and I did not want me to take a gap year, so we decided that I would do an extra year of high school. My transcript was changed so that the 4 years I have done with Logos would represent the typical 4 years of high school, and the year I spent doing 9th grade classes is now considered to be my 8th grade year. I did cross-country in 2021 and 2022, earning recognition in 2022 for being #16 in the state for most improved female runner in high school cross country. A few months ago I was also awarded the Logos Online Scholarship to New Saint Andrews, which I will be attending this fall."

Favorite in-class experience: "Making a video presentation with IH classmates about how aliens are real and living among us satire"

Favorite book studied at LOS: "There are so many good ones to choose from, but I'll say The Great Divorce"


Isabel Bone

Port St. Lucie, FL

"I would definitely say that my educational journey has had some surprises! I was homeschooled by my mom all throughout my childhood years through elementary and middle school. (Although I did go to an independent homeschool co-op once a week, where I met most of my childhood friends when I was living in Seattle.) Though I was born in Michigan, I grew up in Seattle, Washington until age 13, pursuing rock climbing for 5 of those years. After that, my family moved to south Florida where we had family. (Which is funny, because it is about as far from Seattle as you can get! But also sadly about as far from the rock-climbing scene as you can get.) I finished middle school being homeschooled for the last two years. My journey with Logos Online started nearly half a year before the pandemic, which started when I was in 9th grade, and so my high school experience has been sort of defined by that. Although it was hard, I imagine it was not nearly as hard of a transition as it would have been if I had not been in online school already. I have had my 9th, 11th, and 12th grade years in this school, and briefly spent my 10th grade year at an in-person school in Virginia before moving back to South Florida. Once I graduate, I am so happy to be headed to Florida State University this fall, where I plan to study biology, and hopefully squeeze in some art classes along the way!"

Favorite in-class experience: "Probably when Mr. Smith's daughter would call us 'dumpyins' (dumplings) or 'little pollywogs'"

Favorite book studied at LOS: All Quiet On The Western Front


Connor Bounds

Aberdeen, MS

"I started out first through seventh grade attending private school, but in eighth grade we made a bold decision to try out online school. From eighth grade to twelfth grade Logos has provided me with the best education possible. It has been an incredible academic journey and I would recommend it to anyone who is considering online school. The classical christian education they provide has truly been a blessing for my family and I.

Currently, I serve at my church in many ministries such as singing, being a part of the youth committee, teaching, and more. I also serve in the Mississippi All State Choir which sings across the state and even tours at times. Hobbies of mine include basketball, football, songwriting, game nights, and just hanging out with friends.

My current plans are to attend Mississippi State University and pursue a degree in Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity has interested me for a while now, and the need for employees in that field has skyrocketed due to AI and recent cyberattacks. I feel confident Logos has prepared me for this big challenge in my life and I am forever grateful for the education all my teachers provided."

Favorite in-class experience: "Spanish with Mrs. Mondoy and Math thought Thursday with Mrs. Hedderly"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Paradise Lost


Louise Bunn

Spreckels, CA

"I was born and raised in central, coastal California and am the middle of five children. From kindergarten through fourth grade I was privately homeschooled, mainly by my parents, but with the addition of a tutor. Fifth through eighth grade, I attended a small Classical Christian school. In ninth grade, I went back to homeschooling, and in tenth grade, I joined Logos Online School. I plan to take a break from school to travel, work, and explore various areas of interest."

Favorite in-class experience: "Discussions and debates related to theology"

Favorite book studied at LOS: A Tale of Two Cities


Levi Cartwright

Henderson, NV

"My mom homeschooled me up until 8th grade and then I wanted to go into public school to "experience school." This was a terrible decision! After 8th grade and half of 9th grade, my parents pulled me out of school once COVID-19 shut down everything and the school district's response was terrible. This was the best thing that could have happened to me since I started at Logos the next school year. I was actually exposed to a historical and Godly worldview, true critical thinking, why there is a God, and the proof of the life and testament of Jesus Christ. This school has drastically changed me, my thoughts, my faith, and my life. Mr. Smith's Humanities classes have been the cornerstone of my education at Logos. Luckily I got him randomly (or not so randomly ;-)) my first year here, and I have changed my schedule to accommodate for his class since then. He has pushed me to question my faith, the world, and my thoughts. He is the single most influential person from my time here at Logos.

Mr. Howell was my first introduction into critically thinking about mathematics. Never before had I questioned why a certain rule or equation worked or how it applied. Mr. Howell's teaching style was purely investigative. He made math very enjoyable because we were unlocking the secrets of the universe, not just memorizing dumb facts to regurgitate for a meaningless grade. I am so grateful to these two teachers because they both, in very different ways, shaped my schooling.

Aside from school, I workout, ride horses, and play guitar. I enjoy the outdoors, and most sports, and I love to team rope. I have been an explorer with the Clark County Fire Department for about a year and a half now. Although firefighting is not the career I aspire towards at the moment, I have the hard lessons and experiences I learned from the program to carry with me through life. I weld regularly with a family friend that has been mentoring me, and plan to work in his fabrication shop full-time when the summer ends. I have an electrician apprenticeship lined up as well which will take precedence over working at the fabrication shop. This summer I am going to work for a Christian family camp called Campus by the Sea on Catalina Island. I will be staying on the island for 2.5 months and am very excited for it. My goal is to own my own electrical business because, as my girlfriend likes to say, 'passive income is how you get rich'. I'm not entirely sure what I want to do for the rest of my life, but I am listening to my Dad's words of wisdom: 'You're like a horse and God is the rider. He's not gonna lead you anywhere unless you're moving.' So that's exactly what I'm doing, moving! I'm very excited to see what the Lord has in store for me!"

Favorite in-class experience: "My favorite in class experience would be jeopardy with Mr. Smith (the best teacher)"

Favorite book studied at LOS: "My favorite book studied at Logos has to be: All Quiet on the Western Front"


Gracie Collins

Greenville, TX

"Although I attended a private Christian school for kindergarten and first grade, I was homeschooled for most of my life. I took various dual credit classes in tenth and eleventh grade, and I joined Logos in eleventh grade. I enjoyed every single one of my Logos classes, but my favorite class was Humanities. I started the Omnibus curriculum through Veritas Press, but being able to go through all the books and have discussions in a live class was a huge blessing. I joined the National Honor Society in my senior year, and while I had been working for a real estate lawyer, I began an internship for a local family lawyer."

Favorite book studied at LOS: Perelandra by C.S. Lewis


John Copher

Linton, IN

"I was born in Illinois and moved to Texas a few years later, where I attended a private, in-person, classical school between 2nd grade and 6th grade. Once I graduated 6th grade, I moved to Indiana where I skipped 7th grade and took my first class at Logos Online School--Physical Science with Mr. Kwong. As a result, I started high school at 13 years old (and am graduating at 17)! 10th and 11th grade were probably my favorite years at LOS because I got to take Chemistry and Physics with Mr. Kwong, which led me to pursue the field of data science. I also took Spanish 2 with Mrs. Butler from Mexico. Taking a Spanish class with a native speaker of the language led me to want to pursue it through my extracurriculars possibly. In the summer following 10th grade, my family moved to a new city with a nice library that has a weekly Spanish club run by the county's literacy coalition. As a result, I decided to start attending the club, and quickly improved my Spanish language skills to a near-native level. Because of this, I applied for a job at the library near the end of my junior year, and was accepted to work as a Library Assistant. Within a week of starting the position, I was able to help my coworkers (who just speak English) communicate with a Spanish-speaking family with little error. Ever since, I have communicated with dozens of Spanish-speakers and ensured that the library is an even more accessible place for them. One of my Mexican friends at the library's Spanish club told me that I had improved the library services to such a great extent that many of his Spanish-speaking friends and coworkers were talking about how much the library had improved after I started working there. During the summer, I helped so many people on library computers that my coworkers asked me if I wanted to start our first bilingual computer program at the library. I promptly accepted the offer, and have now helped dozens of patrons with any computer issues that they are having through the library's first bilingual computer program. This is crucial for my rural community as all of these people essentially have my computer program as the only source from which they can get technical help. Once I finished Spanish 3 for my junior year at LOS, I decided to learn Chinese to improve my knowledge of even more foreign languages. Thanks to all of these great experiences that Logos Online School inspired me to pursue, I will be able to improve accessibility for foreign communities throughout the rest of my life. I am planning on doing this by pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology and improving Computational Linguistics technologies for foreign languages (especially Spanish and Chinese) to integrate the language and technical skills that I have learned from my education."

Favorite in-class experience: "Mr. Kwong helped us understand algebra/trigonometry-based Chemistry/Physics in a step-by-step way"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Apologia Physics


Michaela Alexia Cruz

Al Nahda SH, Dubai, UAE

"I was born in the Philippines but moved to the United Arab Emirates when I was four years old. There I studied in a Filipino school from kindergarten to tenth grade. I then transferred to LOS in my junior year, growing to enjoy every second of it (though the huge time difference between the UAE and the USA is really…something). Whenever I finish my “evening classes” and morning homework, one would find me making up various artworks…or find me parked in front of a Google Doc and coming up with the next scene in my books. I plan to take up Design and Visual Communication in college."

Favorite in-class experience: "The baptism debates"

Favorite book studied at LOS: The Divine Comedy


Ethan Davis

Vancouver, WA

"I was born in Vernonia, OR in 2005 and lived there until I was 6 years old at which point we moved to Vancouver, WA. My mom homeschooled me all through my grade school years alongside extra curricular activities such as Classical Conversations. I attended CC Masters A through Challenge B (equivalent to grades 5th-8th) alongside homeschooling. Much of my early rhetoric and debate skills came from CC and my mothers ruthless paper grading :). Then for the 9th grade I enrolled in Logos and have been here ever since. As for the future, I am planning on attending Capernwray Bible School in Carnforth, England and seeing more of the world than my Pacific Northwest home I grew up in."

Favorite in-class experience: "When most of our IH class dressed up as Mr. Smith with his classic bookshelf backdrop on his birthday"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Dante's Inferno


Jackson Desnoyers

Atlanta, GA 

"I was born in Atlanta, Georgia and have lived here for most of my life. I've lost count of all the schools I've attended through different stages of my life thus far, but I joined Logos my sophomore year of high school, and have loved it ever since. It was a relief to find a school that had such a strong foundation in the faith and a dedication to growing its students into men and women of the Lord. It was also just as everyone else went virtual as well, so it was a smooth transition. Outside of school, I play lots of soccer and lots of music, and I plan on continuing these into college and beyond if I can. As for next year though, I felt the Lord calling me to a gap year abroad for mission work to serve the community in Cape Verde, Africa, and to have that time to grow as a person and in my faith. I am thankful, especially for my parents, for investing in their children's education, and also for all of the amazing teachers that helped me along the way."

Favorite in-class experience: "Either the debates in Humanities or chess club with Mr. Kwong"

Favorite book studied at LOS: "Probably Lewis' Space Trilogy"


Stephen Detrow

Williamsport, MD 

"I plan to focus on work, creating music, travel internationally, learn to play the drums, and eventually start a business of my own."

Favorite in-class experience: "Mr. Moore's meme collection"

Favorite book studied at LOS: The Divine Comedy


Iniani Marie Dietz Cardenas

Deming, NM 

"I was raised in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with my two older brothers. I have been homeschooled for most of my life and have spent the last three very happy studying at Logos Online School. My teachers have always been very kind and patient, always helping me with any issues that I had with the work, and always found ways to make the classes fun. I have made amazing friendships with my classmates for which I am very grateful for. Outside of school, I enjoy taking different types of dance classes, learning about psychology and the fashion industry, listening to true crime podcasts, painting, playing video games with my brothers, watching The Office, perfecting my baking and cooking skills, and being able to spend as much time as I can with my dogs, family, and friends. For my future I plan on studying psychology at Texas A&M Corpus Christi to one day become either a clinical or criminal psychologist. I also plan on one day owning a boutique with a flower shop."

Favorite in-class experience: "The debates we would have in Mrs. Goode's class"

Favorite book studied at LOS: The Great Gatsby and Pride and Prejudice


Grace Fields

Charlottesville, VA 

"For most of my high school career I went to a private school. It was extremely challenging and pushed me to my limits. I received a history award, and participated in the school yearbook. I made many friends, but also learned how to handle conflict and problems. My friend groups changed after switching schools, but I am grateful for the friends I made at my old school, and the friends I have made here. From here I am going to Boyce College in Kentucky. It is a private Christian college that is connected to the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. I will be studying teacher education and will hopefully receive my bachelor’s degree in a few years. My hopes for the next few years are to get married and have a family. While my dreams aren’t very exciting, I believe that the Lord is calling me to be a wife and a mother and that path is something I’m very excited to pursue. While my time in grade school is completed, I am very excited to see what God has in store for my life!"

Favorite in-class experience: "Arguing why Disney is actually good"

Favorite book studied at LOS: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


Elai Flynn

San Tan Valley, AZ 

"I am 19 years old, born and raised in the Arizona dirt. I was homeschooled until freshman year when I joined Logos Online. I played football and basketball for a local private school. I enjoy country swing, any game that contains a ball, welding, playing guitar, and raising cane with the boys.

I will be receiving several welding certifications at the end of the school year and hope to start my own fabrication business by the end of the summer."

Favorite in-class experience: "Mrs. Trotters Latinary Mondays"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Dante's Inferno


Matthew Fowler

Murphy, NC 

"My name is Matthew Fowler, and I was born in Florida. I lived in the Florida Keys for 12 years before moving to Murphy, North Carolina in January of 2018. I've lived here for 5 years now, and much prefer the small town country life over the crowded city life. I joined Logos my freshman year and have been so blessed to always have amazing teachers who've helped me improve in my knowledge and walk with the Lord. I've played soccer basically my whole life and I have enjoyed every minute of it. However, I stopped playing this past year because I did not desire to pursue it in college, other than maybe some intramural sports. Ever since I was young, I have always had a love and curiosity for all things technology. This is one of the reasons I'll be attending Montreat College in the fall where I will major in Cybersecurity."

Favorite in-class experience: "Breakouts in Mr. Smith's class"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Out of the Silent Planet


Abigail Gonnella

Enterprise, OR 

"I was born in Brooklyn, NY and started homeschooling for preschool. My family moved to Oregon and then Maine and we continued to homeschool until 2015, when I started online classes at Veritas Scholars Academy. I switched to Logos Online School for my senior year because we moved back to Oregon and LOS is closer to home.

I’m going to take a gap year for this next year. I will be working for my family’s business, as well as gaining experience with work in multiple industries. I want to focus on finding more ways to serve and minister to people in my community and church. I also love to play the piano and intend to continue with my piano and music studies."

Favorite book studied at LOS: That Hideous Strength by CS Lewis


Zachariah Goodman

Fayetteville, NC 

"I was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and began my education at the private school my father founded. At seven years old my family moved to the Dominican Republic to do missionary and humanitarian work. We lived there while I was in second to sixth grade, and for all of those years, I was homeschooled by my mother. When we made the move back to the United States, I was enrolled in Logos' seventh-grade class and have stayed with the school since. Logos has provided me with a fantastic education and Biblical perspective to take on the modern world and I couldn't be more grateful. Now that I'm graduating, I plan on becoming a volunteer fireman until my eighteenth birthday when I'll enroll in the Fire and Rescue Academy. My end goal for my career is to become a wildland fireman or forest fire prevention worker, working on volunteer ecological fronts in my spare time."

Favorite in-class experience: "The fantasy writing project in Mr. Kevin Smith's Humanities II"

Favorite book studied at LOS: The Picture of Dorian Gray


Joy Hakimian

Viola, ID 

"I have lived just outside Moscow, ID my entire life. Apart from my kindergarten year, which I spent at a local Christian school, I was homeschooled until 2018 when I began attending Logos Online School. I have enjoyed my time at Logos Online immensely. I am a little sad that it is coming to an end, but also excited to begin this new chapter in my life."

Favorite book studied at LOS: Pride and Prejudice


Joseph Hamm

Marion, SD 

"My educational journey began when I was 4 years old, and since that time, each and every day was supervised by my mother, including my time here at Logos. I began Logos Online School in 2019 for my freshman year in high school, after being homeschooled all my life. At the time, it was one of the scariest things I had ever done. But now, 4 years later, I can see how much I have grown since that first orientation day, and look forward to whatever the Lord has planned for my future.

I live a quiet, but blessed life in the middle of nowhere, SD. I am also the eldest of 8 kids, so please, pray for me. There’s nowhere to escape in the middle of nowhere. As for hobbies, I have always had an interest in music, so I took piano lessons with my Grandmother, and along the way, picked up a guitar, which has been my favorite hobby since. I was raised on 300 acres, so being outside, building forts, and having stick fights with my cousins (who were my next door neighbors), has always had a huge part in my life. Now that I am older, and getting hit with sticks hurts more than it did then, I have begun hunting and raising sheep as a more helpful, less violent way of spending time under the sun.

And finally, sports. I played little league baseball from when I was 8 to 16. I wasn’t super good, but I enjoyed the time, and as I got older, I got better. By the time I was 16, I was able to hit the ball as far as anyone else on the team. But all good things come to an end. Or do they? Because now I get the chance to play with my brothers in our backyard, sending those baseballs flying into that big blue sky, and watching those boys chasing after. The life of an oldest brother is hard, but that… well, it makes it all worth it.

Once I graduate, I plan to work alongside my Dad, who owns a contracting business here in SD. Not very exciting compared to what my peers will be doing... But hey, I’m excited, so that’s what matters I guess.

And finally, I have a church family that is a blessing to my life, and as I continue to grow, I hope to continue to grow in the church, and be a blessing to my brothers and sisters in Christ. 'Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.' (Philippians 4:8)"

Favorite in-class experience: "Learning how to draw a fantasy map with Mr. Spratt in his Integrated Humanities B class"

Favorite book studied at LOS: The Screwtape Letters


Sam Harkness

Moscow, ID 

"I grew up in a little town in Michigan, but since then have moved to Moscow, Idaho. I was homeschooled all the way up to middle school when I switched over to Logos Online. Since then, I’ve enjoyed 5 years of classical education in which I was introduced to new subjects such as Latin, Logic, and Integrated Humanities. Growing up, I’ve had the opportunity to play baseball, lacrosse, rugby, run 5K’s, and study Taekwondo. In my free time, I enjoy playing guitar, flipping broken cars, playing sports, and camping and being outside. After graduation, I plan to stay in Moscow and continue making money by fixing cars at our local auto shop."

Favorite in-class experience: "Racing classmates to see who could solve the Rubik's cube first in our Adobe camera's before class started"

Favorite book studied at LOS: "My top three favorite books from LOS classes are Iliad, The Unaborted Socrates, and Taking Men Alive. Animal Farm is an honorable mention."


Lucille Hopkins

Spartansburg, PA 

"I was born and raised in Spartansburg, PA, a town my family has lived in for generations. I started out going to the small public school in my town. When that closed down, I did various online schools and private schools until landing at Logos. Logos has been such a blessing and I am so thankful the Lord directed us to it. I have been a competitive Irish dancer for almost ten years, and I just moved up to the final level for competition. Along with Irish dance, I also play guitar, and recently discovered a love for baking. I also love animals and have a passion for helping animals great and small. I plan to go to an online college to earn my bachelors in marketing, while I work on my farm and hopefully start up my small business; in which I hope to showcase Appalachian culture, and bring more business into the area. I also plan to travel in the upcoming years, and have a goal to fill every page of my passport with stamps from other countries!"

Favorite in-class experience: "All of the discussions in Humanities that seemed to cover every topic"

Favorite book studied at LOS: That Hideous Strength


Sam Horst

Battle Ground, WA 

"I was born in Michigan, and lived there for a total of about five years on and off, but mostly I've lived in Battle Ground, Washington for about ten. I have been to public, private, and homeschooled. These include Noah's Ark Preschool, Saint Paul Lutheran in Michigan, Firm Foundation, River HomeLink, and then for my last two years of school, Logos Online. My most influential years were spent at River HomeLink, where I had some great teachers, classes, and friends. I was taught great skills in speech, history, and writing. There were also many fun projects such as building roller coasters, making a model Greek boat, putting on skits, and building a crazy Rube GoldBerg Machine. During this time, I also found my two big hobbies, making LEGO videos for my youtube channel (Samfan4 Films), and rock music. I discovered the power and art of the King, Edward Van Halen, and in ninth-grade I finally picked up my mom's old guitar, which has manifested very well in my life. My hope is that I will be able to have a world-dominating Christian rock band.

My two years at this school have been much more challenging, and I was not ready for that going into it in 11th grade, but I warmed up to it, and really learned how to work hard at school. And from this, I have learned so much about the world in the time of Christ, how to stand up for Christ, and read so many great works of literature that I didn't even know I wanted to read.

I currently work a great job at Battle Ground Produce with my awesome friend, but I am going to be starting an electrician apprenticeship at one of my nearby electrical companies."

Favorite in-class experience: "My Apologetics research project on rock music"

Favorite book studied at LOS: C.S. Lewis' Out of the Silent Planet


Nathan Howell

Guthrie, OK 

"Nathan is an exceptional senior who has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to his academic and personal goals. His love for Latin and math is evident in his academic achievements.

Nathan is highly motivated to pursue his career dream of becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

As the oldest of six siblings, he sets an excellent example for his younger siblings, demonstrating the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Nathan is not only dedicated to his family and his academic pursuits, but is also deeply committed to his faith. He loves Jesus and actively participates in youth group. He is also an accomplished musician and enjoys playing the piano at church.

As Nathan prepares to graduate, we are confident that he will continue to make a significant impact in the world for Christ. He has all the qualities of an outstanding leader and a dedicated young man."

Favorite book studied at LOS: Desiring God


Jocelyn Hylton

Anacortes, WA 

"I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, in a small town called Anacortes, Washington. I attended public school most of my life and switched to Logos for the last two years of high school. Outside of school, my main activity is dance. I spend most of my time practicing at my local studio, Fidalgo DanceWorks, in ballet, modern, jazz, and lyrical styles. I've also been lucky to have been able to perform various roles in my studio's Nutcracker almost every year since I was seven years old. Last December, I had the opportunity to perform the role of the Sugar Plum Fairy! In the future, I hope to become a professional ballet dancer. I also enjoy spending time with friends and family, baking, reading, and working out at the gym."

Favorite in-class experience: "Studying war history in Humanities IV with Mr. Smith"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Emma by Jane Austen


Sage Jones

Kerhonkson, NY 

"My experience at LOS has been truly wonderful. I have been homeschooled all my life and was part of various online schools. LOS was my first experience with classmates and teachers in a live setting and it made a big difference for me academically. Having teachers who set aside time to tutor me when I was struggling, and were willing to answer any questions I had on the material, made me more confident and capable as well as independent in my studies.

LOS has also had a profound influence on my spiritual life, allowing me to grow in my faith and knowledge, equipping me with tools and resources to defend my faith, and one day raise children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

Through LOS I have made many friends as well. I’ve made long lasting relationships with classmates that have been a joy to have. Not only this, but it was through LOS that I met my future husband my freshman year. After graduating from LOS, I will be moving to the Midwest to be married and begin my life as a wife, choosing not to attend college, but going straight into the next chapter the Lord has prepared for me. I am very thankful for the experience LOS has given me through high school, and I have many memories to cherish and remember in the future."

Favorite in-class experience: "My favorite class experience at LOS was in Mrs. Trotter’s Latin class when she announced she was pregnant with her daughter. She had us translate a sentence that explained the surprise. It was heartwarming and certain classes have always felt tightly knit so it was a particularly special moment."

Favorite book studied at LOS: "My favorite books we’ve studied at LOS have definitely been Jane Austen’s writings in the Integrated Humanities classes. Pride and Prejudice and Emma were very enjoyable to read and discuss; the historical backgrounds, as well as the fictional stories, and characters."


Jayce Kim-Prosinski

Irvine, CA 

"I grew up in a public school and got all F's. I did not do any extracurriculars or win awards because I was already doing terribly in school. I came into this school before entering my junior year and had all A's my junior year, and my grades have improved immensely."

Favorite in-class experience: "Humanities"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Uncle Tom's Cabin


Naomi Kozak

Oakland, ME 

"I am 17 years old and was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. When I was 8, my family moved from the city into the small town of Oakland, Maine. Since I was little, I've had a passion for reading and writing. I hope to have someday published books of my own, likely young-adult fiction or children's books. Drawing, music, singing, playing basketball when the opportunity arises, working at a local candy shop, and babysitting also fall under 'ways Naomi fills her spare time when she has it'. I was homeschooled up until high school when we decided to join Veritas Scholars Academy. In my junior year, we heard about Logos and decided to try it out. I've loved both years so much and have cherished my classmates and teachers for their friendships and wisdom.

I have yet to decide on a college, but am considering the possibility of a business when I get back from quite a few summer trips this year. No matter where I'm headed next, I look forward to this next chapter in my life as I start leaping into new things, maintaining the antithesis in times when it is most difficult, Lord willing, and looking to Christ for wisdom through it all. 'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.' (Jeremiah 29:11)"

Favorite in-class experience: "Every day in Advanced Biology class was filled with laughter, smiles, and inside jokes unending."

Favorite book studied at LOS: All Quiet on the Western Front and Against all Opposition: Defending the Christian Worldview


Autumn Laughlin

Colonial Heights, VA 

"I was born in North Carolina and later moved to Virginia where I've lived for most of my life. My brothers and I were homeschooled until we were old enough to attend Logos. I was put into Logos in 7th grade and have been here for 5 years. For my middle school years, I took electives outside of Logos including culinary, ASL, and sports. Some of my hobbies are cooking, art, photography, reading, and scrapbooking/journaling.

These past 5 years I've been blessed with many job opportunities in my community. I've worked for a CC group nearby as one of the two head nursery leaders. I've also babysat for many families throughout the years and more seem to come every month! I hope to pursue more work with children and possibly be a nanny, teacher, or something else in that realm of work.

Logos has had a tremendous impact on my life. I've enjoyed every minute of it and I can never thank those who were involved in teaching me enough. Logos has truly helped me grow in my love for the Lord and taught me how to better defend my faith against the world. I like to think the Humanities course is basically just a class teaching us how to live in the world, but not of the world. Through Logos, I have met many very wonderful people who strive to honor and glorify the Lord in all that they do. It is a huge blessing to see the work that the Lord is doing through Logos not only in my own life, but also in the lives of my classmates and friends.

For my future plans, I have decided to take a year off from school to work, save money, and weigh my options for further education. I will also be learning more homemaking skills in order to better prepare myself for womanhood. 'Praise the Lord. Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.' (Psalm 106:1)"

Favorite in-class experience: "It is probably jeopardy and break-out groups with Mr. Smith, or fantasy week with Mr. Spratt"

Favorite book studied at LOS: "For this year it would have to be The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis"


Esther Lawe

Rossland, British Columbia, Canada 

"I’ve been homeschooled my entire life, but went to public school part-time for a year and a half. I started LOS in 2018 (woah, that was a long time ago) and immediately fell in love with it. It was a bit of a drastic switch, as I went from Geronimo Stilton to Augustine’s Confessions in a week, but I flourished in the challenge. I’ve been blessed beyond belief in my friendships with my classmates. Some of my best friends were made through this school, and I thank God always for His providence in leading our family to LOS.

I’ve danced for 8 years in a variety of styles, some of which include ballet, modern, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, and hip hop. I personally prefer modern/contemporary. I do a bit of acro and contortion as well. Our small dance studio is very ballet-based, and I’ve been in The Nutcracker twice, my favourite roles being Arabian and Drosselmyer.

In terms of other extracurriculars, I joined an Ambassador Programme in 2021, which is a self-development program. At the end of the year, there’s a pageant in which the winners are announced as ambassadors of that specific city. I was chosen as an ambassador, and have travelled to other communities within our province representing our city. It’s been super fun! I also won the Speech Award for my 3-minute memorized speech “Let’s Start a Rebellion”, challenging teens to step out of their comfort zone and do hard things instead of conforming to the cultural expectations of how a stereotypical teenager should act. I also received the Friendship Award, which was voted on by my peers as to who was the most supportive, kind, and encouraging during the programme. It was an honour to receive these awards and the ambassador role. Taking Rhetoric with Mr. Spratt really helped me present myself well during these last two years in the programme!

I write in my free time, both for my blog, Esther Josephine Writes, and on my own books. I self-published a Christian fantasy novel in 2021, and am excited to continue my other works in progress, and publish those eventually too.

While I am sad leaving this school behind me, I am so excited to pursue my goals as an English teacher. I’ve been accepted into Ambrose University in Calgary, Alberta (Yes, I’m Canadian. No hate, we have maple syrup to spare for everyone!). I also won the Presidential Scholarship with them, which is free tuition for four years/a degree. I am planning to take a minor in dance. LOS has been an amazing blessing to me and my family. I don’t plan to relinquish any of the friendships I’ve made over these past years, and cherish every memory, screenshot, and video clip from all of my classes."

Favorite in-class experience: "When Becca Yount and I went 'bestie mod'" and weirded everyone else out, and anytime I laughed"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Any Jane Austen book, or any poetry


Blaine Leichty

Albany, OR 

"I was homeschooled by my mom until seventh-grade. In seventh-grade I tried a private Christian school and did not really like it. In eighth-grade I tried Logos and liked it so I stuck with it through high school. I enjoy watching and playing sports, and I played tennis and basketball at my local high school. I finished fifth in the state of Oregon for 5A high schools last year in tennis. I plan to attend college and get some math-related degree, although I'm not sure what yet. Thanks to all my great teachers at Logos who helped me get this far!"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Lord of the Rings


Hannah MacLeith

Santa Ana, CA 

"I am a voracious reader and lover of books. Homeschooled since kindergarten, I learned to love books and have not put them down since learning to read my first word. I've been a part of the Logos family since 7th grade and will graduate as a proud Logos Lion, grateful for the blessing of a phenomenal education and Christ-loving teachers. My educational journey, thus far, taught me various languages, how the world works, and how to honor Christ in all things. In the fall, I embark on a new adventure at The Master's University in Santa Clarita, California, majoring in English.

I have participated in drama and theater and learned that I love acting, telling stories on stage, and being part of production crews. I plan to continue theater at TMU. Academics aside, I enjoy the beach, hiking, classic movies, music, and being in the midst of friends and family. My dog, Prince, and Star Wars bring me great joy.

Logos Online School has blessed me richly and I will miss it very much. Farewell!"

Favorite in-class experience: "Discussions in Integrated Humanities"

Favorite book studied at LOS: All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque


Noble McDougle

Liberty Hill, TX 

"My name is Noble McDougle, and I was born and raised in Austin, Texas. I was in public school until COVID happened and me and my family decided to go to online school, and I ended up finishing my high school education doing so. There are some things I regret about going online, especially during my senior year, but I do think that in a year the goals and dreams I have will be at my fingertips. Going online was definitely such a big change for me from going to a 6A high school in Texas, then going to an online school. So not having face-to-face and social interaction was a big thing that impacted me the most. As time went on, the more used to it I became. After it is all said and done, I do appreciate my parents for staying by my side going through the big change in my life!"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Perelandra


Mitchel Peterson

Cantonment, FL 

"I started my educational career at a classical school called Trinitas Christian School where I studied from K5 to 10th grade. At this point, I switched to West Florida Baptist Academy for my 11th grade year; however, I missed the classical training that I had received previously which led me to Logos for my final year of high school. I played baseball for 2 years and soccer for 4 at Trinitas, and I was awarded an all-conference award in my final year. I also performed in several plays with Trinitas including Pride and Prejudice, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and Little Women. In my junior year, I was a starter on the varsity basketball team. From here, I plan to join the Air National Guard where I will study in the I.T. field and pray for God to help guide me into whatever comes after that."

Favorite in-class experience: "Jeopardy with Mrs. Mutart"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Brave New World


Thomas Peterson

Barron, WI 

"Growing up in northwest Wisconsin, I have a love for the outdoors. My favorite activities include fishing, hunting, and ice hockey, as well as chess, piano, and guitar. I plan on attending Cedarville University this fall in Ohio, and am interested in Political Science, Economics, or Finance. Logos Online has prepared me well for this next step as I was awarded Cedarville's President's scholarship."

Favorite in-class experience: "Too many to list"

Favorite book studied at LOS: "Animal Farm in Integrated Humanities with Mr. Smith"


Makenzie Pettus

Artesia, NM 

"As I graduate this year I feel very grateful to have been given the chance to have an education like this. I'm excited to take a gap year and find my way through life. I'm glad I can take what I've learned here and use it to bless others in my community with social media or even just in bible studies. It's been a wild ride, but I've loved it."


Favorite book studied at LOS: "Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, loved everything about it"


Genevieve Ramer

Pineville, LA 

"I will be 18 a few days before graduating so I'm just going to say that I'm 18 and the oldest of 4 girls. I grew up in Louisiana for the first 11 years of my life, lived in Oregon for about 4 years, then came back to Louisiana at the end of 2019. I am very passionate about music, acting, and songwriting. I also love kids very much and would love to be able to teach my kids to appreciate music from a young age. I have gone from not being able to hold up my own arguments to being able to (respectfully) win arguments even with adults. I was always taught WHAT to think not HOW to think and that has since been changed. My end goal in life is to be a godly mom and wife, but it would be nice if my passion for music could become a full time job."

Favorite in-class experience: "It's Monday...right? (inside joke from Humanities)"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Pride and Prejudice!


Elijah Reaume

Hawkesville, Ontario, Canada 

"I enjoyed the reading a lot at Logos Online. Many good books and hard reads. I also really enjoyed being part of Mrs. Mutart’s class for the past 3 years straight. She is a very good teacher and, in my opinion, truly cares about her students. After highschool, I will be going into a plumbing apprenticeship. I want to start my own company once I receive my plumbing license. I also have aspirations of starting my own social media marketing agency on the side. Essentially, I just want to be an entrepreneur."

Favorite in-class experience: "I really enjoyed Integrated Humanities I"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Animal Farm


Lucas Rice

Innisfail, Alberta, Canada 

"I was born and raised in a solid Christian home, was homeschooled from halfway through grade one on. I did one year at a Christian school in a town near home, and then switched to Logos online in 10th grade. From my sophomore to senior year, I have been with Logos Online and been blessed with the education provided. I look forward to starting my next adventure at New Saint Andrews this August!"

Favorite in-class experience: "Class discussions"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Paradise Lost by John Milton


Audra Robinson

Garland, TX 

"Howdy! My name is Audra Robinson, I'm an adult and I come from a small town, called Garland, on the northeast side of Dallas Texas.

I grew up in Guanajuato Mexico, where my parents were missionaries for a small church for 11 years. I grew up eating legitimate tortillas (not those ones you buy from Walmart, come on man), eating jalapeños with everything, and playing with my three other siblings, Arris, Cora and Buck. The weather was always 70 degrees and sunny, and we would run around barefoot on the cool tile in our house. When our beliefs changed, we moved back up to Texas in 2015, to begin anew in our home state. In 7th grade I was enrolled at Veritas Press Scholars Academy, but quickly switched to Logos Online for my 8th grade year. I have been here ever since, getting to experience wonderful teachers and great classmates who never fail to stay off-topic.

After I got my driver's license, I became unstoppable, and got my first job working for my mom's piano tuning business. I really enjoy piano tuning and getting to make pianos sound like they should. It's quite a satisfying job. During the summers when I wasn't working with my mom, I got a job at a culinary school for kids called, Young Chefs Academy. I had taken classes there before and got some experience learning how to teach kids of all personalities and ages how to cook.

After I graduate, I have applied to a community college in Frisco Texas, called Collin College. I will be going there for my associate degree in Pastry, and hopefully by the end of 3 years, I will also be finished with the Culinary Associate degree. I’m excited to be doing the things that I love and will hopefully bless my future family with rich feasts and decadent desserts. I’m going to miss Logos, but I’m excited for what God has for me in the future! 'Come and see what God has done: he is awesome in his deeds toward the children of man.' (Psalm 66:5)"

Favorite book studied at LOS: That Hideous Strength -C.S. Lewis


Kimberlee Rye

Ankeny, IA 

"I was born in Ankeny, Iowa and was adopted at the age of five years old. I have been homeschooled since I was five until my senior year when I joined Logos Online School. Over the past year I have been praying over what I am going to do when I graduate. Over the last couple months God has done miraculous things. I started looking into colleges; DMACC and Faith Baptist College. When we went to Faith Baptist we looked into the office admin program and thought it was the best fit for me. About a couple weeks later someone from our church asked if I wanted to work for him as an on-call BOA, which is an office admin job. It was amazing how everything had worked out!

I love playing the piano! It is one of my favorite things to do when I have nothing else to do. One of my favorite things to do with my skills in piano is play for my church. I also really enjoy spending time with my family and extended family members. I enjoy cross country skiing, skating when we are able to, hiking, downhill skiing, and camping."

Favorite in-class experience: "Learning different cultures in Apologetics"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Taking Men Alive


Grace Sandercock

Davenport, IA 

"My name is Grace Sandercock. I was fully homeschooled until my sophomore year when we found Logos Online School and decided to try it out before committing to full-time. My parents enrolled me in Mrs. Stephens' Logic class, and I ended up loving it! Because it was such a positive experience, we decided to enroll full-time for my junior and senior year! It was definitely not an easy change as I went from school taking an hour a day to four. But, I have been so thankful for that decision because I have learned so much from my teachers and from the friends I have made! Because my Logos classes only take four hours out of my day, I have been able to really focus on doing what I love, which is competition dance, and being able to not only perform in musicals, but to intern as the choreography assistant for 3rd-8th grade shows as well! After I graduate, I am planning on moving to Cape Girardeau, Missouri to continue my education at Southeast Missouri State where I will be majoring in Theatre, and minoring in dance."

Favorite in-class experience: "When Mr. Van Brimmer would say really bad dad jokes at the end of our Integrated Humanities I class"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Knowing God by J.I. Packer


Jimmy Schambach

Elgin, IL 

"I grew up in Elgin, Illinois. I attended Logos Online School for 3 years. I played football throughout high school and won the Varsity Letter Award twice. I also love skateboarding, snowboarding, and wakeboarding. I love exercise and fitness. I am also a major car enthusiast and love working on cars. I also love to travel and plan on traveling as much as I can in the future. Although I prefer mountains and beaches, I also love big cities, and love going into downtown Chicago. I also love guitar and music theory and can enjoy almost any form of music."

Favorite in-class experience: "Not sure"

Favorite book studied at LOS: All Quiet On The Western Front


Joseph Schutt

Fredericksburg, VA 

"I was born in Duluth, Minnesota. After a few different moves I don't remember since I was too young, my family moved to Sierra Vista, Arizona, where I spent my childhood. During this time, I picked up a love of reading, stemming from my town's huge library and my dad's many filled bookshelves. I was learning in a public school until my parents enrolled me in a Classical Christian school in the 4th grade. When I was in the 7th grade, around 12 years old, my family made its last move to Fredericksburg, Virginia. After spending a few weeks in my area's public school (one of the worst experiences of my life), I had gotten the opportunity to transfer to Logos Online School. Being able to spend my high school years in LOS was truly a blessing. I will be attending Hope College in Michigan, a Christian Liberal Arts college, to study Biochemistry. Though I don't have my whole future planned out, as I'm sure nobody has, I trust that God will guide me down the path He chose for me."

Favorite in-class experience: "Mr. Smith's Wheel of Fortune, although most kids called it the Wheel of Misfortune"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Phantastes by George MacDonald


Ethan Sears

Keller, TX 

"From the time I was five years old, for nine years, I attended Classical Conversations. Three years ago I made the switch to Logos Online School. It has been an excellent switch! I have had amazing teachers and have been able to further study different subjects. When I was 9 years old, I started a cookie business in which I baked bakery style cookies and sold them at CC, as well as to private customers, and to people who hosted events.

In addition to attending Logos, I also work at a landscape company called Landscape Systems of Texas. I am a competitive pianist and have been playing piano for 8 years. I was recently awarded the top rating at a piano competition. I also love to cook and play disc golf.

This fall, I will be attending Tarrant County College for 2 years, and then I will transfer to the University of Texas at Arlington where I plan to study Business with a specific focus on marketing. Beyond all of this, I hope to someday have a family of my own. Logos has given me a solid foundation for my future, for which I am thankful."

Favorite in-class experience: "Asking Mr. Smith questions on various topics over the years"

Favorite book studied at LOS: "My favorite book I have ever read was A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens."


Thayer Simon

West Liberty, IA 

"I started classes at Logos in the fall of 2019 and immediately met friends that I have been close to for the past 4 school years now. I've spent a lot of time on the phone with them, or meeting them in-person at events such as the Called Conference or the Fight Laugh Feast Conference. Each year has been enjoyable as I've met new people and engaged with new ideas and ways of thinking, keeping everything new, interesting, and engaging. As for my future plans, I'll be moving out and getting married a few weeks after school ends, and I'll be shifting from part-time to full-time at my family's commercial concrete business."

Favorite in-class experience: "My favorite in-class experience was the spontaneous informal debates that would occur throughout the Integrated Humanities course. Being able to discuss heavier or deeper topics with fellow students was helpful for my ability to reason and communicate with my peers."

Favorite book studied at LOS: "All the books we went through in Integrated Humanities were very interesting, and talking with other students about each individual book and story brought light and perspectives to the authors and stories I wouldn't have typically seen."


Cameron Spinks

Belton, TX 

"I have gone to several schools through the years ranging from homeschooling, to private school, to online school. I’ve been great with certain subjects my whole life, and not so great in others. Media and technology have always been my passion, so I am striving to get a master’s in film studies from the University of Mary Hardin Baylor in Belton, Texas. I don’t know what the future holds after that, but I know I’ll be ready."

Favorite in-class experience: "Kahoot"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Saga of the Volsungs


Emily Stone

Albany, OR 

"I was born in Colorado, but I moved to Oregon 9 years ago. While still in Colorado, I attended The Classical Academy until second-grade. I was homeschooled from then to 7th grade; homeschooling worked out really well and it was perfect timing too. God called us on a grand adventure, to explore Colorado in our RV. The adventure took a new turn and we moved up here to Oregon, where we found Logos. My mom signed me up for an English class with Mrs. Zoe Roberts and I loved it. I loved it so much, that the next year I was signed up for the 4 standard classes. It was a lot of work, but I passed and found I loved Logos even more. I have been a full-time Logos student ever since.

Even though I loved my school I found I felt I was missing out on the high school experience, so I signed up for sports at West Albany High School. I played softball freshman through junior year, I ran cross country junior and senior year, and wrestled sophomore year. I am a proud West Albany Bulldog, but given the chance I would have hands down been on any Logos Lions team. Even though I found some of the lost high school atmosphere through sports, online school doesn't give you a lot of in person friends. I went searching and found them in the most unlikely of places. I befriended a sweet older lady at my local park who I have been painting with her and hearing some of the greatest stories for nearly two years now. I also found a homeschool drama program where I got to participate in the production of Miracle on 34th Street and Frozen Jr.

When I became old enough to work, I discovered a Christian Ministry camp called Canyon View Ministries that employed me for two summers where I made lifelong friends. From there, I got connected to a square dance group and am now a proud graduate of the Silver City Squares. Square dancing led to folk/country dancing, and I found my way into the Christian homeschooling community.

To get to know my fellow classmates I started up group chats and facetime calls, one such group chat is where I got to know my now boyfriend Steven Miller, who I have shared classes with since 8th grade. I also started an all-seniors chat so that I could get to know the folks I would be sharing graduation with. One thing led to another and now we have class rings and are making separate plans to celebrate our graduation together. All of this to say, I have really enjoyed every moment of my high school years and every moment I have had at Logos. I know I will miss it greatly. I plan to be a high school Humanities teacher and perhaps one day even return to Logos."

Favorite in-class experience: "When Mr. Smith jokingly said, 'You forget, I have grading powers!'"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Animal Farm and Till We Have Faces


Leah Studley

Aurora, NE 

"I homeschooled during my educational years, and have learned to value at-home education. However, as I approached high school, my parents and I realized that we wanted more than the stereotypical high school paradigms presented around our area. I desired more rigor and accountability as well as an education with a biblical worldview, but I valued the benefits of completing school at home. Praise God that He opened the door to Logos Online School my freshman year, and it has continued to be a tool and blessing for our family ever since. I have very much enjoyed the classical style of learning, the teachers, and the thought-provoking classes. I have grown to see God’s grand redemptive story throughout history in classes like Humanities and Apologetics (thanks Mr. Smith and Dr. Soderberg!), and have learned to appreciate God’s order in even the unenjoyable subjects to me, such as math (thanks Mr. Rauch and Mrs. Hedderly!). I am thankful for the sacrifices my parents have made to give me this excellent education, and for the teachers who shared their passion and knowledge with me. These past 4 years have been unforgettable and I have been impacted in many different ways by my classes and teachers.

During my high school years, I picked up photography and have loved using this opportunity to document my family's adventures and experiences, as well as making a little business of it. I have been playing the piano for 13 years and have enjoyed learning other instruments such as guitar. I also enjoy the outdoors, gardening, and growing and arranging flowers. In the fall I will be attending New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, ID. I am thrilled for the opportunity to continue my education at NSA, and am excited for the experience, even though it is a long way away from my home in NE. :)"

Favorite in-class experience: "The discussions and laughs in Humanities and Mr. Merkle's music choice of the day"

Favorite book studied at LOS: "My favorite book was either Killer Angels or Lewis' Space Trilogy"


Vivian Thibodeaux

Lafayette, LA 

"I began taking classes at LOS five years ago with my cousin, Austin Landry, who is now a LOS Alumni. I value the education LOS has given me, the friends I've had the gift of laughing with each day, and the teachers who have poured their lives into my own. Through the years, what I remember most is how Mrs. Ramirez-Butler reflected Christ’s light through her eagerness to talk about Jesus through every part of the week. Also, how Mr. Smith portrayed an amazing image of the Good Shepherd year-by-year. I love how Mrs. Mutart had a way of relating almost every lesson back to the Gospel. Finally, Dr. Soderberg’s knowledge of the Bible and his joy for teaching filled every class with laughs, and really made me want to study the Bible more deeply.

My favorite memory in high school was my junior year, where I not only led the Black History Club but met one of my best friends for life who helped me do so. I so greatly loved being able to get to know each member of my club while being able to study the history of some of America’s greatest warriors, together. I am so thankful for Dr. Soderberg and his willingness in giving me that opportunity. As my senior year ends, I am so excited to attend Bethany Global University in the fall where I’ll be double majoring in Bible/Theology along with Science in Midwifery. I am even more excited to live out my passion of being an overseas missionary while bringing the joy of new life, spiritually and physically, to so many new sisters in Christ. All of my teachers have impacted me with the reckless love of Christ, and I am so thankful for every one of their kind hearts throughout the years."

Favorite in-class experience: "My favorite in-class experience was pictionary in Spanish classes with Mrs. Butler."

Favorite book studied at LOS: "My favorite book studied at LOS was Foxes' Book Of Martyrs, read in Integrated Humanities 1."


Evan Vandevelde

Westminster, CO 

"Before joining Logos in 8th grade, Evan attended private Christian schools in Hamilton, Ontario and Carman, Manitoba. When our family moved to Westminster, Colorado, Evan joined up with Logos Online School.

In his spare time Evan likes to work with small engines and has many projects on the go. He also enjoys mowing lawns in the neighborhood and playing the piano. He also keeps busy working with a professional window cleaner in the area."

Favorite in-class experience: "Any Humanities class with Mr. Smith"

Favorite book studied at LOS: The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara


Jade Wanders

Jerseyville, Ontario, Canada 

"I have learned a lot since coming to Logos. Before Logos, I struggled in math, but when I started math with Logos it suddenly clicked, and I found it much more enjoyable. I love the Humanities class and how it pushes a good Christian worldview. I especially loved my observational drawing class. I have never been in an art class that teaches skills and techniques, and I enjoyed every class. Another thing that made Logos especially fun was that my two best friends are also students with Logos. I have a ton of fun memories doing class together."

Favorite in-class experience: "Joining the art club and getting to see all of my classmates' art"

Favorite book studied at LOS: The Divine Comedy


Madisyn Waters

Davenport, IA 

"I attended a traditional public school until 5th grade when I was accepted into The Creative Arts Academy for 6th-8th; a program in middle school that allowed me to explore different art mediums. While the program offered me valuable art skills and experience, there were vastly differing views, and being from a background with a biblical worldview made me a minority. There were several scenarios where topics like gender fluidity and pro-abortion were discussed inappropriately. At that point, my parents knew that something had to change. They tried to get me out of the public school system, and that's when we were introduced to Logos.

I am immensely grateful for LOS, as they have been instrumental in helping me and my parents to become part of their community. My time spent attending LOS has been incredibly rewarding, and I have thrived academically and personally. The discussions and materials covered have challenged and enriched me, making this a significant chapter of my life. As I near the end of high school, I find myself uncertain about my future plans. I enjoy photography as a hobby, and while I have taken an interest in medicine, I am mainly focused on deepening my relationship with Christ and using my life to glorify Him."

Favorite in-class experience: "Latin Pictionary with Mrs. Trotter and debates with Mr. Smith"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Tom Sawyer


Abigail Wetmore

Boerne, TX 

"I feel very blessed to have had the educational opportunities I have had throughout my life. I was homeschooled through second-grade, making third-grade my first year in a classical Christian school in Louisiana. Halfway through fifth-grade we moved and I began another classical school in California. After 2020, we decided to give online school at Logos a try, and it's been an amazing experience. This year is my third year in Logos and now I am in Texas. I am so thankful for the amazing lifelong friendships I have made all over the country both in person and online. Outside of school, I have spent the last six years showing and raising livestock. Raising livestock for meat and dairy has been a skill I expect to make good use of for the rest of my life. I also train my dogs in sports and plan to start my own breeding program in the next few years to improve my chosen breed. I am so thankful for the numerous opportunities God has given me throughout my life!"

Favorite in-class experience: "I love when everyone gets to present papers and essays that they've all worked very hard on!"

Favorite book studied at LOS: Out Of The Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis


Jessica Burroughs

Stevensville, MT 


Mia Chicoine

Winchester, CA 


Talia Fenner

Seattle, WA 


Geneva Ladwig

Fountain Inn, SC 


Halle Morse

Ridgefield, WA 


Kaylin Mutart

Moscow, ID 


Wesley Peters

Englewood, CO 


Elizabeth Reaume

Hawkesville, Ontario, Canada 


Christabel Reinke

Phoenix, AZ 


Braeden Rice

West Suffield, CT 


Ryan Roberson

Crestview, FL 


Caleb Rogers

Woodstock, Ontario, Canada 


Lleyton Schlicker

Volo, IL 


Isaiah Sneddon

Ammon, ID 


Chester Soderberg

Moscow, ID 


Brisa Walls

Fremont, CA 


Morgan Wanders

Cambridge, Ontario, Canada 



Our graduates were accepted to these colleges:

Ambrose University

Arizona State University

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

Bethany Global University

Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry

Boyce College

Bryan College

Butler University

California Baptist University

Calvin University

Capernwray Bible School

Cedarville University

Collin College

Colorado Christian University

Colorado School of Mines

Culinary Institute of America

Culinary School of Fort Worth

Dallas Baptist University

DePauw University

Des Moines Area Community College

East Mississippi Community College

East Texas Baptist University

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Faith Baptist Bible College

Florida Atlantic University Honors College

Florida State University

Geneva College

Georgia College and State University

Grand Canyon University

Grove City College

Hope College

Indiana University

Itawamba Community College

Lee University

LeTourneau University

Liberty University

Linn Benton Community College

Michigan Technological University

Mid America Christian University

Millikin University

Mississippi State University

Missouri State University

Montreat College

New College of Florida

New Saint Andrews College

Oklahoma Baptist University

Oklahoma Christian University

Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University - OKC

Olivet College

Oral Roberts University

Orange Coast College

Palm Beach Atlantic University

Penn State Harrisburg

Prairie View A&M University

Purdue University

Purdue University Fort Wayne

Redeemer Christian University

Rose Hulman Institute of Technology

Southeast Missouri State University

Southern Arkansas University

Southern Nazarene University

Tarleton State University

Tarrant County College

Taylor University

Texas A&M International University

Texas A&M University–Commerce

Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi

Texas A&M University–Texarkana

Texas Christian University

The Ohio State University

The University of Oklahoma

The University of Utah

University of Arizona

University of Central Florida

University of Central Oklahoma

University of Evansville

University of Georgia

University of Maine

University of Mary Hardin Baylor

University of Maryland

University of Memphis

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

University of Mississippi

University of North Florida

University of South Florida

University of Southern Mississippi

University of Wisconsin

Valparaiso University

Virginia Tech

West Texas A&M University

Western Governors University

Wheaton College

Worcester Polytechnic Institute


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