New Saint Andrews College Scholarship for One LOS Graduate

Exciting news! The Logos Online Scholarship is back for students seeking a more challenging academic experience. Elevate your learning from the minor leagues to the majors at New Saint Andrews College, where you'll not only deepen your love for learning but also enhance your learning capabilities. Sharpen your broad knowledge into precise thoughts and become the critical thinker you aspire to be.

Why choose NSA for your classical education? We cater to scholars aiming higher, working harder, and going beyond the ordinary college experience. Seize the opportunity to stretch your limits, refine your knowledge, and explore profound questions about the Christian life, philosophy, literature, biology, math, and their connections to theology. Join NSA with a $12,000 scholarship, covering almost your entire tuition!

If you have any questions about the recruitment process or NSA in general, feel free to contact Caleb Salmon, Head of Recruitment, at

Learn more about the scholarship  here.


Meet the Problem Child

New Saint Andrews College's purpose is to produce leaders who influence culture while faithfully living under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Our mission is a dedication to nurturing Christian leaders who will steadfastly follow Christ, even if the world labels them as problematic. We aim to graduate individuals who do conform to the world's falsehoods but boldly stand in the truth. Explore our video illustrating the qualities we aspire our graduates to embody.


Student FAQs

Explore our video series, where students answer fundamental questions about life at NSA. Gain insights into the NSA experience and what it's like in Moscow. You can find additional information on student life here

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