Student Snapshot: Life at West Point as an LOS Grad

"Good afternoon Dr. Stephenson,


I had a little time this afternoon and thought to give you an update on my West Point excursion. 


Beast (Cadet Basic Training) went well for me. The military is trying to do away with the 'shark attack' and hazing and use a theory called 'the first hundred yards' that is a hybrid focused less on fear and more on teamwork. We spent a third of our training out in the field, eating MREs, and sleeping in the rain. My highlight was probably getting to shoot the M240 Bravo machine gun or throw grenades. I got to meet lots of great people, one of which was Mr. Goode's father (COL Goode) and family! 


I did break my collar bone playing rugby, so I am in a sling until September 17th, but otherwise, I am well physically, mentally, and spiritually. I'm looking forward to being part of the club hockey team, a few electronics/robotics clubs, multiple Christian groups like the Navigators and Baptist Christian Ministries, and the Cadet Chapel Choir. (I did not expect to be in a choir, but here I am!) Getting to fellowship with other believers every few nights has been a huge blessing, and during basic training, one of my roommates was also a solid believer! (Praise God.)


My academic year started on the 16th of August and I have a class load of 6 courses this semester. Having only had homeschool and then Logos as my education, I can't compare its difficulty to average highschool. However, the classes I have taken at Logos have very clearly set me up for success here at West Point. With the exception of Military Science and Military Geography, much of this semester's courseload is review for me. Classes like history and English here lean 'heavily' on reading, but compared to IH, particularly Mr. Postma's, it's like a walk in the park. ;) We have been using books and authors that I've read at Logos, and my rhetoric class last year has put me far beyond the expections of the teacher in that regard. 


Most importantly, Logos has taught me how to understand the world and academics from a Christian standpoint. Even though I knew West Point would be secular, I did not comprehend how challenging it would be to reconcile new material taught from a secular perspective with what I believe as a Christian. Already, two weeks into my four years, I have been in many circumstances where I heard or read something from a teacher or the material that I have needed to make a truth-decision about. Having a foundation in the Lord and an education that reinforced that foundation across many studies and sciences has been, and will be, vital to my faith.


So this email is an update, but it is also a thank-you letter to yourself and the school. Thank you for spending your time and talents on a small school that will not produce a fortune, by worldly standards, but instead, produce a life of action and an eternity of joy for the students. Have a blessed day and may Logos have a successful year! God-speed!


Go Celts (1st Regiment, Charlie Company)
Go Army (Beat Navy)
Go Lions (Acta Non Verba)


Very Respectfully,
CDT Caleb P.
C1 Co, Class of '25"

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