Training Leaders International in Liberia

Dr. Soderberg leading a class

This summer, Lead Integrated Humanities Teacher and Apologetics teacher Dr. Soderberg traveled to Liberia to help train pastors with Training Leaders International. Dr. Soderberg kindly put together more information for us so we could learn more about his travels and work with this organization.

Growth of the Church

Who are the Training Leaders International (TLI)?

"Training Leaders International trains pastors and leaders around the world, partnering with local leaders who have invited us to provide the theological training pastors and leaders desperately need. We meet this need through modular training, teaching in formal schools, planting schools and leading international churches."

Training Leaders International trains pastors in developing world countries. The church has grown rapidly in these countries, but many pastors do not have access to solid Biblical and theological training. The default theology in these countries is the prosperity gospel. 



Leadership development in Liberia is a strategic place to invest time and resources because pastors from neighboring countries (like Guinea and Sierra Leone) also come there for training. The church there can play a vital role in healing a country torn by civil war and Ebola.

The training site in Liberia is also a great place to plug into because our local partners there also have a network of K-12 schools. Classical Christian schools here in the US have been building relationships with them, and there are opportunities for us to support and encourage the work of Christian education in Africa.


Cohort 3 at Grace Life Seminary with Professors (Dr. Soderberg fourth from right)

Grace Life College & Seminary

The Ebola crisis of 2014-2015 caused a country that was marginally Christian to seek the Lord in earnest. The result was a massive growth in new believers. But they had very few trained pastors to help lead encourage growth and plant healthy churches.

Since 2016, GraceLife College and Seminary has sought to make Reformed theological training available to every pastor, church planter, and church leader in Liberia and the Mano River Union countries. Drawing students from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea, their goal is to help shape leaders of godly character who are above reproach, and who have the skills and knowledge necessary to plant and care for gospel-centered churches.

GCS offers a Bachelors in Christian Ministry, and a Master of Divinity Degree. It also engages in non-formal training at the certificate level. TLI supports GCS with training at each of these levels.



How to Help

Here are some ways to get involved with TLI, or the work in Liberia:

1. Read Joost Nixon’s article - “Who Will Lead the Global Church” (Desiring God)
    2. Give! 

    3. Go! There are constant openings for teachers to go and teach at the TLI sites throughout the world. Liberia is challenging culturally, but at least the language is “English”!

    4. More info on serving with TLI.

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