Why Have a Regional Directory?


Our Regional Directory Map 

Why Have a Regional Directory?

We are delighted to have the cultural and geographical diversity that comes with teaching students around the world. The Regional Directory (available only to LOS families) and Map display this diversity, but they also bring the LOS community closer together.

We created our Regional Directory to connect names to places, in the hopes that this resource would provide the opportunity for communities to form naturally with large concentrations of LOS families. Because of these resources, our families are able to organize co-ops and create opportunities for group learning and fellowship. Some living close to popular vacation destinations have offered free lodging to LOS travelers, and others simply promise an open door to those who might be going through town. The LOS team travels a few times a year to various conferences and we love arranging meet-ups with local families.

Who knew that by mapping out the distances we'd be making them smaller? These are only the developments from the first few years, and we look forward to more opportunities to meet and fellowship with Logos Online families as we grow.

 - The LOS Team

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