College and Careers

College and Careers

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Instructor:  Jason Biette

  • 24June-19July (4 weeks), OR
  • 22July-16Aug (4 weeks)

Mtg. Days:  Tues. & Thurs. (2 days/week)

Mtg. Time:  11:00 - 11:50 AM

Credits: 0

Class Description:  The College and Careers class is designed specifically for juniors and seniors.  The goal of this class is to be an aid and service to students and their parents as they walk through the college application process, especially for the first time.  The course is designed to help students through the often daunting and sometimes foreign process of college admissions and career choice and training.  Emphasis is placed on prayer in discerning the will of God in all things, not the least of which is the students’ vocational calling.  The application process, communication with admissions, scholarship searches, resume writing, letters of recommendation, and many other topics important to this process will be discussed and practiced during the course.

    Required Materials:  none

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