SAT Test Prep

SAT Test Prep

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Instructor:  George Luke

Dates: July 3-28 (4 weeks)

Mtg. Days:  M, T, Th (3 days/week)

Mtg. Time (Pacific Time):  3:00-3:50 PM

Minimum Students needed for the class to make: 5


Class Description:  SAT Test prep is aimed at preparing you with the overall layout of the SAT, and test-taking strategies, with a brief and general review of concepts, question types, and strategies for approaching the different question types. I've taught as a professional tutor for the SAT with Revolution Prep in another life and helped students increase their scores, and did well on the test myself. Students will take four full practice tests during the four weeks of the course, and learn about different strategies with question types. The goal is familiarity with the test and competence in the question types. Students will increase in scores with the taking of a test prep course, IF, they apply the concepts and practice mindful self-critical evaluation of their own weak areas.

Credits: No Credit

Required Materials:  None. We'll use sections from test and examine various sections. You'll take a few tests from this list. You are welcome to grab other test books.