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Class Description: Regardless of their particular plans for the future, Christian students can expect to have their faith challenged. In this class, students will learn to speak, write and discuss their faith with their teacher and fellow students. 


Credits: 1 (Elective), Honors

Prerequisite: 11th or 12th grade students only

Mtg. Days:   TWO days a week

    Book List:  Each teacher will select books from the following list which the students will read either entirely or in part. 

    • Douglas Wilson - Clean Water, Red Wine, Broken Bread
    • James Sire – The Universe Next Door
    • C. S. Lewis - Mere Christianity
    • Greg L. Bahnsen - Against All Opposition
    • Jim Wilson - Principles of War
    • Christopher Hitchens & Douglas Wilson - Is Christianity Good for the World?
    • Jim Wilson - Taking Men Alive
    • Douglas Wilson - Persuasions
    • Peter Jones – The Other Worldview
    • C. S. Lewis – Miracles
    • F.F. Bruce - The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable?


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