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Class Description:  This course investigates life on earth, from the tiniest microorganisms to massive ecosystems. Major themes will include: 1) molecular processes supporting life; 2) cell biology 3) biological evidence for creation; and 4) examining the diversity of life on planet earth. Labs and enrichment content such as historical backgrounds to biological concepts or applications of biology knowledge to current events are at each teacher's planning and discretion. You can find a preview of the textbook table of contents following the link here.

Skills: Each chapter includes lots of new vocabulary and multiple informational diagrams per chapter demanding solid reading comprehension skills and study habits to absorb and master the material. The course will include dissections of a crayfish and a perch.

Credit: 1 (Science), Honors

Recommended Prerequisite: Previously completed one science credit. Example: Completion of physical science or equivalent.

Mtg. Days:  Mon., Tues., Wed., & Thur (4 days each week)

Required Materials: 

  • Apologia's Exploring Creation with Biology Textbook, 3rd Edition
  • Apologia's Exploring Creation with Biology Solution Manual w/ Tests, 3rd Edition*
  • Apologia's Exploring Creation with Biology Student Notebook, 3rd Edition*
*Please view your teacher's syllabus after enrollment for a curated booklist


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