Biblical Hebrew II

Biblical Hebrew II

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Course Description: 

Biblical Hebrew II continues to build on the foundation laid in Biblical Hebrew I in an engaging and interactive way. Hebrew will be used for roughly 90% of all communication that takes place, as learners describe pictures, interact with props, express ideas, sing songs, read and discuss texts, and ask one another questions about daily life, all with a focus on immediate comprehension in Hebrew, and not via translation. This forces learners to think in the language right from the start, building the necessary foundation for fluent reading. Noun and verb morphology and syntax patterns for biblical Hebrew narrative are introduced implicitly and contextually absorbed through conversation, illustrated vocabulary stories, dialogue and verse memorization, audio-lingual drills, text comprehension audio, and annotated readings, all intended to give learners basic fluency—both spoken and reading—in the Hebrew language and a working knowledge of the foundations of Hebrew grammar. In Biblical Hebrew II, students will learn the remainder of Hebrew grammar, memorize a number of verses from the Hebrew Old Testament, read a number of stories written in biblical Hebrew, finish reading the book of Jonah, be introduced to Hebrew poetry, and read some other texts from the Hebrew Old Testament.

NB:  This course utilizes what is known as Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), where the target language is taught IN the target language, creating a more efficient and enjoyable learning process. Because of the interactive nature of the course, students will be expected to have their videos on and to participate orally and in class. (Warning: there will be laughter!)

Credits: 1 (Foreign Language / Elective); Honors

Prerequisite: Biblical Hebrew I

Mtg. Days:  Tuesdays & Thursdays (only)

    Required Materials: 

    • Living Biblical Hebrew: Part 2


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