Koiné Greek I

Koiné Greek I

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Course Description: 

Koiné Greek I utilizes what is known as Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), where the target language is taught IN the target language (i.e., roughly 90% of the communication in class will be conducted in Greek), creating a more efficient and enjoyable learning process. The instructor will employ props, pictures, interactive activities, texts, and small group work to make the language come alive in a fun environment (Warning: there will be laughter!)

The curriculum that will be used draws heavily from ancient Greek-Latin conversation manuals that members of each culture (Greeks and Romans) used to learn the other's language. The curriculum covers a range of practical, daily life activities—from getting oneself ready in the morning, to going to school and sitting through a lesson, to discussing one’s family, to hosting a dinner party, and more—all with the goal of providing authentic, real-life communication that will help you think and speak in Greek and thereby greatly increase your reading fluency and overall competency in Koiné Greek. Each lesson contains a video picture lesson that provides comprehensible input, introducing new vocab and grammar intuitively in the target language, as well as corresponding listening, speaking, reading, writing, and grammar exercises that further internalize the language. A story centered around a Hellenistic Jewish family living in Caesarea in the first century AD ties together the picture lessons in each unit into a running narrative that extends across the entire curriculum, not only providing valuable material for developing reading fluency skills, but also providing insight into the cultural and historical milieu of first century Palestine. The primary goal of such thoroughly authentic Koiné Greek usage is to enable you actively to control the language in which the New Testament was written! In the first year, students will learn the present and imperfect indicative, all cases and declensions for nouns/adjectives/pronouns be able to share a 15-minute autobiography of themselves in Greek, and begin writing a higher register biography of a chosen historical figure after the style of Plutarch’s Lives (Greek βίος “life,” which is the genre closest to the four gospels). The rest of the verbal forms, the reading of a famous Greek inscription, and the continuation of the student’s βίος will be covered in Koiné Greek II.

For more information on the curriculum, please see this website: Living Koiné Greek Curriculum

NB: The Attic Greek spread by Alexander the Great all over the ancient world (4th century B.C.) evolved into Hellenistic, or Koiné (common) Greek, which is the dialect in which more than 90% of all ancient Greek texts were written, including the Septuagint (translation of the OT into Greek), Plutarch, the New Testament, Josephus, the (Greek) Church Fathers, and many other foundational texts of western civilization. It is thus both a door to a vast trove of Greek literature and a helpful stepping stone into the Classical/Attic dialect.

Credits: 1 (elective)

Prerequisite: Latin 1 & 2

Mtg. Day: Tuesdays & Thursdays (2 days each week)

    Required Materials: 

    Living Koiné Greek: Part 1 (this is instead of a hardcopy textbook)

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