English 2  (8th grade)

English 2 (8th grade)

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Class Description: Middle Schoolers will gain a firm footing in the mechanics of English grammar and usage as well as writing composition. The class will cover parts of speech, parts of the sentence, the basics of sentence diagramming, phrases, and clauses. Students will also learn basic writing structures: the 5-paragraph essay, book report, and more. Students going into English 2 are expected to know, identify, and create examples of the concepts listed here. If your student knows all of the concepts in the study guide (provided on FAQ PAGE of the website) they can jump into English 2. If, however, they do not recognize these concepts, English 1 is probably the better fit.


Credits: 1  

This is a junior-high course. If taken in high school, this class will count as an elective.

Prerequisite:  None

Mtg. Days:  Mon., Tues., Wed., & Thur (4 days each week)

Required Materials:

  • Warriner's English Grammar and Composition, Third Course (we use the 1977 edition which is no longer in print. It is available for purchase as a PDF directly from Logos Online School after the student has enrolled in the class (it will be available late summer).
  • The Lost Tools of Writing, Level 1


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