Digital Drawing and Design

Digital Drawing and Design

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Class Description:  Now more than ever, digital art is a growing field. Knowing how to create digitally is fundamental to many careers in the arts. In this class, students will learn how to draw with Procreate, one of the top programs used by professionals today. We will also learn the basics of design such as typography, color theory, and composition, and have a brief introduction to animation. Students will develop their unique voices and practice skills relevant to today’s creative industry.


Credits: 1 (Elective), Non-honors

Prerequisite: None; Intended for high school.

Mtg. Days:  Mon., Tues., Wed., & Thur (4 days each week)

Please note that this class must have 15 students to take place.

    Required Materials: 

    • iPad (please make sure it is a generation that will be compatible with an apple pencil or
    • Apple Pencil (1st or 2nd generation is fine) OR compatible stylus
    • Inexpensive Options for Compatible Stylus'
    •  Apps:
      • Procreate (one-time app purchase for $12.99)
    •  Sketchbook (optional)


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