Latin 1

Latin 1

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Course Description:  Students in the logic stage are no longer content just to memorize chants and vocabulary—they are ready to master the systems that make Latin the most approachable of the classical languages and to dive into the stories that make it the most legendary language. This course covers the first part of the Kraken Latin 1 textbook, exploring all the indicative tenses, several irregular verbs,  the first three declensions. The text includes English-to-Latin and Latin-to-English glossaries, reference charts for each lesson, fun activities, and much more. Students are guided through important grammar and move towards reading "real" Latin by integrating adaptations and translations from the Vulgate, Roman history, fun original stories, and classical myths. 

See the Table of Contents of Kraken Latin 1 for an overview of the concepts studied in Latin 1 (Units 1 & 2)

Credits: 1 (Foreign Language); Honors

  • Please note, when taken in 7th or 8th grade, this course may NOT be applied to the high school transcript.
  • If taken in high school, it will count as a credit towards the LOS graduation requirements (Foreign Language).

Mtg. Days:  Mon., Tues., Wed., & Thur (4 days each week)

Required Materials:  Kraken Latin Book 1 (just the Student Edition)

Introduction to the textbook:  “'Hail, emperor, they who are about to die salute you!' Perhaps you are familiar with the Latin phrase quoted above. Suetonius, a Roman historian, recorded that captives and criminals uttered these words to Emperor Claudius just before they were forced to fight to the death in a mock naval battle.* And perhaps you, just as other Latin students before you, feel that these words appropriately describe your mental state as you approach this year of Latin! Some of you have never studied Latin before, and may be approaching this book with some trepidation. Some of you have already spent several years learning this language, and have the battle scars to prove it. Take courage. Although the study of Latin may seem daunting at times, you will survive and be all the better for it. I won’t pretend that Latin is easy for everyone, because—as with any other language—you will need to study hard in order to master it. This primer is the first in a series that will guide you through some major basics of Latin grammar. The goal is not merely to revel in these grammatical delights (although you are certainly welcome to do so), but to equip you to translate and then read “real” Latin. And so welcome to Kraken Latin. Whether Latin feels like a battle or a journey, may you prosper in your endeavors!"  -Natali H. Monnette, Author of Kraken Latin


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