Prayer: A Survey on Communion with God, Summer (full-credit)

Prayer: A Survey on Communion with God, Summer (full-credit)

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Instructor:  John Whybrew

Dates:  24June-16August

Mtg. Days:  M, T, W, Th (4 days/week)

Mtg. Time:  7:00-9:00 AM

Credits: 1 (elective, non-honors)

Class Description:  Prayer, while it is spoken much of in Scripture is sadly not understood or practiced as put forth in God’s Word within Christianity. In this course we will define what prayer is according to God’s revelation (the Scriptures), the types of prayer (public, private, corporately, family, etc.), what is its purpose and how it should look in practice. While we cannot cover the entirety of what prayer is, we can from this survey better understand prayer as revealed in the Bible and thus by God’s mercy and grace along with His Spirit dwelling in us seek to put into practice (orthopraxy) the habit of prayer.

Required Texts/Materials:
  • Bible, Prayer Changes Things: Curing Timid Piety by P. Andrew Sandlin [ISBN: 9781984995056]
  • The Secret Key to Heaven: The Vital Importance of Private Prayer by Thomas Brooks [ISBN: 978-1-84871-999-6]

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