Spanish 2

Spanish 2

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Course Description:  Spanish 2 will teach students to implement the skills they learned in Spanish 1 in various communicative settings. This course will deepen students’ knowledge of Spanish grammar, pronunciation, verb tenses, and moods. Theoretical explanations will be reinforced and solidified through practical implementation. Time will also be dedicated to cultural exposure, with the aim of equipping students with a well-rounded base for further language study and future cultural interactions.


Credits: 1 (Foreign Language); Honors

Prerequisite: Spanish 1

Mtg. Days:  Mon., Tues., Wed., & Thur. (4 days each week)

    Required Materials: 
    • BJU Press Spanish 2 Student Text, 3rd Edition
    • BJU Press Spanish  2 Student Activities, 3rd Edition*

    *Please view your teacher's syllabus after enrollment for a curated booklist


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