Latin II

Latin II

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Classes Meet: Monday - Thursday 

Class Times (Pacific Time): 

7:00 - 7:50am - Teacher TBD

8:00 - 8:50am - Lauren Trotter FULL

9:00-9:50 am - * (see note below) FULL

10:00 - 10:50am - * (see note below)

11:00am - 11:50am - * (see note below)

Class Description: Latin II reviews the grammar of Latin I and works through the remaining chapters of the Kraken Latin 1 textbook. Students will be introduced to personal pronouns, the passive voice in all tenses, and the remaining conjugations and declensions. Each chapter begins with a country’s Latin motto strategically chosen to introduce or review a grammatical concept. Extensive study of Latin derivatives and stories of Roman culture, myths, and history make Latin come alive, even in our modern world. 

Credits: 1 (Language)

Prerequisite: LOS Latin I or equivalent

Required Materials:  
Kraken Latin Book 1

Optional Materials:  Orbis Pictus

Are you unsure of your student's Latin placement? See the FAQ page (HERE) for help (last question on the page).


* Regarding the teacher for this section: An experienced teacher is teaching this class. For contractual reasons, his name will not be released until June 15, 2021. He has been teaching in various schools and online for fifteen years. He loves every minute of it. Some of the classes that he has taught include Latin, Greek, and Humanities. He has also taught workshops at teacher conferences including ACCS Repairing the Ruins conference. He writes on a variety of topics and has been published in various places, including The Imaginative Conservative.